Hobbit Hole HotelIn the ‘pretty darn cool’ department, an ‘authentic’ Hobbit hole in Orondo Washington, U.S.A., is now available to rent. While we’ve reported on similar things before, the accommodations at this dwelling come compete with rustic furniture, a nice little garden, an absolutely gorgeous mountain view and, yes, shampoo. Whether you use the shampoo on your head, your feet, or both, is up to you.

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As some of you may have noticed, my March madness really was spent in Middle-earth! In the month I spent in New Zealand, I had the immense pleasure of visiting the Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata. Journey with me now to the Shire to experience your own adventure in Hobbiton!

And please feel free to peruse the photos below!

Anyone else noticing a rather interesting trend? A few of the major NZ New Agencies are getting interviews with Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens on the actual sets for the upcoming Hobbit films. The previous interview from TVNZ was in Gollum’s Cave (see below), and the following from 3 News is inside the rebuilt Bag End set! Thanks to Ringer Pippin for the link. (Hey, I want to see Smaug’s Lair please) [3News Video]