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Greetings all in the world of Tolkien fandom! I recently spoke with Guillermo Del Toro at a book-signing event in Westwood, California, for his new vampire book “The Strain” (co-authored by Chuck Hogan) and how it ties in with his work on “The Hobbit” films.

Here is the complete transcript of our conversation…

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Ainu Laire, a spy from our own message boards attended Guillermo del Toro’s book signing in Los angeles and had this to say:

“My friend and I went down to the Borders in Westwood in Los Angeles for GDT’s book signing of The Strain. While there were perhaps 20 people around 5PM when the venue opened, by 7PM there were well over 100 people (including some that looked to be from a local news agency). He was slightly delayed because he was giving an interview with a certain website Wink While we waited we bumped into Garfeimao (TORn staffer) it was great to see her again. Continue reading “Spy report: GDT at an L.A. book signing”

The StrainVampires are all the rage today on television and especially in book stores. Handsome, romantic vampires in particular are red hot. Those with a crush on runway model versions of the undead with benevolent intentions will be completely crushed by the Guillermo del Toro’s “The Strain” co-written with Chuck Hogan. In this world, Edward Cullen wouldn’t stand a chance. Read on for a review of “The Strain” and a video of Guillermo del Toro talking about his book. Continue reading “Review: GDT’s ‘The Strain’ unleashed today”

Del Toro and HobbitThe June 1st issue of Time, our friend and director of “The Hobbit,” Guillermo del Toro, talks about In the magazine’s regular feature “Short List,” (page 63) where the movers and shakers of the world talk about what folks do in their spare time, he says, “ is a great community where intelligent, articulate dissenters argue about fascinating minutiae–and not just about fantasy.”

Thanks GDT! We happen to agree and coincidentally a bunch of us were saying the other day that we think you are intelligent, articulate and a dissenter when it comes to following old, tired movie formulas, so now we are even except that Time freaking magazine will not be quoting us about you. Sorry! That really is mighty kind praise from a guy who made cool flicks like “Cronos,” “The Devil’s Backbone,” and “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Not only did our message board folks post about it here but Ringer spy ToroFan wrote in to our news desk about it. The deep undercover spy asked if its the first time to make it into . . uh . . . Time. That is a pretty legitimate question ToroFan, thanks for asking. The equally legit answer is: Nope! There are at least three other occasions. Continue reading “It’s about ‘Time’ – GDT gives TORn prominent props”

Our friends at Popcorn Taxi have come through with the audio of their August 18 Q&A with Guillermo del Toro regarding Hellboy II to transcribe. The biggest bombshell of the night came near the end of the 42 minute session: The first official news that the scripting team of Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens and Guillermo del Toro had begun writing The Hobbit. Here’s how Guillermo described the breaking news:


“Well the only thing I can say is that we are now finally and officially and merrily in progression on the scripting process. We are all actively working on it and having a grand time at it. It keeps transforming and changing and it is ‘the most beautiful’ writing experience of my life, I’m enjoying it tremendously – and there’s bound to be news soon enough.”


Without further adieu, here is the transcript in full of the Q&A session. The Hobbit news can be found at (41:21) on the last page. I would encourage everyone to read the full transcript as Guillermo talks in depth about his early interests in automatons and clocks, his characters, cast, monsters fairies and vampires, children’s books, CGI and effects, his childhood, The Golden Compass, spirituality, his inspirations and his perspective of the world he perceives.


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