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Archive for November, 2011

Collecting The Precious – Weta’s Christmas Special Part II

How awesome are the folks at Weta? They’ve not only given fans one Christmas special already but are now giving us a second chance to grab some really amazing items. There are a couple of deals Ringers will want to make sure they take advantage of before they sail into the west with this special. The Prancing Pony environment is back with just a few pieces left for collectors around the world to get their hands on, and Ringers if you’ve been eying those fantastic shields now is your chance to get a great deal on them. The special on the shields is if you order the set of four right now the first ten orders will get a free Collector’s Guide book. We reviewed the Collector’s Guide book if you recall right after Comic-Con 2011. Finally, make sure to check out Weta’s specials page and Christmas Guide 2011 page for all your collecting needs!

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Badali Jewelry Free ONE RING Promo Code for Weekend Special!

As mentioned on our last *live* broadcast of TORn TUESDAYS, our friends at Badali Jewelry have an exciting Thanksgiving weekend sale going on where you can get a FREE replica of the One Ring (and other cool items) after buying $125 worth of jewelry. Each promo code is good for a particular free item on each separate day. Here are the codes: 11/26 Saturday “THANKS1” (for a Gold Plated Asha’man Dragon Pin), 11/27 Sunday “THANKS2” (for a Bronze Cthulhu Medallion), and 11/28 Monday “THANKS3” (for a Gollum Gold One Ring of Power with plain script). When ordering, select at least $125 worth of merchandise, then add the Free Jewelry Item of the day into your shopping cart (RJ-36 for Saturday, CTHN-22 for Sunday, and GG-01 for Monday). Then enter the day’s coupon code during the check out process and the cost of that day’s Free Item will be removed from the cart, giving it to you free! Also good on telephone orders! Check out their site Badali Jewelry for more details!

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Bonhams to Auction “The Lord of the Rings” Signed by Cast and Crew

Message board member geordie alerted us to this unique item to be auctioned by Bonhams on December 15, 2011 in Los Angeles. It’s a copy of “The Lord of the Rings” signed by various members of the cast and crew of the movies including Peter Jackson, Ian McKellan, Cate Blanchett, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Sean Astin, Sala Baker, Liv Tyler and other principle actors and crew. Online bidding is welcome, so have a look.  More..

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AICN Set Report 4

Welcome, welcome to the fourth set report from the set of The Hobbit and the very first from a brand spankin’ new location! We started in Matamata (Hobbiton) and the plan was to work our way down the North Island of New Zealand, zig-zagging south until we hit Wellington again where the 450 strong main unit would board planes and ferries bound for the South Island and the bulk of location photography. Upon departing Hobbiton I made my way to a small town called Te Kuiti. This lovely little farm town is famous for being home to (Colin Meads), one of the most revered All Blacks of all time. The dude is so famous that my place was on Meads St. More..


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TORn headed to Queenstown, NZ for ‘Hobbit’ reporting

With the pages falling off the calendar of time remaining in The Hobbit filming schedule, is heading to Queenstown (for starters) for more coverage.

Writer and photographer Larry D. Curtis ( will be a one-man news production team for two weeks, starting November 30 when he touches down at the Queenstown airport. His journey will also take him to Wellington to mark the one year countdown before the world premiere of the first Hobbit film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, in 2012 along with visits to friends of TORn (such as our own founder Tehanu) and can’t-miss public sites like the Weta Cave.

Curtis (known by the handle MrCere on the site) also plans to meet with as many fans as possible while in the area, including at un-official but hopefully frequent moot events, so if interested in attending or hosting, please contact him at the email above. The always all-volunteer and not-for-profit would also appreciate anybody who has great information or tips on inexpensive places to stay (no haystack ruled out!) or eat while in New Zealand. (more…)

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Otago Times visits ‘Hobbit’ set, ancient tree falls

“The old giant beech tree which prompted Sir Peter Jackson and 450 cast and crew members to film a scene for The Hobbit near Paradise, beyond Glenorchy and Queenstown, survived for a century until a storm blew it down six weeks ago.

This, however, was a Hobbit-sized problem in the grand scheme of issues for the Academy Award-winning screenwriter-producer-director in his bid to deliver Hobbit adventures to the world.”

Read the rest of the story, including the reporter’s on-set experience at Otago Daily Times It is pretty clear that Beorn is shooting now.

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Figwit says he looks like a hot girl in ‘Hobbit’

Bret McKenzie, half of the New Zealand musical comedy duo, Flight of the Conchords, says his character Lindir in The Hobbit is looking pretty good but doesn’t sing, although he is holding out hope for doing the theme song with Anne Lennox. He told Empire Mazine:

I look much more like a girl in The Hobbit. I look like a hot girl.

The name Figwit of course, is believed to have originated right here at when sharp eyed fans noticed him at the film version of The Council of Elrond and asked, “Frodo Is Great Who Is That?” Whatever the source, the character created such an internet stir that it is rumored to have caused Peter Jackson to give him a line with Arwen in the Return of the King film in a pick-up shot.

McKenzie is his usual entertaining self and you can read the whole article and catch McKenzie in his LOTR glory atEmpire Magazine.

Posted in Bret 'Figwit' McKenzie, Bret McKenzie

Elijah Wood talks LOTR 3D and bloopers and ‘Hobbit’

Elijah Wood has good reason to praise 3D, seeing as his old pal Peter Jackson has taken the stereoscopic route in his The Hobbit films. On the publicity circuit for Happy Feet Two, we asked Wood what he’d make of the mooted 3D conversion for the Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

“I think it would be cool to see. There’s talk of releasing a dimensionalised trilogy eventually. I’m okay with doing post-process 3D, as long as someone takes the time.

He also had this to say about the oft-mentioned future release of the LOTR films to home audiences:

I think there will be a DVD edition in which there are deleted scenes. There are deleted scenes, I don’t know how many there are, it’s been a long time. A lot made it back into the cuts for those extended versions, but there are some scenes that never made it. There are also hours… there has to be at least a couple of hours of blooper reel stuff, because we were having a blast.

You can read the entire article at Den of Geek.

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LA area Trilogy Screening on November 26 – schedule update

The American Cinematheque will be screening the LOTR Trilogy at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica this coming Saturday. The original printed calendar for November showed the start time at 7:30pm, which would be accurate if they were just showing one film. But with this being three very long films, the updated start time is actually 1pm on Saturday afternoon (so you may miss the UCLA/USC game).

TORn will be there all day long, and we’ll be previewing some of the exciting activities we’ve got coming up for next year, as well as giving away a few prizes.

For tickets and directions to the Aero Theater, please visit: .


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Sir Peter’s great southern inspiration

Sir Peter Jackson says the sunshine, mountains and fresh air of Arcadia Station, near Queenstown, have raised both his spirits and those of his 450 cast and crew.

Sir Peter spoke in between scenes where Sir Ian McKellan (SIC) as Gandalf the Grey, Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins and dwarves arrive at the house of Beorn (Mikael Persbrandt).

Tuesday was their third and final day of shooting on a giant set, which took eight weeks to build and was based on more than eight months of design – all for one scene of about three minutes of screen time. More..

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LOTR Trilogy Marathon in Minneapolis

Marilynn writes: Tickets are now on sale for the Riverview Theater’s 6th Annual LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy Event on Sunday, December 18th. This year they will screen the Extended Version/Directors Cut of both the FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING and THE TWO TOWERS and the Theatrical Version of THE RETURN OF THE KING will be shown. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Most years, the event sells out so don’t delay in getting your tickets.

The Riverview Theater is a lovely vintage theater that looks much the same as it did in the 1950s with comfortable seats, state-of-the-art projection and sound systems, and popcorn topped with real butter. In addition to their regular concession menu featuring popcorn, nachos, soft drinks and coffee, they will also have pizza available during the two breaks. More..

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Time to Dissect More HOBBIT Rumors on TORn TUESDAYS *Live* at 5pm Pacific!

It’s time for our weekly *live* streaming show TORn TUESDAYS with QUICKBEAM! There are tons of news items and spy reports coming in as HOBBIT production moves full steam-ahead! Today join long-time contributor Cliff Broadway hosting as we announce special plans for the Tolkien community to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of FOTR, discover the new Enhanced HOBBIT e-book, new Arkenstone jewelry from Badali (and a special offer), new Smaug/Cumberbatch news, and much more! We launch our program at about 5pm Pacific time — There’s a built-in Barliman’s chat room or come in via Skype. Check out the broadcast in our LIVE Event section right here every week: 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time!

[LIVE Event Area] (See All Times)

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