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We’re hearing the word “Hobbit” being used more and more in popular culture, sometimes in a negative way, other times positive.  So what is your take on “Hobbit”?  Do you consider it a putdown or a compliment if someone calls you one?  Let us know here.

In the Reading Room, Gerontius reminds us why language scholars shouldn’t use mathematics or science in their writings.

Music scores, often overlooked, but without them, movies just wouldn’t be the same.  They set the mood, helping to transport us into the film.  We’re being asked about our favourite pieces from the LOTR films, by WingShield210, which are yours?

It looks like Hot Dwarves are back on the menu this week. Garfeimao is wondering if we’ll see the famous Dwarves bathing near the Carrock scene in the films, and how it could be tastefully approached.

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