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Major Spoilers Revealed in new LEGO® Hobbit Sets!

October 7, 2012 at 8:33 am by newsfrombree  - 

LEGO® Fans worldwide are being treated to a series of early images of the upcoming ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘ LEGO® Playsets. (We are deliberately not including imagery on this post because we are pretty sure they will be asked to remove in hours!) There are a variety of sources for images, but the best come from LEGO Toy Story News’s Flickr Stream. Be warned, one set in particular reveals a previously unannounced ‘change’ to the story. We will describe the sets and a brief attempt to decipher each, but we’d love to hear your own conclusions and theories in our comments. There is also a video available of a very excited LEGO fan quickly going over all of the sets. A small heads up for the video – if you are looking for a clear description and accounting of each set – this isn’t for you. He does seem very excited about mushrooms though! [Flickr Stream] [Video]- MAJOR SPOILERS! (Thanks to Mr. Spielbrick for the heads up!)

Riddles for the Ring – Featuring Bilbo and Gollum and it looks like a small cave and Gollum’s boat.

Attack of the Wargs – Very blurry – so can’t make out specifics, but for sure Thorin, Bifur, a large Goblin/Orc on a white warg and a really cool LEGO® Tree. Looks like there are some cool flame pieces as well – some multi-colored. A little Gandalf magic?

The Goblin King Battle – Pics are blurry, but it looks to feature…Goblin King, three Goblins, Ori, Nori and Dori as well as Gandalf. The set looks immense with probably a lot of action items.

Barrel Escape – Features Bilbo, Oin and Gloin and a few elves. Unfortunately we can’t read the names.

Escape from Mirkwood Spiders – This should cause a bit of contraversy 🙂 Here we can clearly see that Tauriel and Legolas are rescuing the dwarves from the spiders. Featured in the set Legolas, Tauriel, Kili and Fili.

As we mentioned, check out the pics from the Flickr Stream as well as a Video.

Posted in Casting Rumors, Collectibles, Director Rumors, Headlines, Hobbit Cast News, Hobbit Movie, Hobbit Movie Rumors, LEGO, Locations Sets, Merchandise, Rumors Spy News, The Hobbit on October 7, 2012 by Source: LEGO Toy Story News' photostream Major Spoilers Revealed in new LEGO® Hobbit Sets! | Discuss
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47 responses to “Major Spoilers Revealed in new LEGO® Hobbit Sets!”

  1. gisss says:

    Of course he means Bilbo, not Frodo:)

  2. Zeebs23 says:

    Frodo?? Don’t you mean Bilbo…

  3. laura says:

    How did Frodo get into The Hobbit? He wasn’t even born yet! Shouldn’t that read Bilbo?

  4. Peter Cooper says:

    im guessing the mirkwood set is the spoiler ?? cool set tho, will probably get that and bag end first

  5. MysterClark says:

    That IS a major spoiler! So Frodo goes on the adventure instead of Bilbo??! This IS news!! 😛

  6. Frodo in the barrel escape set? looks like peter changed the story far more than expected.

  7. John says:

    psst…you mean Bilbo, not Frodo right? 😉

  8. thorondor says:

    Tauriel and Legolas…? mmmm……

  9. Ian McGregor says:

    Wouldn’t that be “Bilbo” instead of “Frodo” in the set descriptions? (Barrel Escape and Riddles for the Ring.)

  10. Jake says:

    I think you mean Bilbo… NOT Frodo… should be embarrassed…

  11. asd says:

    Shouldn’t it be Bilbo and not Frodo?

  12. E.D. says:

    Don’t you mean Bilbo, not Frodo?

  13. SteBe says:

    What’s the previously unannounced change to the story revealed in these images? I didn’t see it.

  14. SmaugyRiddles says:

    Very curious…. The most interesting thing here for me is that both the Mirkwood Spider Set and the Barrels out of Bond Set are listed under the title “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” which they have printed on the their box… does this mean that Film 1 will end with the Barrels out of Bond Sequence and not at the Eagle rescue as the latest scroll depicts??? Other wise these Lego sets would be a part of next years toy release under the title “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”… any thoughts???

  15. Um….s/b Bilbo, not Frodo.

  16. dzeno says:

    Riddles for the Ring – Featuring BILBO and Gollum and it looks like a small cave and Gollum’s boat. 😛

  17. Fafnir says:

    You should replace Frodo by Bilbo ion your descriptions ! 😉

  18. Barrel Escape – Features Frodo, Oin and Gloin and a few elves.
    Frodo? Really? 🙂 I hope that’s only a new way of spelling “Bilbo” 🙂

  19. jerseyirish says:

    “Riddles for the Ring – Featuring Frodo and Gollum and it looks like a small cave and Gollum’s boat.”. . .

    Sounds like a complete revision of the story. Frodo wasn’t there, Bilbo was.

  20. davidandthesea says:

    Why would Frodo be in the Barrel escape?

  21. Rodion says:

    “Riddles for the Ring – Featuring Frodo and Gollum and it looks like a small cave and Gollum’s boat.”
    I think you mean Bilbo.

  22. Stephanie P says:

    Did you mean to say Bilbo in the “Barrel Escape” item?

  23. Laurence says:

    you mean bilbo and gollum

  24. dolfyn says:

    For “Riddles for the Ring” & “Barrel Escape”, you have named Frodo instead of Bilbo!!

  25. sir says:

    so the big spoiler is that Frodo travels with the dwarves? mmmm

  26. Jen says:

    You mean Bilbo, not Frodo.

  27. Durin III says:

    If Legolas and Tauriel indeed rescue the dwarves from the spiders, it will diminish a key moment of Bilbo’s in the book. How will he justify naming his sword “Sting”? A very unfortunate decision by the writers (if this in fact the case) in my opinion.

  28. NoIdea says:

    Shouldn’t it be Bilbo instead of Frodo?

  29. “Barrel Escape” to feature Frodo??? Must be a mistype. Surely you mean Bilbo.

  30. Mserabian says:

    Hey you guys keep saying Frodo when I’m pretty sure you mean Bilbo!

  31. Stobie Piel says:

    If it features Frodo, it really IS a switch.

  32. Fanamir says:

    Okay, this is pissing me off. Bilbo rescuing the Dwarves from the spiders is one of the biggest moments in the book. Why change it, when a scene with Gloin and Legolas mimicking the entrance to Lothlorien would have been less painful? Also, unless these are outdated, they’ve changed the end of the film again.

  33. Scott Johnson says:

    Sounds like the producers are being coy as to just where this film ends.

    The Eagle rescue seems to soon, unless a whole lot of backstory and/or Necromancer scenes are added in.

    Barrels out of bond seems a bit too late.

    Ending with the spiders seems about right for a 2:44 movie.

    As far as the involvement of the Elves in the defeat of the spiders–interesting. One problem that exists with this adaptation is that PJ seems to be going out of his way to avoid talking critters (both in the Hobbit and LotR). The Eagles were muted in LotR, and not having Bilbo taunt the spiders with schoolyard names and have them talking back will–by itself–change the nature of the scene. (Smaug, of course, is the exception–but I expect that Roac will not be part of There and Back Again–or if he is, he’ll be carrying messages like a pigeon, rather than speaking).

    Bilbo would certainly be capable of heroism in the spider scene–and delivering a few stings–even if elves are involved in the rescue.

  34. Daniel Wyman says:

    Um, considering Lego’s history with sets based on movies, I’d guess that the presence of Legolas and Tauriel in the Mirkwood set means that Legolas and Tauriel probably appear in Mirkwood… and nothing more. Take a look at the accuracy of the Avengers sets.

  35. erugalathon says:

    Now I’m scared. Its called THE HOBBIT for a reason!

  36. P8TRIOT says:

    of course he meant Bilbo! If this is true and PJ screws it up by having “Tauriel” and Legolas rescue the dwarves from the spiders I’m not sure what I will do. I can no longer bear major deviations from the storyline. Please let it not be so!

  37. schulz-florian says:

    I wouldn’t give to much credit for legolas and that female elf into the mirkwood box.
    If you see at the other boxes, then there are always some of the dwarfes split between the sets. So as there is no elfen court set Legolas and girlielf are in the mirkwood set.
    As a purist of the hobbit I’m not a fan of these increased roles of legolas and girlelf but Mr. Jackson has delivered three movies without an Arwen fighting scene. So I trust him on this.
    Also on a lot of production videos the dwarfs run around the mirkwood with spiderwebs on their beards. If Legolas has rescued them he would be around.

  38. Almaras22 says:

    Both those sets have a caption that says “Special The Hobbit trilogy preview set” – the mix up most likely came when the series went from two to three movies and these crossed over.

  39. Mawazi says:

    I see that it shows two elves shooting arrows at spiders. How exactly does it show them saving the dwarves from the spiders in place of Bilbo?

  40. Tal-Elmar says:

    Indeed. PJ loves his dear Elves so much, that he’d do everything to the story in order to show them as heroes…again…and to give Legolas some more shield-surfing screentime. We got Helm’s Deep. Now this. The ELves of Mirkwood HATED the Dwarves! Ridiculous

  41. treeclmr says:

    At helms deep you can see Arwen for a split second

  42. Berenion says:

    I think Legolas and Tauriel rescue only Thorin and bring him Thranduil. As in the book (if I remember it was)

  43. Berenion says:

    I think Legolas and Tauriel rescue only Thorin and bring him Thranduil. As in the book (if I remember it was)

  44. Gildor says:

    haha lol

  45. farhound says:

    They could still have Bilbo rescue the dwarves, then have the elves show
    up at the last minute, kill a few remaining spiders, and then capture
    the dwarves. It could be interesting for Bilbo to thank the elves for the help only to have them turn on him etc. Some in the audience will remember Legolas only as that cool elf from LOTR and be surprised when he turns on them. The elves likely only save them so they can interrogate them.

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