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Comic-Con ‘Hobbit’ press conference transcript

July 19, 2012 at 8:30 pm by Demosthenes  - 

Ringer Kellyduck sends us this link to what appears to be a substantial partial transcript of the press conference the Hobbit crew gave at Comic-Con last weekend.

I don’t think this is the entire press conference, but it is certainly a substantial part. We also now have some partial video too. (Sorry folks, I know you all want it to see it, but there’s still no showreel footage.)

At the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, Peter Jackson — joined by The Hobbit cast members Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis, Ian McKellen, and Richard Armitage — said there are other parts of Tolkien’s stories he’d like to be able to tell. Sitting down for a small press conference after the Hall H presentation, Jackson talked about his hopes for shooting more footage. Along with his cast, Jackson discussed revisiting the world he brought to the screen in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, technological advances, and the 48 frames per second debate.

Choice quote from Martin Freeman: I was struck by just how emotional people were talking about the film, talking about anticipating the film. With each question came a preamble about what the previous films have meant in people’s lives. So all cliches aside, it’s a really nice thing to be part of something that actually touches people, genuinely touches people. It’s quite a lovely thing.

MrCere breaking in here. I was planning to report this whole press conference but real life, travel and DragonCon have prevented it and now this transcript is here, so anything I write seems less useful to readers now. The transcript isn’t word-for-word, it has removed the “uhms” and a similar words so the quotes are cleaned up, but it is accurate and easier to read this way. The questions are much more cleaned up. For example: The first one was mine and I said I would love to hear the response from the panel about Hall H, especially from those who were there for the first time. Martin Freeman spoke up, answered then the moderator moved on. (I especially wanted to also hear from Richard Armitage since we talked about things like Comic-Con while in New Zealand but sadly the moment was lost.) Anyway, I didn’t listen to the whole recording but it seems complete to me. Oh, but I do have some photos after the break.

[Partial transcript | [Partial video] | [TORn’s Ultimate Round-up]

Posted in Andy Serkis, ComicCon, Conventions, Events, Hobbit Movie, Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens, Richard Armitage on July 19, 2012 by

Thranduil Statue

3 responses to “Comic-Con ‘Hobbit’ press conference transcript”

  1. Rosie says:

    Freeman looks good in blues and Sir Ian looks great in that jacket.

  2. Tuor says:

    At the start of this video ( from Comic Con there’s an interesting comment from Philippa Boyens where she mentions filming The Battle of Dol Guldur and Galadriel’s involvement in it. She quickly stops herself with “I didn’t mean to say that!” and recieves a dirty look from Sir PJ.
    Interesting stuff!

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