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Play The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age

hobbit armies of the third age The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age is a new web-browser-based game set in Middle-earth. Developed by Kabam Games, the idea seems to be to build your own little kingdom and command armies as you attempt to claim your own little bit of Middle-earth.

You can choose to play any one of three races: Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs, and you can recruit unique heroes to do your bidding. (more…)

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LOTRO launches ‘Riders of Rohan’ expansion

There is a lot happening in the realm of Tolkien fandom and we might be a little guilty of not updating players or potential players with everything that is going on in the world of Lord of the Rings Online. Warners and Turbine have kept the game updated and rock-solid for years now and with the Riders of Rohan expansion, it looks as though that will continue. We feature here a promotional video and then the latest press release about the game. Enjoy the video after the break. (more…)

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Warner Bros. shut down free Skyrim LoTR mod

The Warner Bros. legal team has shut down the development of a free Lord of the Rings mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The all-volunteer, unpaid team of game enthusiasts behind the mod say they repeatedly attempted to negotiate a compromise that would allow them to proceed in some form, but Warner Bros. rebuffed all of their proposals. Warner Bros. first requested that the 40-person-strong development team cease all work on the project, called MERP (Middle-earth Roleplaying Project), in July.

“Modding” is a term used to describe when users unofficially adapt or alter a game beyond its original specifications. Modders will often create new characters, character skins, plotlines and dialogue, music or even entirely new worlds for their favourite games.

Mod developer Alasdair Hurst believes MERP’s main problem could be that people need to buy Skyrim first.

“But the mod itself will be available to all the fans for free.” (more…)

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Feeling playful on Hobbit Day? Some gaming news…

If you like quests, enjoy board games and are always on the look out for family fun, we have some good news for you!  The folks at Prolific Games, designers of innovative board games, are busy making The Hirelings, a traditional game which uses a board, dice and cards to create a world of myth and mayhem!  The premise is this: ‘Deep in a dragon’s lair, the Heroes have been unceremoniously (but predictably) burnt to nothingness leaving the Hirelings to scramble their way to safety.’

Read more about the game after the break…


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Trivia Challenge on The Hobbit Facebook Page

The Official Facebook page for The Hobbit has recently put up a little Trivia Challenge that comes with some rather cool prizes. Here is what they say about the contest:

“Longing for a quest of your own? Test your knowledge of Middle-earth and its many inhabitants by taking The Hobbit Trivia Challenge! Score a perfect 10 out of 10 for a chance to win a special prize pack for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey from Comic-Con!

List of Prizes
SDCC Exclusive invisible Bilbo Baggins action figure from our Master Toy partner, The Bridge.
Limited Edition Thorin Oakenshield Bust from Gentle Giant
Limited Edition 1/6 scale Thorin Oakenshield statue from WETA
Limited Edition Art Print—An Unexpected Journey from WETA
First ever LEGO Hobbit minifigure – Bilbo Baggins from the upcoming LEGO The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey constructions sets releasing this December”

One word of caution, you do need to get all 10 questions correct, and this is a timed test, each question has its own timer. So, don’t dilly dally, take a deep breathe and go have some fun.
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The Hobbit, World of Warcraft mash up trailer

The guys at have posted a pretty cool fan made video by Grimalkins Machinima which is a mash up of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey movie trailer and World of Warcraft game.

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Games Workshop minatures list holds Hobbit spoilers?

As you probably know, Games Workshop creates tabletop war-gaming miniatures. One of the licenses it holds is for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

The clever folks on our message boards have very recently unearthed on Pastebin a list of film-related gaming miniatures that GW is set to release in the near future. This is potentially of interest not only to tabletop gamers, but also to film spoiler hunters.

It’s hard to to know far one can legitimately extrapolate from this list to scenes, and creatures, that might make it into the movies, but there is certainly heaps of food for thought here! If you want to put in your two cents, head on over to our message boards where a healthy discussion is going on about the implications.

Full list below the cut — and, be warned, plenty of potential spoilers too! (more…)

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Lego LoTR collector’s edition ships with Elrond?

Ringer Combee alerts us that it appears that the pre-order bonus for the Lego Lord of the Rings game is an Elrond mini-figure from the battle of Dagorlad. French site Lord of The Brick has more details.

Update: We also now have this translation courtesy of Ringer Elpidha.

And it is that releases information about the Special Edition version of the videogame LEGO Lord of the Rings now in preorder (release date: October 2012). We discover that the minifig of Elrond will be included as a bonus with the collector’s edition of the game, and it is indeed the same minifig that was seen in the minigame available on the line’s official site (see that article).

The minifig is a success, no doubt about it. It remains to be seen if it will also be available in a future set or if it will be necessary to go to Bricklink or eBay to buy it separately.

[Original French]

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Fantasy Flight Games posts cardgame expansion teaser

Fantasy Flight Games has posted another teaser for its new expansion of The Lord of the Rings: the Card Game.

We’ve now seen several card previews from the forthcoming cardgame expansion. As always, the artwork for these cards, not based on film images, is imaginative and well-executed. As noted in earlier previous teasers, this set still requires the original The Lord of the Rings core set. Fans of the game will likely enjoy the expansion, but new players will also have to get the core set — gift-givers or new players should take note.

Also note that the Shadow and Flame, completing the six-part Dwarrowdelf expansion cycle for the core game, will also debut soon.


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Lego flash game: The Siege of Helm’s Deep

Ringer Quackingtroll alerts us to a Lego Lord of the Rings playable online flash-based game over on the Lego LoTR website.

It’s called The Siege of Helm’s Deep. Personally, I found it a bit confusing, but go try your hand!

If nothing else, the lead-up cut-scenes look really, really cool.


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Re-cap on the Lego Lord of the Rings game

A lot of people are very excited about the forthcoming Lego Lord of the Rings game.

We may have missed a couple of cool reveals about the game that emerged at E3 around the beginning of last month.

So here’s a re-cap, including an 18-minute on-stage demo that Nick Ricks gave at E3. It reveals a long in-game sequence from the Mines of Moria, including Balin’s tomb. You can also pre-order the game here.

Props to Ringer Lars for the links. (more…)

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Inside the music of LOTRO: The Riders of Rohan

In January, Lord of the Rings Online an expansion to the MMO called Riders of Rohan. Launching on September 5 this year, the game expansion adds the regions of East Rohan, Amon Hen and the Eaves of Fangorn Forest, a new mounted combat system plus a new, original score by award-winning composer Chance Thomas.

Thomas’ work should be familiar to anyone who’s already played the Lord of the Rings Online Games: Shadows of Angmar and Mines of Moria. Writer Layton Shumway recently visited a recording studio near Thomas’ Utah home and learned just how much effort the maestro behind the music of Turbine Entertainment’s Lord of the Rings Online puts into his craft. (more…)

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