wetabook20SlipCasealrg6Over the last week, in conjunction with New York Comic-Con, we teamed up with our friends at Weta Workshop to give away a signed copy of their The Art of Film Magic: 20 Years of Weta. Through our Instagram account and Weta Workshop’s Instagram account we received a lot of great pictures that fans have sent to us of their favorite Middle-earth collectible made by Weta or their favorite Middle-earth moment.

We are very pleased to announce that the winner is Heather H. of Florida! Thank you to everyone who took the time to send us your wonderful entries and thank you to Weta Workshop for allowing us to give away such a fantastic item.

WetaNew York Comic-Con starts tomorrow and we’ve teamed up with our friends at Weta Workshop to do a pretty awesome giveaway. The prize for this give away is Weta’s amazing The Art of Film Magic – 20 Years of Weta!

The winner’s copy of this amazing book (easily the coolest art book in my own collection) will come signed by Richard Taylor and several other of the super cool folks who work for Weta Workshop as well as Weta Digital.

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Paul writes: At long last, the story that I’ve been waiting so long to reveal to the world. Here is a very special Narnia story, that happened last fall, as described by publicist Ernie Malik.

What is it like to fall in love in Narnia?
A curious question you may think. We bring it up here, while cruising along on our third voyage through this wondrous world created by C.S. Lewis, because the wonder of love did happen…to six couples who worked on both the first and second film adaptations.

Because of the lengthy hours (60-90 per week is the norm) and concentrated amount of time a movie crew spends together practicing its craft, it is only natural that acquaintances, friendships and even romance blossom on a film shoot. The camaraderie that develops among cast-and-crew is genuine and, in some instances, enduring. More..

Linuxelf writes: It looks like the guys at WETA are up for another award, this time they have been nominated for the 2009 Children’s and young adults book awards, for their book ‘The Crafting of Narnia’.

glumPuddle sends this along: Narnia Producer Mark Johnson is asked why they didn’t do multiple films at once, like LOTR. He says: ‘What New Line and Bob Shea did with Lord of the Rings, basically green-lighting three movies at once, is unheard of. And in todays Hollywood, it will never happen again. I just cannot imagine it. Its too much of a financial commitment, and everybody will say, Lets just see if the first ones successful first.’ Narnia Producer Doubts Any Studio will ‘Triple-Produce’ Anymore