Markus writers: Hey guys – I just came back from the rally in Wellington. I estimate about a thousand people there. I was a little late but I counted 6 speakers. All said heart-touching words about their history with the lord of the rings, their impression of the film industry in New Zealand and how their own life was changed. Good words were said about how the people from New Zealand contributed to the films and that withouth this support it would have been impossible to shoot it, but also that some very special occurings: exams at the university of Dunedin have impacted the filming as all the elves were students and so the take needed to be postponed.
The statement of Peter Jackson was read at the end and lots of applause was given all the time. Of course lots of press, news etc. who mainly made interviews with dressed up people in the end.
I don’t know if this will change anyones mind about where to shoot the Hobbit, but I got the impression it could not be better stated that New Zealand is Middle Earth in the 1.5 hours in the Civic Square in Wellington. And also I am originally from Germany I sign one very remarkable sign that said: Hey Warner, we’re all Bros here!