lotreowyna6If you’ve been collecting statues from Weta Workshop for as long as I have, you have a mental list of things not yet done that you hope do get done. This week’s new release brings us one of the iconic moments from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. As we see Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli ride up to Edoras, and Lady Eowyn comes barging out of The Golden Hall in the beautiful white dress. This moment has been screaming to get a statue made since the film came out in 2002. This week, that long wait is over and we can now place orders for a statue capturing this breathtaking moment, including those very cool Rohan flags flying in the breeze. Coming in with an edition size of only 750 pieces and a price of $275, this statue is sure to go fast. Fans will also be responsible for a $50 deposit at the time of purchase.

eowyn1We all love to love the male characters of the Lord of the Rings movies. Who’s heart doesn’t go out to Frodo and Sam? Who doesn’t cheer at Gandalf and Aragorn’s strength or cringe at the sheer evilness of Saruman and the Witch King? These and other male characters are front and center in terms of movie screen-time, and rightly so, but it also makes the appearance of the women of the movies that much more special.

Over at Bustle, the women of The Lord of the Rings movies get the limelight in this article that ranks nine of The Lord of the Rings women in terms of character development. Rosie Cotton, Galadriel and even Shelob get a mention! Read more

pumpkinwalkers yt

When cursed jack-o-lanterns turn Fili, Kili, and Eowyn into pumpkinwalkers, it is up to Daggorlad and the neighborhood bounder to try to save them!


Have a happy hobbity Halloween!

Barliman's Chat This Saturday at 6pm EDT, Hall of Fire journeys to the hidden Gondorian fastness of Henneth Annûn with Frodo and Sam as we resume our Lord of the Rings chapter chats.

There, safe from the forces The Dark Lord, Captain Faramir tries to untangle the riddle of the strange halflings that have chanced into his territory, while Frodo and Sam attempt to keep their mission, and the true nature of Isildur’s Bane, secret.

Faramir smiled grimly. `Then you would grieve to learn that Boromir is dead? ‘
‘I would grieve indeed,’ said Frodo. Then catching the look in Faramir’s eyes, he faltered. ‘Dead?’ he said. ‘Do you mean that he is dead, and that you knew it? You have been trying to trap me in words, playing with me? Or are you now trying to snare me with a falsehood?’

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Barliman's Chat This Saturday (at 6pm ET (New York time)) Hall of Fire will be talking about the valiant shieldmaiden of the Rohirrim — Éowyn, the White Lady of Rohan.

For a while she was silent, as if pondering what this might mean. Then suddenly she laid her hand on his arm. ‘You are a stern lord and resolute,’ she said; ‘and thus do men win renown.’ She paused. ‘Lord.’ she said, ‘if you must go, then let me ride in your following. For I am weary of skulking in the hills, and wish to face peril and battle.’

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Barliman's Chat Last weekend in The Hall of Fire, we discussed sources of heroism in The Lord of the Rings. Who acts heroically, and what is it that makes them heroic anyway? For those who couldn’t attend, here’s a log.

And a reminder, next weekend (Saturday August 3 at 6pm EDT (New York time)) we’ll be discussing the next chapter in our read-through of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Book III, Chapter XI: The Palantir. It’s the final chapter of Book III, so don’t miss it! Continue reading “Hall of Fire chat log: the hero and the heroic in The Lord of the Rings”

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