Entertainment Weekly is handing out a Comic-Con 2022 print edition exclusively at SDCC with The Rings of Power on its cover. Per their website, this special edition cover has a first look at Númenor, “the legendary island kingdom that’s never before been depicted on screen.”

Rings of Power

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Númenor looms large in Tolkien’s legendarium, and EW’s cover introduces four key residents who will play a major role in The Rings of Power.

Cynthia Addai-Robinson stars as the queen regent Míriel, who descends from a long line of royal leaders. Her closest advisor is Pharazôn (far right), played by Welsh actor Trystan Gravelle. Rounding out the cover are seafarer Elendil (center right), played by Lloyd Owen, and Elendil’s son Isildur (far left), played by Maxim Baldry.

EW’s full issue includes exclusive interviews with the cast, as well as key creatives like Payne and McKay, director Wayne Che Yip, and production designer Ramsey Avery.

Additional images with character insights and an interview with production designer Ramsey Avery are also up on EW.com with more to come.

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