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Middle-earth March Madness 2012 – The Final Four!

March 30, 2012 at 2:56 pm by newsfrombree  - 

Middle-earth March Madness is down to the Final Four! Coming out of the Rankin/Bass Division, battered and bruised by some close calls, is none other than everyone’s favorite wizard, Gandalf! From the Ralph Bakshi Division, with a final match that was not nearly as close as one might expect, is Aragorn! From the Tolkien Family Division is the solid number one seed Legolas, coming hot off his latest victory over the Ringbearer himself, Frodo. Last, but certainly not least, out of the Peter Jackson Division, is tournament dark horse, and the only remaining Hobbit…Samwise Gamgee! Voting in for the Final Four will last until April 1st at 6pm ET. Check out the results from the previous rounds: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3.

Follow after the break to place your vote and see the latest version of the bracket. (Download) Good luck to all of our competitors!

March 30th – April 1st 2012

March 30th – April 1st 2012

Posted in Events, Fans, Headlines, Hobbit Movie, Lord of the Rings, LotR Books, LotR Movies, Other Events, The Hobbit, Announcements, Community, Tolkien on March 30, 2012 by
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30 responses to “Middle-earth March Madness 2012 – The Final Four!”

  1. George Booth says:

    You didn’t see Legolas climbing Mount Doom with the Ring-bearer, that was Samwise and he deserves a lot more credit than some people give him! VOTE FOR SAM AND GANDALF!!!

  2. JGamgee says:

    Aragorn or Gandalf?! How am I supposed to choose?!

  3. Horsewarden of Ithilien says:

    One does not simply choose between the White Wizard and the King of Gondor… 😉 

  4. Aidan says:

    This is gonna be incredibly close. I can’t wait to see who wins.

  5. Eowyn Clark says:


  6. Firinzir says:

    Oh, I hope the Legolas fangirls don’t swarm the polls and make him win…

  7. Erikathegreen says:

    please…NOT whiny Sam

  8. Guest says:

    Anyone who votes Legolas over Sam clearly either did not read or did not understand the books. Shoot: anyone who makes that vote didn’t even understand the movies.

  9. Elfgirl101 says:

    OK this is NOT funny. Every time I vote for someone (in this round) their votes go down. Is it just me or is other people experiencing this as well? And I know most people are voting for Sam and Gandalf but I’m really sorry that Aragorn and Legolas probably won’t make it…especially since some people can’t vote for their favorite character (hint hint. wink wink. nudge nudge.) like me.

  10. Imanne says:

    amazingly true.  I absolutely can not decide.  I am not going to vote for either.  They are both deserving.  but voting FOR one would be voting AGAINST the other and I simply can not.

  11. Ice says:

    No one is going to help you. Even if he doesn’t. 

  12. Ice says:

    You prefer Sam’s fangirls then? Why?

  13. Dolph the Wise says:

    Some of the results so far are ridiculous. Let’s hope this round is more realistic.

  14. Ice says:

    You don’t see Frodo and Sam fighting at the Black Gates of Mordor. Sam is a good character. I’ve voted for him before. Now I vote for Legolas and Aragorn.

  15. The White Lady says:

    Why shouldn’t Legolas win? Against Sam, really? Clearly Sam is a strong character emotionally and mentally. But a hobbit against an elf? I don’t think it’s so much the fan girls, but the fact that an elf would most likely triumph over a hobbit.

  16. Rana says:

    How on earth am I supposed to decide between Legolas and Sam?!?!?! Sam was so loyal and he stuck by Frodo through it all… Legolas stood by Aragorn, who I think should win against Gandalf, and he’s an Elf with epic hair! Oi. Tough choice. I may just go back and forth: Sam, Legolas, Sam, Legolas… hmmmmmm

  17. Imanne says:

    As I suspected, this is an extremely difficult choice.  I am all for Samwise in the final two.  but how on middle-earth am I to choose between Gandalf and Aragorn? ouch.  I don’t want to vote against either of them.

  18. harper says:


  19. Erestorfan says:

    No, you didn’t see Legolas climbing Mt. Doom because he was busy with the rest of the Fellowship fighting Sauron’s minions at the Black Gate.

  20. Jordan says:

    Whiny Sam kicked Shelob’s rear end.

  21. Me says:

    Legolas is the best.

  22. Legolas fan says:

    All Legolas haters can kiss my ass!

  23. DietCherry says:

    I like Legolas, I thought he was an interesting character (specifically in the books), but why is he here as one of the last contestants of this poll? Is it the fangirls who go gaga for Orlando Bloom? But the final two should definitely be Gandalf and Sam. Both are my favourite characters and probably the most pivotal characters of the trilogy. But if it was me, it would come down to Gandalf.  

  24. Izzycolledge says:

    Aragorn’s beating Gandalf! Noooo!

  25. LotR#1Fan says:

    Ahhh! Legolas!!! :'( He needs to win! Sam is great and everything, but come on, this is Legolas we’re talking about.

  26. Mari says:

    In a fair voting Legolas would have won.

  27. harper says:

    aw i wanted gandalf to win

  28. Puppit says:

    Damn, if I take the movie characters than my vote would be Legolas (not just because of the hot looks, it’s just because Sam crying about stories all the time annoyed me), but in the book Sam is much less of a wimp so in that case I would vote for him…. Tricky…

  29. Varda loves Manwe says:


  30. Varda luvs Manwe says:

    Nobody hates Legolas. He’s an amazing character. But he’s not the one who climed Mt. Doom with Frodo, did he? We’re comparing Sam to LEGOLAS, not Orlando Bloom.

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