Hobbit Hole HotelIn the ‘pretty darn cool’ department, an ‘authentic’ Hobbit hole in Orondo Washington, U.S.A., is now available to rent. While we’ve reported on similar things before, the accommodations at this dwelling come compete with rustic furniture, a nice little garden, an absolutely gorgeous mountain view and, yes, shampoo. Whether you use the shampoo on your head, your feet, or both, is up to you.

According to this article from oregonlive.com, the owner, Kristie Wolfe, has taken special care to make the experience as much like staying at Bag End as possible. One nice feature is that it’s in the mountains and away from busy streets and other dwellings. Not only does it look authentic from the outside, Ms. Wolfe went all out decorating it to increase the authenticity and make her guests feel like they’re smack in the middle of Hobbiton. Of course, there’s the obligatory round, green door, but it’s the inside of the door that’s particularly impressive, complete with a beautiful metal sculpture of a tree.

From the oregonlive article:

It’s certainly different, and definitely a dream for fans of J. R. R. Tolkien, author of “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings,” but her hobbit-hole is also a fully-functional completely-off-the-grid tiny house.  

The rental is completely solar-powered, has its own septic tank and has water trucked in. And since it’s buried into a hillside, cooling isn’t necessary, Wolfe explained – the inside temperature hovers around the mid-50s year-round, leaving a stone fireplace to heat the whole thing.

One thing that’s totally modern about it is that you can reserve your stay online through airbnb.com. It’s $250 per night and accepts pets in case you want to bring your pony, or pet dragon. Be sure to visit the airbnb.com link for more pictures!