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“Out of the Shire”: Wonderful Art Show Tribute to Tolkien’s Middle-earth

Artwork by Ted Nasmith I’ve always found it fascinating how J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth continues to captivate generations of artists around the world. has proudly produced 6 art shows over the years, shining a spotlight on both professional and fan artists alike. I was delighted to attend the opening reception of “Out of the Shire”, a new gallery exhibit in tribute to Tolkien and his inspiring work.

Nucleus is an art gallery and store located at 210 East Main Street in Alhambra, California. It’s a charming space that sells various art books, crafts, t-shirts and more. The gallery side is perfectly set up for exhibits with fantastic lighting. The artwork was laid out in such a way that it allows each piece to stand on its own to be admired. And there is some truly incredible artwork on display!

Out of the Shire I Am No Man

Over 30 artists are on exhibit, showing a wide variety of styles – from paintings to illustrations, paper craft to sculptures, and more. I especially loved pieces that were original interpretations of beloved characters, not inspired by images from the Peter Jackson movies. You could see how the artist interpreted a character based on the writing of Tolkien himself, just as you do in your mind’s eye when you read “The Hobbit” or “The Lord of the Rings”.

Bilbo Meets Gandalf The Smallest Person Out of Trouble

Stand outs include the whimsical watercolors of Justin Gerard, an incredible fossilized Balrog by Tohru Patrick Awa, the lovely paintings by Caroline Hadilaksono, and a charming acrylic of Bilbo meeting Gandalf by Erik Krenz to name just a few. A special treat is the gorgeous artwork on display by TORn favorites Donato Giancola and Ted Nasmith. Keith Noordzy, who took part in our “An Unexpected Art Show” last February, is also part of the exhibit.

Ents and Orcs Embers of the Darkness

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I’d highly recommend you check out this special exhibit in person. It’s well worth a visit. “Out of the Shire” is free and runs until January 12, 2014.

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Two Great Eagles swooped into Wellington Airport

_SUP2098_021213Two Great Eagles swooped into Wellington Airport’s main terminal building on Monday morning, giving Gandalf a glimpse of the runway.

The sculptures show Gandalf atop one of two Great Eagles, bringing news to the Middle of Middle-earth.

Weighing in at one tonne each with a wingspan of 15 metres, they have been developed by Weta Workshop and Wellington Airport to accompany Gollum in welcoming visitors to the Wellington region and New Zealand.


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Out of the Shire: A Tribute Exhibition to Middle-earth

size300_out_shire_webAn art tribute exhibition “Out of the Shire” at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA.  is happening next Saturday, Dec. 14th and will feature many fun activities as well as fantastic artwork from artists like Donato Giancola, Ted Nasmith, Justin Gerard, Iain McCaig and many more!


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Tourism New Zealand’s ‘The Book of New Zealand’ event in LA

entering the book of New ZealandTourism New Zealand, 3 foot 7 productions, Warner Bros., and others bring you ‘The Book of New Zealand’ exhibit. This is an invitation only event being hosted out at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. It combines set locations, images of real world New Zealand, and a little movie magic to bring to life much of what makes New Zealand the perfect location for all things ‘Middle-earth’. Here are a few images from the event and a video of the opening greeting, please enjoy.



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Tourism New Zealand is opening the Book of New Zealand in LA

100_percent_middle_earthA very unique art installation is about to open in LA, brought to you by Whybin/TBWA, Tourism New Zealand and 3 Foot 7 Ltd. The concept is that of a Pop-up book that shows four different New Zealand filming locations, along with the four corresponding actual film sets from the upcoming film ‘The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug”. This event is mostly by invitation only, with a big Press Opening on Saturday, November 30 and running for 5 days. Luckily, on Wednesday, December 4 there will be a Public Day for fans to see. The point of the whole art installation is to show off the beauty of New Zealand, the fun to be found in New Zealand, and on occasion, the Middle-earthness of New Zealand. To see more details regarding this event, you can read more about it at: Yahoo NZ

So far, the only way to get into that public day appears to be by heading over to the TCL Chinese theater box office and uttering the ‘secret password’. This will get you an entry to win a pass to the event. Make sure to head over this weekend because they will do the drawing on Monday and contact winners then. See the image below for details.


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Will you be in LA for the DOS World Premiere? Join TORn the night before on a Quest to Erebor, and dinner!


Some minor changes to the original plan. 

To say that we have been getting a lot of questions asking if TORn will be doing anything special for the fans for the World Premiere of The Desolation of Smaug would be an understatement.

Well, we finally have plans in place, and here are the details!

On Sunday, December 1st, join TORn staffers and fans at The Grove in Los Angeles for a Quest to Erebor and dinner! Click here for The Grove website and directions.  The Grove in LA.

At 5pm, we will all gather in the central square of The Grove for photo ops among their Hobbit Erebor display. They have a full throne that fans can get their pictures taken in! Coming in costume is highly encouraged!

WB has alerted us that The Grove is being de-Ereborized, so the fun Erebor decor will no longer be there next week. We are still going to advise you to get to the Grove by 5pm so you have time to find parking and take in all the Christmas Decor. More options below. 

At 7pm, we will gather at the Marmalade Cafe (across the street from the gigantic American Girl Store) for dinner. This is a moot-style dinner, which means lots of mingling and fan fun!

The dinner is a set menu, and we ask that fans who wish to attend pay in advance through our convenient Paypal link below! Here is what will be served:

Your choice of one of four entrees: Chicken Picatta, Turkey Meatloaf, Fish and Chips or a Grilled Vegetable Salad (you do not need to choose your entree until you get there).

Optional starter salad of either a mixed green or caesar salad.

Optional dessert of either tira misu or bread pudding.

You can see the prices in our Paypal link below.

The room is limited to 50 people, so grab your dinner ticket while you can!

If you already paid for the Moot and have decided that you no longer wish to attend because Erebor is going, please email for a full refund no later than Wednesday. 

As an alternative, especially for those of you from out of town, let some of us LA locals show you around town for a few hours on Sunday. Head on over to our Facebook Event page to discuss a few options. 

Seeing LA before the Moot

Bear in mind that this is Black Friday Weekend, and traffic and parking will be cumbersome to say the least, so be sure to figure in travel and parking time. Also, the Hollywood Christmas Parade is going on up in Hollywood that evening, a few miles away. If you are staying at a hotel in that area, really give yourself plenty of time to get out of Hollywood and down into Beverly Hills to arrive on time. Just look for the Tolkien fans taking over the Erebor Plaza.

We hope to see you there!

(Note: If you click the “Buy Now” button, and it takes you to a blank page, simply click “back” on your browser and try again. It should work the second time.)

TORn Premiere Dinner Options
Your Full Name

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World prepares for Desolation of Smaug with art installations

20131112_150753As well as The Grove in LA turning into Erebor,  countries all over the world are starting to show off their own Hobbit excitement in the lead up to it’s worldwide release on December 13th.


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A Tolkien Collection worth the Pilgrimage

Greisinger Museum, exterior of entranceRecently I reported on the first Tolkien-based tour in the Swiss Alps, “In the Footsteps of Tolkien,” run by the Alpenwild company. I mentioned that our group ended the tour by visiting the brand-new Greisinger Museum, home to the world’s largest private collection of Tolkien art, books, and collectibles.

The image to the right shows the entrance to the museum, looking remarkably like the façade of Bag End transferred into a neighborhood in the prosperous eastern Swiss village of Jenins.

We had stayed the previous night in Chur, a charming small city with an old center with some buildings dating back to the medieval period, including a beautifully preserved cathedral. After a brief tour there, we took a short train ride to Landquart, the nearest station, and then took a taxi out to Jenins. As during the rest of our tour, the weather was sunny and mild. (more…)

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Celebrate ‘Hobbit Festival Family Fun Day’ in the (Stafford) Shire!

Penkridge Tolkien - Oct 2013 032_smallerFor a time in 1918, a cottage at Gypsy Green on the Teddesley Park Estate was home to J.R.R. Tolkien and his family, when the young officer was posted in Staffordshire. Now, nearly 100 years later, a local library is celebrating the area’s ties to the renowned author.

Hobbit Festival Family Fun Day will be held this Saturday, November 16, 2013 in Penkridge, Staffordshire, UK from 10 A.M. until 4 P.M at Penkridge Library. Admission for the event is free, along with many fun activities. Only face painting will cost a small charge. (more…)

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Donato Giancola’s Huor and Hurin Approaching Gondolin

gondolin-donatoTORn’s good friend and artist extraordinaire Donato Giancola, who was part of TORn’s art show in Los Angeles last February, has recently completed a new masterpiece: a commissioned painting showing a scene from The Silmarillion, when Huor and his brother Hurin are rescued by eagles.  The work is huge – roughly 9 foot by 6 foot! – and perfectly showcases Giancola’s skill in capturing landscape and living beings alike.  (The image of Donato himself sitting in front of the painting gives you an idea of the scale of the piece!)  The majestic scenery is breathtaking, with beautiful play of light and shadow over the mountains and the valley floor.  The patches of glimmering snow on the peaks in the foreground of the picture are mirrored in the white towers of Gondolin,which gleam ‘like … spike[s] of pearl and silver’.

You can read about Giancola’s inspiration for his work – from artists in the Hudson River School of landscape painters, for example – at his website, here.  You can also see more of his incredible Tolkien paintings in his book, Middle-earth: Visions of a Modern Myth.  Tolkien isn’t the only writer who inspires Giancola; readers who are fans of George R R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire can look forward to a calendar in 2014, for which Giancola will create 12 new paintings inspired by that world.

Meanwhile, enjoy Huor and Hurin Approaching Gondolin.

donato gondolin

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Is a Lord of the Rings film museum coming to Wellington?

Wellington waterfrontNothing official has been announced yet, but indications out of the Capital City are that things are progressing towards something Lord of the Rings fans have long desired, a museum dedicated to Middle-earth. For a more dynamic experience for visitors, it makes more sense for it to be a more general Film museum focused on all the films coming from Wingnut and WETA. That would allow for visitors to see new exhibits over time, but with a heavy focus on Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Te Papa had a very popular Lord of the Rings exhibit in 2002 and again in 2006, which turned out to be its most popular exhibit, so the market is there. Locations being looked at are somewhere along the waterfront. This would gives fans year round a second place to connect with their LOTR fandom alongside the WETA Cave, and something for them to see long after the final film is released. One of the biggest hurdles when this idea was first conceived was the licensing rights, but indications seem to imply that is less of an impediment right now.

For more details, read the article here.

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TORn Light the Beacons auction: An Unexpected Art Show Signed Canvas

Donato Giancola artworkOver the next couple of weeks is conducting a pledge drive to raise funds to keep our servers running. We have some unique auctions going on over at ebay, including something very special and truly one of a kind that highlights a key event that TORn put on for fans earlier this year — a signed canvas with autographs and drawings by many of the artists who participated in our “Unexpected Art Show”.

LEGO OrthancWe were proud to present this one night only gallery exhibit held on February 22, 2013 at Lot 613 in the historic arts district of downtown Los Angeles. In this cool space, we featured a variety of artists who use many different mediums and are creatively inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth universe. The all volunteer TORn staff spent hours setting up the space, coordinating and meeting with artists from around the world, and cleaning up after a wonderful night of music and artwork. We then had to hurry over to help set up for our next event — the Oscar party we threw the very same weekend! As you can imagine, it was quite tiring but very rewarding to see and meet so many fans admiring the beautiful artwork and having a chance to mingle with such an incredible group of talented artists. It was a true celebration of how much J.R.R. Tolkien’s works mean to all of us.

An Unexpected Art Show - 8Acclaimed artists Tim Kirk, Donato Giancola, and Jerry VanderSelt were on hand to meet fans, sign prints, and in the case of Tim, get a portrait of yourself drawn as a playful Hobbit! They also took the time to autograph and draw on a special TORn stretched canvas panel for us. Tim drew Smaug, Donato drew Gandalf, and Jerry sketched Strider. Eleven other artists who attended the show also signed the canvas including LEGO artists OneLug, graphic artist Nancy Steinman, stained-glass artist Christie Wood, and more. You can own this truly unique and one of kind piece of artwork from this spectacular TORn event by bidding today!

Unexpected Art ShowUnexpected Art ShowUnexpected Art Show

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