Round 1 of Middle-earth Madness is over and the results were surprising! Two of the match-ups were separated by approximately 30 votes: (5) Merry narrowly outlasted (4) Eowyn (results) and (4) Gollum barely beat out previous leader (5) Treebeard (results). The only ‘big’ upset in the last round was (6) Smaug taking down (3) Arwen. All of the match-up results can be seen on our ‘Round 1’ page (click here). In Round 2, the Sweet Sixteen, we have some historical competitions. In the Ralph Bakshi Division, the battle for the Ring takes on new meaning when (1) Bilbo faces (4) Gollum. Then we have the battle of manly actors as (3) Thorin Oakensheild takes on (2) Aragorn. In the Rankin/Bass Division, the only remaining Silmarillion character, (4) Feanor, will have his hands full with the top seed (1) Gandalf. And (2) Galadriel could possible feel the extreme wrath of everyone’s favorite Middle-earth dragon (6) Smaug. In the Tolkien Family Division, poor little ole (4) Pippin faces off against the top seed (1) Legolas, fresh off his too-close-for-comfort battle with Elrond. (3) Faramir may have been tempted by the Ring in TTT, but can he overcome the temptation to beat (2) Frodo? And finally, in the Peter Jackson Division. Non-film character (1) Glorfindel takes on yet another Hobbit (5) Merry! And we know (3) Boromir tried to snag the Ring from Frodo, but can he handle the onslaught of (2) Sam? These Round 2 match-ups are going to be close, so vote now, and vote often! This round ends on March 26th 2012 at Noon ET. Continue after the break for the updated bracket (download) and some additional notes!

Just a quite note on voting. We deliberating left this competition vague. The goal is for you to personally vote however you see fit. If you want to vote based on whether these characters can physically ‘beat’ each other, then go for it. If you want to vote on whether you think one is better looking than the other, then go for it. Or if you want to combine reasons, go for it! You will notice as well that we did not limit the number of times you can vote – so vote often! We’ve seen your comments and are definitely taking into account some changes for next year’s Middle-earth March Madness! Enjoy Round 2 and get your friends and family to vote! Most of all, have fun with it!

Rankin/Bass Division – Round 2
March 22nd – March 26th 2012

Ralph Bakshi Division – Round 2
March 22nd – March 26th 2012

Tolkien Family Division – Round 2
March 22nd – March 26th 2012

Peter Jackson Division – Round 2
March 22nd – March 26th 2012


  1. ROHAN-kills-gondor

    Man oh Man am I upset that Eowyn missed out! (as much as I love Merry) I was on all week JUST voting over and over again for her. But there must have been 2 people doing the same thing, and thus the outcome was Merry winning! Good Luck Merry, I am now voting for you, cause if anyone should win of the ones present, Eowyn would want you! (or Faramir! lol) Long Live Rohan!

  2. >D Maybe divisions based on things like American Idol Potential (can they sing?), Best Actor/Actress (do they look good on a big screen?), The Jackie Chan Award (best martial artist… with humor), Best Supervillain, Best Middle Earth Journalist (who wrote the best journal of their travels/travails?).

    I tended to just answer on who’s my fav of those two. 

  3. George Booth

    This wasn’t tough to pick, but it is tough to call; Gandalf and Aragorn look like the only two 100% guaranteed to go through! Should be interesting 😀 

  4. Feanor against one of the main movie characters?? How is that fair? 😛

  5. Elfgirl101

    lol im typing the first comment

  6. PT

    I vote on who I enjoy seeing and reading about better. Merry and Eowyn was the hardest voting I have ever had to do!

    • ROHAN-kills-gondor

      Agreed, But I picked Eowyn in the end…….Have a thing for female blondes I guess. lol

    • estelien

      I think it isn’t hard at all. Eowyn has her own definite character. Merry is basically just LESS.
      He is less noble than Frodo and Sam, less mishap-prone, funny, and lovable than Pippin, and really only serves to add numbers to the fellowship.
      (Please don’t murder me in my sleep tonight, anyone.)

  7. Andjhostet

    If Merry, Pippen or Frodo win I’m going to throw a fit…

  8. Faramir vs. Frodo? That is CRUEL.

    • Pascal

      You obviously didn’t read the books, Faramir had a very weak role in that. Along with many other charachters that are winning because so many people on here are only fans of the movies. The movies are wonderful, I must admit, but they are nothing in comparison to the majesty of the books.

  9. hobbitchick363

    how is legolas beating pippin??? pippen is ten times epicer 😀

    • Elfgirl101

      excuse me?

      • hobbitchick363

        LEGOLAS SUCKS!!!!!!!! GO PIPPIN!!!!!

        • Mari

          Legolas is great. And way more interesting than Pippin. If you can’t behave you shouldn’t participate in the civil discussions. It upsets you too much. 

          • Elfgirl101


          • Dreamflower

            You know this is laughable. LEGOLAS would vote for Pippin– after all he ran for three days to rescue his little friend (AND Merry) only to find they’d already rescued themselves.  The Big Folk of the Fellowship already know who the true heroes are, and would not  thank you for thinking otherwise.

            That’s all right, Legolas, they didn’t mean any offense to your little buddy.  It’s just a silly game…like conkers…or spitting…

          • Mari

            What’s laughable is that you guys can’t get over the fact that other people have the different opinion than you. Merry & Pippin escape was pure accident. They got lucky. Boromir wasn’t lucky when he saved their lives at the cost of his, no?
            Gee, I’m glad you noticed that Legolas went to the rescue! But he is not the true hero for you, sure! I guess he didn’t create situations in which he had to be rescued.
            To me Legolas is a true hero. And very interesting character.  And he more than deserves to have people voting for him.
            BTW, It’s quite amusing that you actually know what The Big Folk of the Fellowship would’ve thought about MY choice on the matter. Unlike for you it’s not a “spitting” game for me. I have more respect to the characters and people here than that.
            My vote goes towards the character that deserves it more in my opinion. Get over it, please.

          • hobbitchick363

            if ican’t “behave”? what am i five? i am simply voicing my opinion and if you have a problem with that then go cry to your mommy don’t take it out on me

          • Mari

             You just proved that you are 4. Congrats! 🙂

          • hobbitchick363

            oh and i’m the child? grow up

      • Mari

        Legolas is epic. As someone said on the other thread, Legolas is iconic. Voting for him. 🙂

        • Ryan

          Without Legolas, would Pippin still be alive to visit Minas Tirith? Would Aragorn have lived long enough to reclaim the sword of his destiny? Would Gimli have even made it to Fangorn Forest, let alone through it? Every member of the Fellowship owes Legolas a debt for his skill and bravery. Perhaps only Frodo carried a larger burden, which was the safety of not just himself, but all.

          • Eelhunter

            Need to read the book. Aragorn got the sword before he left Riverdale.

          • Mari

            From one reader to another: Frodo got the ring before he came to Rivendell. Legolas had his bow way before Aragorn got his sword. LOL. There was no way to resist, sorry!

            P.S. Just 1 example (out of so many!): It was Legolas who saved Aragorn (along with his sword that “he got before he left Rivendell”) and the others from despaire on Caradhras. If he didn’t all would’ve been lost. Cheers!

  10. anon

    How does Glorfindel have more votes than Merry??

    • Elfgirl101

      who knows? it’s a strange world we live in 🙂

    • Tarvalas

      Because Glorfindel is epic! However, are they referring to the Glorfindel in the Silmarillion that fought a balrog or the one in LOTR that fought in the Battle of Fornost??

      • Henoluin

        Actually I’m fairly certain that the Glorfindel that was in the Silmarillion and the Glorfindel that was in LotR are, in fact, the same character. I believe I read that in The Lost Tales of Numenor and Middle Earth.

        Either way, I had to vote Glorfindel. The guy fought a Balrog. He deserves to win.

        • Gorwaith

          You I believe are correct, in that Glorfindel is the one in the same from both books, because I believe the Valar sent him back because of his heroic deeds… and agreed, while Merry may be a fun character, Glorfindel is by far more epic!

    • Yggithalatyr

       Glorfindel killed a balrogue, Merry only ever killed a Nazgul. Also it was Glorfindel, not Legalos, and NOT Arwin who saved Frodo at the river.

      • Luthian

        Merry didn’t kill the Witch King.  That would be Eowyn.  Tall, blonde hair, remember her?

  11. bex burgess

    I never even considered voting depending on who would be more likely to win in a fight! I’ve pretty much just voted for my favourite characters. …I’m sad that Bombadil didn’t get though D: This is so fun though, and at times unexpected! Enjoying muchly! 🙂

  12. Jordanmatteoli

    Not gonna lie, I think Legolas Greenleaf is one of the most bland characters in the book.  He should have lost to Elrond, and he definitely should lose to Pippin, who was the heart of the Minas Tirith story-line.

    • Elfgirl101

      sorry but legolas has always and will always be my favorite character 🙂 (in the books and the movies)

    • Tempo

      Oh. I see. you prefer the little guy that put his nose everywhere whre it wasn’t needed and due to that almost get them all killed not once to the brave, protective, extremely capable Prince Of Elves that is one of the most interesting characters in the book  (WITHOUT being on like each page but having such an impact) and in the movie (without having many lines but speaking greatly with his eyes and body language).

      If you think that he is “bland” then it’s YOUR perception that can’t get the beauty of Legolas character. Why everyone should have the same bland perception? I see no reason. Legolas is amazing. Pippin is good but pretty simple character that carries no metaphores and complexity. For some people it works. For others more sophistication is more interesting.

      • Jordan

        Legolas is pish, mate.  I was never particularly moved by anything he did or said.  Your implication that there are metaphors and complexities about Legolas’ character is as laughable as your assertion that Orlando Bloom “greatly speak[s] with his eyes and body language” in the movies.  He was the token elf in the Fellowship.  Pippin in both the books and the movies moved everyone to tears.

        • Tempo

          obviously have NO idea on how to read the body and eyes language. If YOU
          weren’t “particularly moved” then yes, YOU weren’t. I believe you. But
          I also know that there are people that are capable of reading the subtlety, the
          emotion, the body/eyes language. It’s kind of funny that you assume that
          EVERYONE was moved by Pippin to tears. Care to demonstrate the scientific
          research you personally made on that subject? The only tears he managed to get
          would be out of the Fellowship that he endangered by his clumsiness, etc. a few

          As for Orlando Bloom, yes, he is one of the best actors in the world nowadays
          who actually can tell the whole story without speaking the lines. I’ve studied
          the subject long enough to say that.

          Pippin is a very simple personage. He moves along with the story, provides some
          comic relief, etc. His emotions are plain straight. But he is VERY easy to
          read. To read Legolas and to see the true beauty of his character (and the metaphors)
          one should have more knowledge in literature, psychology, etc. or, at least, to
          have a wider range perception traits. A sense of understanding things that are
          not just about: “walk/talk/eat/fight/sleep, etc.” There is no mystery
          about Pippin’s character. Everything is plain and simple. You like that probably.
          But to me it’s not interesting.

          • Jordan

            Tempo, I have been trying to think of ways to make fun of your comment, but I’m worried that anything I add would only detract from your (unintentional) hilarity.  I just don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that you think Orlando Bloom (aka the English Keanu Reeves) is one of the best actors in the world, or that you’ve studied the subject of “actors … who can actually tell the whole story without speaking lines” for some time.  I wish I took that course in college.  

            And come now, you have been teasing us for far too long with this talk of metaphors.  Why don’t you celebrate your victory by elaborating them.

          • Blahblahblahlablablab

            I’m sorry. Let us just leave it as this: Tolkien was brilliant, each character has merit, and it’s preference for everything else.

        • Elfgirl101

          With all due respect, Billy Boyd just didn’t have the intense stare that Orlando Bloom had. And since when has Pippin done anything that moved people to tears?

      • Blahblahblahlablablab

        a;sdjf;a aqw34r q3hw; oawfe.
         I’m sorry; I spasm when I read nonsense. Perhaps I could take this seriously if either your syntax or spelling was anywhere approaching, shall I say, the abilities of a well-trained chimpanzee.

        • Tempo

          Aw. Someone
          is having a problem with the different POV. Maybe you should spasm when you
          write nonsense. LOL. English is not my native. But it is enough to explain my
          views without downgrading to insults. Deal with it. Whenever you will be able
          to write in my own language on the comprehensible level, maybe you should let
          me know. If you can’t read, then dont. Bye now.

  13. Mandy

    Rooting for Pippin!

    • Elfgirl101

      Rooting for Legolas!!!

      • Leallegreenleaf

        me too

  14. Insidious Rex

    Come on you could have easily come up with 64 significant Tolkien characters. And Tom Bombadil shouldnt have been included as he is the one character not effected by or interested in The One Basketball…

  15. Buckyrhino

    @ Rhia….
    Because some people actually prefer the books to the hokey movie characters PJ distorted.

    • Sam

      Take it easy, the movies can’t be exactly the same as the books. Just gotta except that. PJ and crew did an amazing job.

  16. Go Feanor! Go Feanor!!! Epic bad guys!!!! ^.^

  17. George Booth

    (and whilst you’re at it, help out Merry and Gandalf too, Sorry Feanor and Glorfindel but Hobbits>Elves in my opinion)

  18. Jordan

    Now Feanor is beating Gandalf?  Someone who likes the underdogs has a little too much time on his hands.

  19. MasterOfTheForest

    There seems to be some foul play going on there with people voting hundreds of times each. There’s no way Feanor could be ahead of Gandalf or Thorin ahead of Aragorn.

    • Aidan

      Agreed. Gandalf is one of the best characters in the books and movies. There is no way Feanor could beat him.

      • Galade

         He actually had Gandalf beaten at Noon ET, when the polls were *supposed* to close.  Obvious bias here, they left it open for an hour, and magically, when it flipped over to exactly one vote, they suddenly closed the polls.  They’re really just going to play it so that their favorites win on here anyhow, so it doesn’t matter much who you vote for.  (Smaug was also leading when the polls were supposed to close)

  20. Jlmj63

    I hate that Treebeard and Eowyn lost in round 1 – two of my absolute favorites. *sigh*

  21. Why is this kind of ‘competition’ necessary in the first place? It’s called a ‘Fellowship’ for a reason.

  22. Celebeth

    I know Frodo is the main character but I’m in love with Faramir 😀

  23. Horsewarden of Ithilien

    I think the whole reason it’s so difficult to decide some of these is one of the best things about both the LOTR books and the movies – just about all of the main characters are significant/awesome in some way, you know? (except maybe Denethor lol) They all have some sort of hero moment at some point 🙂 

  24. Sam

    How are they all this close???

  25. SirSucculent

    After single-handedly bringing Faramir up about 1.7%, I was informed that I have voted to the limit, and will be “unblocked after a cooling time”. That makes me sad, as I had gotten Faramir to within .4% of beating Frodo.  

    • AthelasEJW

       I undercut every one of your votes, man. Vive le Ringbearer.

    • Dxfhsdh


    • Dtyj


  26. Mari

    Legolas is the most interesting character for me. I admit it’s hard to understand how some can’t see what a beauty his character holds. I’m not talking just about his looks but about his character. Legolas is perfect. I’m perfectionist. I’m voting for Legolas Greenleaf, the Prince of Mirkwood.

  27. Abhi

    Dear Gandalf,

    You may be a wizard and your staff is beautiful and all, but if you touch my silmarils, UP YOURS!


  28. Galade

    I call foul.  This voting was supposed to end already.  I stop back to see what I expect will be the end results, and while Smaug was leading at noon (and Feanor as well), now Smaug’s losing and Feanor’s not far from it?  Seems the White Council is doing something tricksy… 

  29. GavarKhai

    I think it is more the “mystery” of Legolas that makes him more interesting.  When we first meet him in the books all we know is that he is the son of the Elven king of Mirkwood and apart from that so little is revealed about him that it makes you wonder.  While Pippin is an equally fascinating character- so much is known about him.

  30. Brucekjeff55

    Boromir is getting beat by Sam… Good lord.

  31. Dbkbsb

    Feanor should not even be close to Gandalf. What’s going on here?

  32. Wendell

    People keep forgetting that Legolas was the first Elf to overcome millennia of prejudice to forge a friendship with Gimli. And that After LOTR finishes they traveled the earth together and created countless gold fixtures for the city of Minas Tirith. In the appendix it sates that because of the depth of their friendship, Gimli was allowed to accompany Legolas to the undying lands, making him (I think) the only dwarf to receive that privilege. It makes Legolas more interesting in some ways than Peregrin who ends up as Thain. The Thain never wielded significant political authority, as the Shire rarely faced military threats from outside. He did pop out lots of kids, but compared to being the first character to build his own ship to sail to the undying land and showing up with a dwarf, Legols ends up much more interesting in my book.


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