Wildwood Rabbitry - The Road to DragonCon 2013 - After a night of narry a wink of sleep, the companions set out at first light on what would be one epic day.

Winding country lanes called their name and they answered. Among the winding mountainous roads they found one of Radagast’s hidden dells of unspoilt nature, The Wildwood Rabbitry. The two sisters who call this haven their’s were strong and of the earth, like the Entwives of old.

Among many Shire-like services they did for the community and the land itself, they bred giant Rhosgobel (Flemish Giants) Rabbits, the ones that in times past pulled the woodland sleigh of the Brown Wizard. They fed the weary band with homemade rolls that would’ve made Beorn himself blush, crystal clear spring water reminiscent of the Ent draught of legend, and desert cakes that Bombur could only dream of.

Then they shared lore! Oh the lore! They showed them all different manner of Giant Rabbit, cows in the field, fish in the pond, crops in the garden, pigs in the slop, and dogs on the watch. The sisters showed them their workshops, where they craft wearable pieces of beauty or decaying disrepair, each to the desire of the commissioner.

The Road to DragonCon’s band of merry middle-earthians left with light hearts after a stop in a haven of such hardiness. They then set out to the City of the Elvish Minstrel, Memphis! On the way they stopped at the shop of a Misty Mountain Woodsman. He chiseled and sawed wood into desirable shapes, and the company was pleased.

Long travels make late arrivals, and this journey is no exception. When the company arrived in The Singing City the hour was late. Luckily a warm-hearted family of the race of Man had opened up their home for the company to rest their weary heads. They ate and celebrated friendship at a local eatery, and toasted to good health.

The company went to sleep like stones, no willows scratching at the windows could rouse them from their slumber.

What awaits them at the Dragon Con the following day? Wait and see.

This story (and journey) has been brought to you by Cryptozoic!

Wildwood Rabbitry


Gwen Grim’s (Jennifer) deviant art

Inkubus’s (Alanna) deviant art

Cheers, Doug.

We’d like to continue to thank Cryptozoic – our official sponsor of our Road to DragonCon! Cryptozoic has an amazing line-up of trading card and traditional games, including their recently released Hobbit Board Game and soon to be released The Two Towers Deck-Building Game (Aug 28th).

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