Goblin's in Arizona??
Goblin’s in Arizona??

The Road to DragonCon team is frolicking around the mountains of Colorado today on their way to the first fan meet-up in Denver. Details on that in a little bit! First a bit of a recap from yesterday.

We’d like to welcome Cryptozoic as an official sponsor of our Road to DragonCon! Cryptozoic has an amazing line-up of trading card and traditional games, including their recently released Hobbit Board Game and soon to be released The Two Towers Deck-Building Game (Aug 28th).

Justin, Doug and Ryan woke up in the rain at Lake Powell, Utah – allowing them only 4 hours of sleep that night. Rain in the desert is not as uncommon as one might think! They made their way to a local Denny’s where the manager and waitress gave them the all-star treatment.

The made their way to the Four Corners Monument – the quadripoint in the Southwestern United States where the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. While there, they found an unusual arrow, that seemed worth enough of a possible auction item. Coming soon!

After driving through Monument Valley, they ended up for the night in Salida, CO.

Today they’ve already trekked through Alma, CO, the highest incorporated town in the country on their way to Denver. In Denver visited Casa Bonita (yes, that one from South Park) and then are getting a rare after-hours Dino tour at the Denver Natural History Museum.

They’ll spend the night in the Best Western Denver (@bestwestdenver). The Best Western was kind enough to donate a night stay for our weary travelers.

The night will be spent playing Cryptozoic games and taking your requests for topics! We hope you can join us!

Enjoy the pics below and as always, please support our adventures and our 2013 pledge drive!

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