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Archive for the ‘Director Rumors’ Category

Serkis says Jackson mentored him through Hobbit

Andy Serkis who’s new to directing was honored to be asked to be the second unit director on The Hobbit (and he does a good job as we have seen through out Peter Jacksons video blogs). Peter Jackson gave Andy Serkis filmmaking tips and acted as a mentor. quoting from EMPIRE magazine:

Serkis explained: ‘‘He would watch form his set, call: ‘No, no, it’s not working. Just bail out of the shot.’ He was mentoring me. ”There were different ways we worked. We’d set up entire sequences, or he’d start a scene and I would finish  it if there wasn’t time.

[More ]

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The Hobbit News for iPad App from is finally here! A feast of rich imagery and content, many have already found it in the Apple App store and downloaded it.  As well as the good stuff already found in the iPhone App, the iPad version spreads it out for easier and more colourful reading with a brand new interface. Among the highlights are reading through all of the major stories from, a complete listing of cast and characters, video features, a diverse variety of Tolkien content, and even the ability to chat in Barlimans! We did have to charge a very small fee for this one, so we hope you consider spending the 99¢ to get it from the App store today. And of course, if you like it, why not drop us a review on the store! [iPad Version] [Free iPhone App]
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Third ‘Hobbit’ movie: How? What? When? Why?

I admit, when I first heard talk of “a third ‘Hobbit’ movie” from the floor of Comic-Con, I was skeptical. Reporters Quickbeam and Justin brought back footage from a press conference (that you can watch right here) breaking the story that additional shooting was a possibility, directly from Peter Jackson’s mouth. I downplayed it because from a five-week set visit I knew the team was going to return to shooting right after Comic-Con. I thought the media was being its usual bombastic self by calling a little more shooting “a third “Hobbit” movie. They absolutely had it posted first, breaking the story so kudos to them, but I dismissed it. How quickly things change.

Now it seems inevitable that this will happen. Jackson clearly has the will or he wouldn’t have spoken about it so fully. The studio clearly has the will because they are talking about it instead of dismissing it. So what would this mean besides another year of happy blood sweat and tears at Lets look at all the facts and see if we can’t come to some conclusions educated guesses.


Jackson spoke about this, very likely not by accident, from the television press line meet-and-greet at Comic-Con that took place before the famous Hall H event for fans. (Watch the first two or three minutes of Jackson’s own production diary #8 for the best account of Hall H.) (more…)

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Three Movies? Twitter’s A-Buzz

When it comes to LOTR & the Hobbit, the online gushing is usually non-stop.

Not today, though. The unconfirmed news that Peter Jackson may turn “The Hobbit” into a trilogy has been blowing up on social media, and it’s not all happy. A common response has been “not sure how I feel about this,”  but there’s been quite a bit of negativity mixed in with the happiness and mixed-emotions.

We combed through the last 12 hours of tweets and pulled together a selection of what Twitter users have to say. You’ll find Yays, Naes and a whole bunch of head-scratching. Read on:


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Jackson’s okay The Hobbit is the 3D 48fps guinea pig

Talking to USA Today’s Brian Truitt in San Diego, Peter Jackson talks about raising the bar for The Hobbit, with a new movie technology. Peter Jackson says using 48 fps “gives you an illusion of life that’s so much more vivid than 24 frames does,” he says.

“The entire industry is in some respect waiting to see what happens with The Hobbit. I’m very happy to be the guinea pig.”

Jackson predicts that by the time The Hobbit is released, there will be several tent-pole studio movies that will be using the technology.

If not, he says that the industry might as well throw in the towel. Read more [here]

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Exclusive: Jackson may be pondering a third Hobbit film! scored a few exclusive moments with Peter Jackson in the Comic-Con press line to chat. He was asked about his additional filming plans for The Hobbit.

Jackson says that he greatly desires to go back and film more in Middle-earth. This extra footage may or may not be destined for extended editions — extended editions are something that we definitely expect to see. However, the exciting possibility is that a third Hobbit film is also on Jackson’s mind — and he admitted it!

He wouldn’t outright commit to anything. He didn’t say: “Yes, I’m doing a third film”. On the other hand, he didn’t close the door completely.

His words: “There’s much more material from the Appendices of Lord of the Rings that we didn’t fit in.”

Remember though, we reported the other day that Warner Bros has no plans for a third film. Studio sources told Variety that “the plan was always for two.” What will happen? Well, it may all hinge on what sort of success An Unexpected Journey has this December.

Update: Now with video from the press chat!

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Peter Jackson: Hobbit and LoTR books rich in details

The Los Angeles Times caught up with Peter Jackson for a quick Q & A interview. He told Geoff Boucher about his choice for making two movies and Jackson was “surprised at how rich the world is, and how many interesting themes and characters there are to explore” and by “also using extensive parts of the appendixes, which were published at the end of “Return of the King.” This is not just “The Hobbit” – it’s “The Hobbit” set in a much greater context of events taking place throughout Middle-earth during this period

Peter Jackson also added: “. The material is so rich. In fact, only this last week or two, we’ve been talking to the studio about allowing us to shoot some additional material next year, to fully complete the story.”  Extended Edition anyone? here’s hoping:) [More]

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Studio sources refute wild rumour of third Hobbit film

Hours into Comic-Con, one rumour kept circulating around San Diego: that Peter Jackson would announce a third Hobbit film during Warner Brothers’ Saturday panel. However, studio spokespeople have told Variety that But Jackson isn’t getting ready to give audiences more “Hobbit.

There are “no planned or surprise announcements” involving a third film these spokespeople say. “The plan was always for two.”

According to Variety, Jackson wound up with more footage than expected during their 266-day shoot in New Zealand. Rather than making a third film feasible, would the best of this footage not be more likely to end up on an Extended Edition? Thanks to Quackingtroll for the heads-up!


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Sir Peter Jackson, Joe Letteri, Bret McKenzie, get top honour

HRH Queen Elizabeth II took the very special occasion of her birthday and Diamond Jubilee to make new appointments to The Order of New Zealand, the country’s highest honour. Among the list of distinguished men and women who have rendered invaluable services to New Zealand Queen Elizabeth appointed Sir Peter Jackson a Member of the Order of New Zealand. This accolade follows Jackson’s previous Order of Merit in 2002 and Knighthood in 2010.

Comedian and Oscar-winner Bret McKenzie was made an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit, adding to his long list of achievements. American born Joe Letteri, director of the Academy Award-winning visual effects company Weta Digital, was also made an honorary ONZM for his service to film. They will be joining the likes of Richard Taylor and who was knighted in 2010.


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The Hobbit App from is pleased to announce our very own Hobbit Movie app, available now in the Apple App Store and Google Marketplace! The app, created by our new staffer Fizzit, combines many of the great features you see on into one handy application, and accessible anywhere. Among the app highlights: Latest headlines from TORn; Our exclusive Today in Middle-earth Calendar; Complete Hobbit cast bios, Cast news; Barliman’s Chatroom; and more! We even included ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ trailer for quick reference. But the best feature may be the price…FREE! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for an exciting contest related to the app, and hope you enjoy it. [App Store] [Google Marketplace]

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TORn TUESDAY Exclusive *Live* Chat with DOUG JONES from Hellboy & Pan’s Labyrinth!

We are proud to announce fantasy-film legend DOUG JONES will be our special guest *live* today on TORn TUESDAY!  Doug is famously known as Guillermo del Toro’s right-hand-man and favorite character actor — with consummate physical skill that shines through tons of effects make-up, Doug has brought the most phantasmagorical creatures to life! His credits include Abe Sapien (HELLBOY), Pan and the terrifying Pale Man (PAN’S LABYRINTH), and Marvel’s Silver Surfer (FANTASTIC 4), among many others! Doug will share his amazing stories of working with del Toro (and his “almost-but-not-quite” moment with THE HOBBIT) and tell us about the newly released “Mime Very Own Book,” featuring his remarkable double-jointed work. Join the *live* chat today and present your questions to Doug! Today’s webcast launches at 5:00pm PDT — There’s a built-in Barliman’s chat room or come in via Skype in’s Stickam page. Check out our LIVE Event section right here every week! [LIVE Event Area] (See All Times)

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Getting to know Quickbeam

Welcome to the first “Getting to know…” questions that need answering.  It’s based on the old Getting to know you threads that I used to post on the message boards here, so those familiar with them will know that the questions can be a little crazy and the answers even crazier.

This month we’re asking questions of our favourite Ent, and Host of TORn Tuesday, Quickbeam.

Once again, thank you for agreeing to take part in all of this Quickbeam.

Me: Remembering, of course, that your beautiful kitty passed on just before you left for “Where the Stars are Strange“. Do you have any cats or other pets?

Quickbeam: Ah yes, that was a blow. I remember very clearly how I wanted to just “close up shop” when my little feline friend died. The thought of pleasurable vacationing in New Zealand seemed out of bounds, but obviously I went. Perhaps that is a normal response for anyone who has taken guardianship of an animal… those are the bonds of love that are peculiarly the strongest. The idea then came to me of how I might be sharing my unique trip to Middle-earth with the spirit of my lost friend. Somehow it was therapeutic and indulgent at the same time.


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