It’s a serious topic for the hundreds of film and tourism workers among the 2000-strong crowd, but Wellington’s Save the Hobbit rally had a terrific positive energy. The party atmosphere was helped by the music – Wellington bands like Fly My Pretties (I think!), Poi E! from the movie Boy, and when the time came to concentrate our attention on the subject at hand, a beautiful rendition of Pokarekareana.

The crowd fell silent and after an introduction from our newly-elected mayor (Celia Wade-Brown, who’s something of a tech geek), we heard Richard Taylor address the crowd, which he did with his usual blend of sincerity, passion and gentle humour. Continue reading “Party Atmosphere at Wellington Hobbit Rally”

Markus writers: Hey guys – I just came back from the rally in Wellington. I estimate about a thousand people there. I was a little late but I counted 6 speakers. All said heart-touching words about their history with the lord of the rings, their impression of the film industry in New Zealand and how their own life was changed. Continue reading “Another account of ‘Hobbit’ rally”