A big thanks to everybody who sent in theater information about The Hobbit trailer.  While we are sorry you didn’t get to see it on the big screen, we are glad you wrote in to help out.  We are no longer updating the page, so while your emails are appreciated, no further action will be taken.

We recommend calling your local theater to see if they have attached the trailer.  The trailers have been sent out to local cinemas but it is up to individual cinemas when and where they use them.  Be a proactive consumer.  We did hear back from Warner Bros. on this issue and are pleased to share their statement with Hobbit fans.

Warner Bros. appreciates the interest in the trailer for THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, and has let us know that it is in approximately 90% of the theaters playing TINTIN.  The studio understands if any fans were disappointed not to see it in their local theater, and they suggest that everyone looking for the trailer check with the theater first to make sure it’s playing on that screen.

And Happy Holidays!

After a flurry of internet activity with the Hobbit dropping on the world, a trip to the cinema was in order to see that same trailer on the big screen. The problem was, it wasn’t there, at least with the some 3D versions of the latest Tintin movie. If you viewed Tintin and it did NOT have The Hobbit trailer attached please email Email MrCere@TheOneRing.net with the subject “No trailer”. If you saw Tintin with a trailer, congrats, but please don’t send mail. Reports are coming in that various 3D Tintin screenings do not feature the trailer and instead has glasses-needed viewings of The Phantom Menance, Titantic, Madagascar 3 and The Lorax. The widely reported attachment to Tintin (great flick by the way) seems to apply to the regular format of the film. We are seeking official word and will update you as we can but lots of screenings have the same 3D report.

Quackingtroll from our own message boards sends along some of what Peter Jackson has been up to by sharing a link to the “Adventures of TinTin” trailer. Written by the master cartoonist Hergé, Tintin is a swashbucking boy who along with his dog and a colorful cast of characters, have many adventures world wide. Jackson has a producer credit and worked with director Steven Spielberg to bring the cartoon character to life. On a personal note, with a love of the source material, I am pretty thrilled by the trailer which captures the look and feel of the reading experience with a high degree of fidelity. Enjoy by following this link.

Kiwi movie mogul Peter Jackson has co-directed the latest Tintin movie via the internet from his Wellington base. Actor Nick Frost, who plays one of the bumbling Thompson twin detectives, said Jackson gave his cast instructions via the world wide web which were then played on a PA system. Co-director Steven Spielberg was on set in California to coordinate the filming.

“Steve would come on and give a note and then through the PA system you would hear Peter say, ‘Hi guys, could you try this’, and then they would turn the camera around so that we could see him. It was strange,” Frost said. More..

Peter Jackson Directs in 'The Lovely Bones'There is a very informative article in the Wall Street Journal today that covers the past and upcoming projects of Peter Jackson. There is a particularly interesting tidbit on his decision to not direct ‘The Hobbit’ flims:

Mr. Jackson is co-writing and producing an adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” but he’s handing the directing reins to Guillermo del Toro, known for his fantastical hit “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

“In some respects, I’m still not sure if I made the right decision in not directing, because I’m enjoying it so much,” Mr Jackson says of “The Hobbit.”

Thanks to forum member Loresilme for the heads up and you can read the full article through the following link. [Read More]

Peter JacksonThe plan was to be impartial and emotionless in the printed word and provide interested parties (hopefully you dear reader) all the facts and information from Peter Jackson’s un-press conference in San Diego as possible.

After all, he had 40 or so of us delighted to be trapped in a room with him in a small but luxurious hotel a few hundred meters from the convention center where the world’s biggest celebration of popular culture was taking place. It was the end of the first day of the four-day event and Jackson had swooped into town, showed off his first ever public screening of “District 9,” and then convened Geek Court. Continue reading “Peter Jackson speaks”