Middle-earth Madness officially starts today! We’ve split our field of 32 characters into four divisions: The Rankin/Bass Division, The Ralph Bakshi Division, The Tolkien Family Division, and The Peter Jackson Division.

Voting in Round 1 will remain open until March 21st at Noon ET. At that point, we’ll calculate the winners and post the next round on March 22nd. Follow after the break for a complete bracket image (download it), and to vote on all of our Round 1 match-ups!

Rankin/Bass Division – Round 1
March 15th – March 21st 2012

Ralph Bakshi Division – Round 1
March 15th – March 21st 2012

Tolkien Family Division – Round 1
March 15th – March 21st 2012

Peter Jackson Division – Round 1
March 15th – March 21st 2012


  1. No

    Clearly many have not read the Silmarillion.

  2. Silvablu

    I’ve read the Sil, Lost Tales, etc.  I don’t care how powerful a character is, I’m voting for the ones I prefer. That said, I do think it’s wrong to pit one member of the Fellowship against another in the first round.

  3. Mark

    I think Fingolfin and Beren are getting the short end of the stick here.  How are they seeded so low and why do they get put up against two of the most popular characters around?  Fingolfin would rock anyone.

  4. Guest

    Same goes for Luthien! AND BEREN AND FINGOLFIN! Well, HOPEFULLY this will be an excuse for those who dont know who they are to find out, and this does not stop Thorin , for example, from not being a fabulous chararcter too. 

  5. Anonna

    Doesn’t seem quite fair for those who only rely on the movies or LOTR books as you have to know the Silmarillion, etc. to get a really good picture of who will win.  Lets face it, Beren & Fingolfin have been to the Blessed Realm as well as fought with Morgoth who was a Valar… so they really have to beat their contemporaries.

  6. Anonna

    Morgoth was the greater foe… it took the Valar to bring him down; but, the folks of the first age went to great heroics to attempt the defeat.  All it took to bring down Sauron was a hobbit throwing a ring in a volcano.  Frodo never stood before Sauron.  Beren not only stood before him, but stole the Silmaril from his crown.  (And lest we should forget, Frodo balked at the end and it was Gollum who won the day.)  Beren wins hands down.

  7. Zhie

    As a card carrying member of FFTW (Feanor For the Win), I’m just going to say, instead of complaining about how the vote is going, go out and do something about it.  I saw the results, I took action and called in the First Age Feanorian Fan Girls.  Go Feanor! o/ (might not have managed to save Fingolfin and his son, but at least Fingon didn’t lose by a single digit percent…)

  8. Iramble

    I think Luthien would definately win over Thorin, no matter how oaky his sheild was.

  9. Varda luvs Manwe

    Legolas vs. Elrond??? People are voting for Orlando Bloom, not for Legolas. Seriously people, READ THE GOD-DAMN BOOKS! I like Legolas’s character, but I wouldn’t prefer him over Elrond. It’s not fair to compare Elrond with Legolas. The same goes for Treebeard and Gollum. Treebeard would beat the sh*t out of Gollum.

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