Tauriel and LegolasWe all like to keep some things secret (and keep them safe); movie studios are no different.  As we get closer to the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Warner Bros. are finally lifting embargos and allowing interviews and content to be posted, which reveal spoilers, and drop hints, about what we can expect when the next film hits the big screen in December.

Our own staffer MrCere spent three months on set last year; stay tuned for some exclusive reports from him, coming soon.  Meanwhile, here are several interviews on which the press embargo has just lifted, covering a two-day set visit for members of the press early last year.

Please note, there are movie spoilers to be found within. You have been warned!

Collider.com’s interview with Evangeline Lilly — just what can we expect from this new female elf?

Collider.com’s interview with Orlando Bloom — on militant Wood Elves, and how we might learn just why Legolas hates dwarves.

IGN’s set visit — more with Bloom and Lilly, and significant spoilers about the ‘Barrels out of Bond’ sequence.

Hitfix.com’s set visit — Peter Jackson talks about 48fps, and about Guillermo del Toro’s influence on the movies.

Yahoo’s ’10 things we learned on set’ — including Gandalf’s new nose and the accents used in Dale.

Comingsoon.net , MovieWeb and i09 also have very similar interviews with Bloom and Lilly.

We’ll have our own exclusive content and some very different insights soon. So check back over the next few days and keep an eye out for MrCere’s set reports. We hope this collection will keep you going in the meantime!