IMG_0664 Our friends at Weta Workshop have some really fantastic stuff this year at Comic-Con from both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. As they announced last year at Comic-Con, The Lord of the Rings 1:6 statue line is back in the hands of Weta and this year we get two fantastic pieces to start that off. The first piece is the Balrog, in a huge scale standing at 21″ tall with a huge footprint because of the base. The other statue is Faramir – who, finally, after eight years since the end of the original The Lord of the Rings 1:6 statue line, gets to come home to us. We also get, for fans of the mini-statue line, a brand new Ringwraith mini-statue, which at the show was only $80.

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FaramirDuring Comic-Con this year you heard me mention a couple of times that Weta Workshop would be coming back to do 1:6th statues for The Lord of the Rings. Tim Launder General Manager of Weta Limited last night via The Shadow and Flame Forum announced who had been selected as the first character in the line. This character was one of the characters not done in statue form during original The Lord of the Rings statue line so fans are going to be pleased with this announcement. After years of waiting fans are finally going to be able to add a Faramir statue to their collections. Now, the question becomes will we see the Ranger Faramir or Faramir in his Gondorian Armor? As details come along from Weta we will let you know and maybe before the end of the year we might even get a good look at what is sure to be an awesome statue.