Wildwood Rabbitry - The Road to DragonCon 2013 - After a night of narry a wink of sleep, the companions set out at first light on what would be one epic day.

Winding country lanes called their name and they answered. Among the winding mountainous roads they found one of Radagast’s hidden dells of unspoilt nature, The Wildwood Rabbitry. The two sisters who call this haven their’s were strong and of the earth, like the Entwives of old.

Among many Shire-like services they did for the community and the land itself, they bred giant Rhosgobel (Flemish Giants) Rabbits, the ones that in times past pulled the woodland sleigh of the Brown Wizard. They fed the weary band with homemade rolls that would’ve made Beorn himself blush, crystal clear spring water reminiscent of the Ent draught of legend, and desert cakes that Bombur could only dream of.

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Team | Roadtrippers | Road Trip Planner | Route PlanningWondering where our adventurers are going on Cryptozoic and TheOneRing.net’s Road to Dragon Con? Thanks to the folks from Roadtrippers.com, we can now share with you an embedded roadmap of their journey! (see below) If you are following along, they are currently in Green Forest, Arkansas checking out the gigantic flemish rabbits! Yes, just like Radagast’s bunny sled rabbits! [LIVE] [Roadtrippers.com]
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The Road to DragonCon 2013Buoyed by their educational experience from the day before, Cryptozoic and TheOneRing.net’s Road to Dragon Con fellowship set out in high spirits. Before hitting the road proper, they stopped at a treasure trove entitled Toys R Us to seek out jointed, miniature busts of their favorite heroes and villains, not to mention replicas of legendary weapons.

On the way out of the trading metropolis of Denver they picked up a new member, Katalena! A master of masks and trickery, makeup and mirrors. She joined them to be a player in the masquerade that is Dragon Con.

The flat, empty, fly-ridden plains of Kansas opened up like a hungry maw before them, they had no choice but to enter and cross. All across the never-ending plains they shared stories with their companions watching via crystal slab, and chatted awhile with Cliff the Unmoving, The Adamant Wizard.

Finally the weary band made their way in the outskirts of Kansas City, where after multiple tries they found an inn to rest their weary heads.

What is next in store for the Fellowship of the Dragon? Moridan himself can’t tell you that secret.

– Doug Brochu

We’d like to continue to thank Cryptozoic – our official sponsor of our Road to DragonCon! Cryptozoic has an amazing line-up of trading card and traditional games, including their recently released Hobbit Board Game and soon to be released The Two Towers Deck-Building Game (Aug 28th).

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Goblin's in Arizona??
Goblin’s in Arizona??

The Road to DragonCon team is frolicking around the mountains of Colorado today on their way to the first fan meet-up in Denver. Details on that in a little bit! First a bit of a recap from yesterday.

We’d like to welcome Cryptozoic as an official sponsor of our Road to DragonCon! Cryptozoic has an amazing line-up of trading card and traditional games, including their recently released Hobbit Board Game and soon to be released The Two Towers Deck-Building Game (Aug 28th).

Justin, Doug and Ryan woke up in the rain at Lake Powell, Utah – allowing them only 4 hours of sleep that night. Rain in the desert is not as uncommon as one might think! They made their way to a local Denny’s where the manager and waitress gave them the all-star treatment.

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