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Archive for November, 2004

Saved from poor planning by Hobbitesque natives in New Zealand

April Orcutt writes: In New Zealand, place names drip from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fountain pen — Elfin Bay, Lake Truth, Mount Aspiring, Demon Trail, The Tower — and “Lord-of-the-Rings” fans pilgrimage to sets for Middle-Earth. But the fans don’t know what I know: Hobbits really do live in New Zealand. And they saved my life. [More]

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Smial of Tolkien Society Founded in Atlanta, GA

Jef writes: I’m starting a new smial in Atlanta. Affiliated with the British Tolkien Society, we’ll meet on a regular basis to discuss all things related to JRRT’s writings. Tentatively named “Andúnië” (the haven of the Faithful in Númenor), this one will (hopefully!) be oriented toward fellow artists and writers interested in the philosophy and especially the theology of Tolkien’s work. I’d like for us to meet monthly at a location to be determined.

Contact Jef for more information: [More]

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One Ring Awards Announcement!

It’s time to open the nominations for the One Ring Awards, to be held at The One Ring Celebration in Pasadena, CA on January 15, 2005. Half the awards will be for events held at the convention, such as the Art Show, Fan Film Festival and the Costume contest. The other half will be voted on by you, the best LOTR fans on the net. Please send all nomination submissions to: using the format asked for, thank you. Entries will only be accepted until December 10th, 2004. [More]

  • Best Tolkien based Lecture or Paper presented at an Academic function
  • Best Tolkien themed book published since the release of FOTR
  • Best Performance by a LOTR actor/actress in a Motion Picture
  • Best Performance by a LOTR actor/actress in a TV series, Made for TV Movie or Mini-Series on TV
  • Best Fan Fiction (PG-13 or lower, no Slash)
  • Best Fan site dedicated to a LOTR actor/actress
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Transcript of 6 Minute ROTK Trailer

Ringer Spy WhiteLadyEowyn writes: Here’s a mathom from me to all of you, as one of my early birthday presents. Enclosed in the link to my LiveJournal is the transcript from the Return of the King Extended Edition preview (the preview is available from the Official Site). [Read the transcript]

Posted in Fans, LotR Movies, Movie Return of the King, Old Main News

Bigger Version of Trailer; Trailer Viewing Hints

For those who can’t see the trailer at, try disabling your pop-up blockers first. The site automatically pops up the trailer. If you can’t see it then, there’s a blurb for it among the row of pictures below the headline, on the far left. Click there, it’ll pop up the window again.

Ringer Spies Owen and Captain_Typho were kind enough to extract a link for the bigger version of the 6 minute preview! Right click and save the following: [More]

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Narnia News: A look at the Artwork

Dark Horizons has posted some of the artwork for the Narnia films which certainly looks dramatic.[More]

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Entertainment Weekly Talks ‘Lost’

Entertainment Weekly Talks 'Lost' Roheryn writes: In this week’s Entertainment Weekly, there is a feature article on the hit ABC TV series “Lost,” which includes several photos of and quotes from co-star Dominic Monaghan. [More]

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Sean Astin Book Tour London

Sean Astin is preparing for his second tour of the US to promote his book ‘There and Back Again : An Actor’s Tale’. However tomorrow (November 29th) Sean will be crossing the pond and heading over to London. Visit him at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Ave. Follow the link for more dates and locations! [More]

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‘Ultimate Film’ on UK’s Channel 4

Adele writes: UK fans should tune in to the second part of `The Ultimate Film’ on Channel 4 tonight (November 28th) at 8.00pm. This programme features the top 100 UK box office successes of all time and no doubt the three LOTR movies will feature prominently in the final stages (hopefully in the top 10 if not higher!!) [More]

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Empire Has The Whole LOTR Untold Story?

Empire Magazine boasts having ‘unfettered, unparalleled access to PJ and his troops during the making of the Franchise To Rule Them All,’ a claim I highly doubt and personally dispute, however they have publish a so-called ‘Untold Story’ of LOTR in thier latest issue. Take a look: “…the untold story of the making of The Lord of the Rings, with exclusive interviews, exclusive excerpts from Sean Astin’s book, There And Back Again, facts galore, and our Top 10 LOTR scenes”. [More]

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UK TV Watch: Sean Astin on ‘Richard and Judy’

David writes: You might be interested in putting out the information for British fans that Sean Astin will be appearing on the British TV chat show “Richard and Judy” on Channel 4 on 29 November at 17.00 (the programme runs until 18.00).

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Hobbit fetches £6,000 at auction

A first edition of the Hobbit by JRR Tolkien – published in 1937 – has sold for £6,000 at an auction in Norfolk. The book was bought in 1937 and stayed with the same family in the county until its sale. [More]

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