Lake-town LuauTORn is looking to host another Laketown Luau during San Diego Comic Con in July. In fact, we may well make this an annual event so that Tolkien fans can stay connected at one of the biggest Pop Culture events in the world. But we’d like to ask you, the readers, if this is something that would really interest you.

The Laketown Luau is a mashup event with both a Tolkien theme and a Luau theme mixed together, resulting in costumed hula contests, Pin the Black Arrow on the Dragon games and lots of fun and fellowship. The advantage of holding the event during San Diego Comic Con is that Tolkien fans attending the convention from all over the world will be in town that week and can attend. Even better, holding the event off-site means that non-attendee fans from So Cal can also attend the party.

To host this party, we will be renting a space and arranging for some snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy, but this will mean attendance will come with a charge, between $30-$40. We are looking to host the party on Friday evening again, like last year, so please answer these few poll questions to help us gauge your interest.

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