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Archive for May, 2006

Flint Youth Theatre Does ‘The Hobbit’

Laura writes: I just thought the Lord of the Rings fans might be interested to know that the Flint Youth Theatre in Flint, MI will be performing The Hobbit from July 21-Aug 5. Tickets are $12 for adult and $10 for children ages 8 and up. I am sure fans will not be disappointed. []

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David Wenham Honoured

Nicole writes: I work at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. David Wenham was awarded an honourary doctorate on Thursday at our Graduation Ceremony at the Melbourne Town Hall. I saw him receive his award. His speech was enthralling. What a guy! [More]

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Bloom’s Everest Bid

Orlando Bloom is planning to reward himself for undertaking extensive promotional work for the Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel this summer – by hiking up Mount Everest. The travel-hungry Brit has always dreamed of seeing how far up the world’s highest mountain he can climb. He says, “I’d love to go to the Everest Base Camp. I’m just looking forward to getting away from it.” [More]

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‘Rings’ music tops soundtrack poll

The music from Lord of the Rings has been voted the top movie soundtrack for the fifth year running. The Oscar-winning score composed by Howard Shore was the clear favourite in the poll by Classic FM. Hans Zimmer’s epic soundtrack for Russell Crowe film Gladiator was second. In third place was the 2004 film Ladies In Lavender, which starred Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith. The score was written by Nigel Hess. [More]

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A piece of Tinseltown in Miramar

It’s not quite an Oscar, but winning a Wellington Region Gold Award is still an outstanding achievement for Park Road Post. The Peter Jackson-owned post-production facility for the film industry won the award for Creative Gold at the awards two weeks ago. Marketing and brand director Gareth Ruck said: “To be seen to be within the top (of Wellington business) is very important to us”. “To be recognised at the top in a city that is recognised at the top creatively: it’s a big buzz.” “We are proud Wellingtonians and we support Wellington film-makers.” [More]

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Happy Birthday Christopher Lee!

Today is Christopher Lee’s Birthday! Christopher Frank Carandini Lee was born on May 27th, 1922 in London, England. That makes him 84 years old today! Happy Birthday Christopher!

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WETA Attends London MCM Expo

Folks from the London MCM Expo write: WETA will be making an appearance at the upcoming London MCM Expo in the UK on the 27th & 28th May 2006, they will be showcasing their upcoming and current range of products to the European fans. This is a very rare appearance from the company its self rather than a licensee. Along with their appearance a lot more is happening with guests from film and TV, stage talks and much more. Updates will come when more comes clear, more information on the event can found at

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Hall Of Fire This Weekend — Fall Of Fingolfin

Hall of Fire this weekend focuses on Chapter 17 of the Silmarillion — The ruin of Beleriand and the Fall of Fingolfin. After a long, watchful peace, Morgoth smashes the leaguer of Angband that’s been maintained by the Noldor, unleashing orcs, Balrogs and an all-grown up Glaurung. Ard-Gelen is withered, Dorthonion is destroyed, the sons of Finarfin slain and the sons of Feanor scattered. Sauron takes Tol Sirion and uses it as a base from which to torment Beleriand. And the Noldorin high king Fingolfin rashly throws his life away in a suicidal challenge against Morgoth. In the midst of this tale of woe, is there any good news for the elves and human allies?

Here’s a couple of famous drawings of the confrontation between Morgoth and Fingolfin:

John Howe
Ted Nasmith

Time and date:
Saturday May 27

5.30pm EDT
4.30pm CDT
3.30pm MDT
2.30pm PDT

10.30pm UK
11.30pm Central Europe

7.30am (Sunday) Brisbane
7.30am (Sunday) Sydney
9.30am (Sunday) Wellington

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LIFE Magazine Features Orlando Bloom

LIFE Magazine Features Bloom Ringer Spy Magpie writes: Orlando Bloom is on the May 26th, 2006 cover of the insert, LIFE Magazine. (This is available with many newspapers across the United States.) Although there’s no LOTR content (other than mentioning it as one of his prior films), it’s got a couple of great photos. But when has Orlando ever taken a bad photo? [More]

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Hobbit hole sweet hobbit hole

From; If you’ve seen the first movie in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, you’ve seen a hobbit hole. Sue Breding takes us inside a very special hobbit hole that a Valley man spent three year building in his back yard. [More]

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Digital makeover knocks 20 years off X-Men Stewart and McKellen

CANNES, France (AP) – What a pair those dashing young mutants Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart make in X-Men: The Last Stand. The two 60-something actors had 20 years shaved off their features for the opening sequence in the comic-book franchise’s latest flick. The filmmakers used digital technology to match their current features to those in old photos. [More]

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Cate Blanchett to play Dylan in biopic

Cate Blanchett will play Bob Dylan in his “androgenous phase” in a new biopic of the great poet-songwriter’s life, it was announced, as Dylan turned 65. But even as he shows up everywhere in books, films and even a Broadway musical, Dylan, who has sought seclusion and mystery all his life, remains as enigmatic as ever. Dylan has clearly shrugged off retirement age, taking on a new job as a radio DJ, publishing a selection of his memoirs, musing in a Martin Scorcese documentary, authorizing a stage musical with his songs — and appearing in an advert for the Victoria’s Secret lingerie store chain. [More]

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