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Archive for August, 1999

Next Live Chat

Xoanon here,

Liked our chat with Tom Mayo? You’ll love the next one! Thursday September 9th at 9:30 PM ET we will be having a live chat with Smeagol88, head of Platus Productions, makers of ‘The Trilogy’. At Barliman’s’s chatroom!

Missed our last chat? Check out the past event logs.

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Gaming Site Now Online

‘Smeagol88’ sent me news that the official site fot the Platus Game ‘The Trilogy’ is now open. While there are still some bugs to work out, the site is very informative. Check it out here

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The Billy Boyd Interview we Promised You

Peregrin Took, Billy Boyd

Well, I just went to walk my faithful dog Indy, and checked the mail, what was in there for me? An advance copy of the latest issue of SFX Magazine! This months issue has the ‘Billy Boyd Interview’ we gave you snippets of a few weeks back (check the archives) In the full interview, Billy talks about filming in NZ, Computer Effects and more! Check it out! Go to your nearest magazine store and pick up a copy tomorrow!

Thanks to Tom Mayo for the advance copy!

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Faramir, Galadriel and Merry To!

Xoanon here,

After placing a call to Ethan Hawke’s agent, has learned that ‘Both Ethan and Uma are under considertation’ and that we will know more in the next couple of weeks.

More on this Dominic Monaghan as Merry thing, I’m placing calls as we speak…I love my cell phone 🙂

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The Bastards Have Taken Off!

Unfortunately, The cool dudes at TBHL have closed shop. I have kept up a relationship with these guys for months (You may have seen our link on their site) and they are really nice. Best of luck on all your future endevours.

The Bastards Have Landed – The Original ‘Ringers’

Posted in Peter Jackson, The Bastards have Landed

Woodthorpe Rumor, A Rumor No More – Updated

Dwane, back from his exotic bird watching saffari in the far reaches of the Congo. Has come up with the latest rumor, (Thanks to Barry for the scoop)

Check out The Spy Reports

As it turns out, a letter from Mr. Deluca confirmes that Peter Woodthorpe will NOT be in LOTR.

Posted in LotR Movies, Rumours Spy News

Woodthorpe, Gollum Voice?

I’m back! Bet you didn’t know I was away did you? anyways, got this little tidbit from Barry!:

I heard on the rumour mill that the voice of Gollum will be played by Peter Woodthorpe (the “unknown brit” Mr Deluca mentioned?). He also played the voice of Gollum in the BBC’s radio adaptation of LOTR (the one with Ian Holm as Frodo), and was superb in that role – so look to be impressed by his performance!

I have indeed heard this adaptation and love this idea!


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Ben Affleck ‘Unsubstantial’

Xoanon here,

I placed a call to find out more about this ‘Ben’ thing. All I could get out of the office when I asked about his casting in LOTR is ‘it’s unsubstantial’.

Am I bursting casting bubbles today or what?

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Nicholas Lea Rumor – False

Xoanon here,

You may have heard rumors that Nicholas Lea will be in LOTR? Well it’s complete shash, Lea will in fact be in ‘The Veritcal Limit’ another NZ based film. Lea will play Tom, Vertical Limit is rumored to be a rock climbing adventure, a la ‘Cliffhanger’.

The Verticle Limit plot (thanks to
Premise: When a group of mountain climbers on K2, the second tallest mountain in the world, become trapped in a “vertical cave” (essentially a pit on the side of the mountain), the brother (O’Donnell) of one of the climbers (Tunney) comes out of retirement to lead the effort to save them.

There, can we get back to LOTR now?

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Steve Buscemi UNTRUE

Xoanon here,

The rumor about Steve Buscemi being the voice/model for Gollum is, as I said, completely untrue. A letter from Mr. Deluca confirmed it.

‘Nope, he’s some unknown Brit’

Don’t want to say I told you so….

Posted in LotR Movies, Rumours Spy News

Sean Bean as Boromir?

Xoanon here,

Harry over at AICN is reporting that Sean Bean (Sharpe, 006) is in considerations for the role of Boromir. This is quite a cool revelation, due to the fact that I wanted him as Aragorn!

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New Fan Art/Writings

Check out the fan section for these updates!

Thanks to Thorin Oakensheild and Barliman’s Chat for this weeks poll. Remember to get those submissions in by Saturday at 12 noon ET. Send the poll questions to

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