one last party logoThe Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has its world premiere in London today. The last of Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth films is nearly here. And so begins the end of the epic journey – mission – quest – thing – we have all been on together.

But fear not! We have no intention of letting these films sail into the West without a fanfare!  So get ready to celebrate at The One Last Party – There and Back Again: a Party of Special Magnificence, a final toast to all SIX movies, both The Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit trilogy.

This will be on Saturday 21st Feb 2015 – the day BEFORE the Oscars — at a venue in Los Angeles, TBA. There will be music, food, drink, entertainment (from William Kircher’s band The California Dreamers, celtic musicians Emerald Rose, and more) and all kinds of fun! But here’s the thing…

Like TORn itself, this party will be by fans, for fans. It’s all about YOU, dear reader! We cannot hold this event unless we raise much of the cost in advance, and therefore we are crowd-funding this special occasion, through advance ticket sales and other donation levels.

Our Indiegogo campaign is now LIVE – here!

You can pledge at a variety of levels:

  • Can’t be there but want a cool memento of the occasion? You might want to be one of the ‘Men of Lake-town’, and get a great ‘Supporter’s’ t-shirt and button for $35.
  • Just want to buy your ticket? Pledge as an ‘Expected Party Goer’, for $200. That gets you your ticket to the event – simple as that!
  • Want something special in addition to the party ticket? Maybe the ‘Thror’, ‘Thrain’ or ‘Thorin’ levels are for you, with exciting autographed items to be had.
  • Really want to show just how much you love You might just be a ‘TORn star’…

All details are on the Indiegogo campaign. If you just want to know how to BUY YOUR TICKET:

  • Expected Party Goer’ is the level for a basic ticket – full details in the ‘Perks’ section show what that ticket includes. 
  • If you’d also like a souvenir t-shirt and button with your ticket, you’re a ‘Rivendell Reveller’.

Each pledge made is recorded as a separate contribution, good for ONE admission to the party. (Per Indiegogo’s own guidelines: ‘Each contribution made is recorded as a separate contribution with a separate perk. If you would like to receive a new perk, you can do this in a separate contribution.’)

If you’d like more than one admission, simply pledge at that level more than once! Want three tickets? Pledge three times!

Important: The party only happens if we all make our crowdfunding goal. So if you’d like to see this special celebration take place, please lend your support!  

This will be the last big chance to celebrate PJ’s Middle-earth with TORn and fellow fans (and, we hope, some very special guests) — so buy your ticket or make your pledge to The One Last Party!

Don’t miss the last boat to leave the Grey Havens — this will be a night to remember, and you can help make it happen!

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The One Last Party Indiegogo Campaign