Simone Boyce is an entertainment reporter and host in Los Angeles. In a sea of hollow Hollywood headlines, celebrity baby news and too much reality TV, Simone is proud to be distinguished as a bonafide geek. A completely obsessive fantasy and sci-fi fanatic, Simone delights in a first and second breakfast on Saturdays with a heavy helping of mead. She’s currently losing sleep over where to stamp a “Firefly” tattoo and is fascinated with sword fighting, knighthood and all things medieval.

But she’ll never forget her first love: Tolkien. As a child, “The Hobbit” was the only summer reading book she ever fell in love with. Since then, she’s been known to break into Gollum and/or Ringwraith impersonations on first dates. And Peter Jackson’s epic, cinematic depictions of “The Lord of the Rings” are Simone’s favorite movies of all time (‘Fellowship’ has a permanent home in her DVD player).

Her LOTR fetish extends into her music choices as Led Zeppelin is her favorite band. Having read The Lord of the Rings series in its entirety, Simone believes it to be the greatest story ever told for its heroes, their sacrifices and its overall message of redemption.

You may recognize Simone from her recaps of HBO’s hit fantasy series “Game of Thrones,” entitled “Game of Thrones for Dummies.” She plans to bring back a “Game of Thrones” webseries very soon as fans get ready for season two. Simone is thrilled to host “Hobbit in 5” and communicate with fans around the world that share the same passion for her ultimate fangirl obsession!

Connect with Simone on Twitter @SimoneBoyce, on Facebook and on her YouTube Channel.

We recently asked Simone 5 important questions to pick her brain about LOTR:

1. Rank ‘The Lord of the Ring’s’ movies in order of your favorites:

‘Fellowship,’ ‘Return’ and then ‘Two Towers.’ I just love the innocence in’ Fellowship’ and that innocence is unmatched until the end of ‘Return.’ ‘Two Towers’ is the slowest of the three to me, true to Tolkien’s writing, but I do love that Treebeard!

2. Which LOTR character is your favorite and why?

I’d have to say Aragorn. I love his undying service and loyalty to Frodo. He’s such a leader, too. And…um…he’s hot. But I truly love all of them! Gandalf, Sam and Merry are some of my favs as well.

3. If you could live anywhere in Middle Earth where would you live?

I would like to live in Rivendell and have a summer home in Lothlorien. They’re the safest and most epic. Tom Bombadil’s pad is pretty sweet, too. I like all the forest places!

4. What Middle Earth race would you want to be and why?

Probably an elf, but I think everyone wants to be an elf. They’re so pretty and perfect and well, immortal. haha

5. What’s your favorite scene from the LOTR movies?

Gosh, there are so many; so I’ll name a few. My absolute favorite is probably the ending of ‘Fellowship’ when Sam jumps in after Frodo. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve wept at that moment. I love when Boramir tries to take the ring. That’s a classic, haunting scene. I also love when Pippin sings “Edge of Night” in ‘Return.’ That scene is beautiful but chilling at the same time.