Comic-ConSlave Boy Films was at Comic-Con last week and crept into’s presentation on an unofficial look at the pair of Hobbit movies. The TORn presentation was Thursday, only hours before Peter Jackson arrived at city of geeks (120,000 strong) who had assembled at San Diego to drink deeply of all the flavors of popular culture. TheOneRing filled every one of the 400 seats in its assigned room with plenty left standing outside in a line but thanks to Slave Boy, the presentation is now available for anybody and everybody. (Click inside to see the videos!)

The live panel took every minute of the 60 allowed by the Comic-Con but Slave Boy has tightened the footage into a package more suitable for the interwebs. The missing moments will remain shrouded in mystery but Art at Slave Boy did a great job of packing the best information into three bite-sized chunks even though light-levels were relatively low in the room to help viewers see the visuals on screen.

Part two picks up immediately after the close of the first with a counterpoint to Quickbeam’s theory about the division of the two Hobbit movies.

In part three we wisely turned the time over to Richard Taylor to tell us about all the astounding things Weta is up to.

The shirts talked about in the video are now available – while supplies last – to our internet audience. You can find them here and here.