The LA Times snared a few moments with Peter Jackson to talk about his plans for Hobbitcon. The newest big surprise is that Jackson is sticking firmly to 2D and 24fps for the Hall H presentation at 2.30pm on Saturday.

He told the LA Times that: “I decided to screen the Hobbit reel at Comic-Con in 2-D and 24 frames per second, so the focus stays firmly with the content and not the technical stuff. If people want 3-D and 48fps, that choice will be there for them in December.”

He says it’s more about “protecting the downside” and anticipation means that positive press will have little impact on the audience waiting to see The Hobbit.

Quick analysis: He describes it as a “reel”. That doesn’t sound like a trailer to me. And that meshes with Elijah Wood’s comments as well. Thanks to Ringer Daniel for the heads-up!

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