Thanks for all the support of “Hobbit In 5” during the web show’s initial season. Popular host Rebekah Platt left the show for the sweet allure of a company with big ears, but in her absence the show carried on with Simone Boyce hosting.

Now as summer comes to the top half of the world and primary filming for a pair of films based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” comes towards a close on the planet’s lower half, “Hobbit In 5,” is prepping to return. Presented below is an update from creator Daniel McNicoll and the nostalgia-filled (okay, and silly) return of Rebekah Platt

Another awesome reason to check out ‘New York Comic-Con’ this weekend, visit a live taping of ‘Hobbit in 5’! Host Simone Boyce and the ‘Hobbit in 5’ team will be shooting live from the floor of NYCC, connect with us on Twitter (@theoneringnet) or Facebook for the exact time and location. Also, be sure to play the ‘Spot Simone‘ photo scavenger hunt game! See details below.

In what must be the easiest convention scavenger hunt contest ever, and the gang at ‘Hobbit in 5’ bring you ‘Spot Simone’. The rules? Easy! Be on the lookout for our lovely and talented Host Simone Boyce and snap your photo with her. Tweet it out using the hashtag #Spotsimonenycc and don’t forget to include us using ‘@theoneringnet’ and you’re in to win! What’s up for grabs? A selection of LOTR posters and other goodies from the WBShop ( and some other really great secret prizes!

So be on the lookout for our ‘Hobbit in 5’ host, Simone, while she’s geeking out with the rest of you, they’re even planning a special location shoot of this week’s ‘Hobbit in 5’ at the convention! So like the graphic says ‘Spot, Snap, Tweet and Win!’.

Simone Boyce is an entertainment reporter and host in Los Angeles. In a sea of hollow Hollywood headlines, celebrity baby news and too much reality TV, Simone is proud to be distinguished as a bonafide geek. A completely obsessive fantasy and sci-fi fanatic, Simone delights in a first and second breakfast on Saturdays with a heavy helping of mead. She’s currently losing sleep over where to stamp a “Firefly” tattoo and is fascinated with sword fighting, knighthood and all things medieval.

But she’ll never forget her first love: Tolkien. As a child, “The Hobbit” was the only summer reading book she ever fell in love with. Since then, she’s been known to break into Gollum and/or Ringwraith impersonations on first dates. And Peter Jackson’s epic, cinematic depictions of “The Lord of the Rings” are Simone’s favorite movies of all time (‘Fellowship’ has a permanent home in her DVD player).

Her LOTR fetish extends into her music choices as Led Zeppelin is her favorite band. Having read The Lord of the Rings series in its entirety, Simone believes it to be the greatest story ever told for its heroes, their sacrifices and its overall message of redemption. Continue reading “‘Hobbit in 5’ Host Found! Everyone Meet Simone Boyce”

On this episode of Hobbit in 5 The Hobbit hits the stage in Cambridge England, HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ is signed on for 2 seasons, Galatia Films launches its own epic sword and fantasy, Glastonbury: Isle of Light and our character study mines the resources of Gloin.

April 22nd, 2011 – Episode 14

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