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Collecting The Precious – More Light The Beacons Auction Items

VandersteltFellowshipfinalartI wanted to hightlight a few more of the awesome items that have recently gone up for order via our Light The Beacons Auction.

We recently added a couple of amazing items from our friend artist Jerry Vanderstelt covering his The Lord of the Rings Trilogy prints as well as his newest print of Dwalin the Dwarf from The Hobbit Trilogy. We’ve also added a couple of autograph items from Graham McTavish and William Kircher who play Dwalin and Bifur in The Hobbit Trilogy.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy 3-Piece Print Set

This auction offers a beautiful three-piece set of The Lord of the Rings Collector Edition Lithographs by prominent artist, Jerry VanderStelt. Best known not only for his works inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, he also captures the worlds of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and much more in the Fantasy/SciFi genre. Each Lithograph of the three-piece set has a unique Remarque or sketch drawn on the bottom left corner, signed separately from the normal signature and a certification of authenticity.

TORn Collector’s Edition of The Hobbit Magazine signed by Dwalin and Bifur

This is a new copy of TheOneRing.net’s premier magazine tribute to The Hobbit! A collaborative effort between Topix Media Lab and your friends here at TheOneRing.net, it covers everything you need to know about The Hobbit movies from a fan perspective. Side-bars and feature articles, contributed by our own volunteer staff, include interviews, a feature on book versus the movie, articles on games and collectibles, a Middle-earth timeline, and much more! The high-quality, glossy paper used for this magazine is also packed with colorful pictures of cast and crew members, locations, collectibles, gorgeous fan art and a few exclusives! One thing that makes this truly a collector’s edition is that there are only two ads in the entire 82-page magazine.

Dwalin the Dwarf Print by Jerry Vanderstelt

Jerry Vanderstelt is also offering the winner of this Auction the choice of the frame-ready canvas or to have the canvas Gallery Wrapped.  The two images displayed with this Auction show the raw, canvas form and also how the Gallery Wrap option gives it a mounted, more dimensional look.  The canvas measures 18 x 24 inches, NOT counting the border that is designed to be Gallery Wrapped. Once it is Gallery Wrapped, the canvas will measure 18 x 24 inches.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion. The work uses the finest materials available of archival inks as well as Breathing Color’s exclusive “Lyve” canvas and “Timeless” protective finish.

he Hobbit Paperback signed by Graham McTavish and William Kircher

This is a NEW paperback copy of The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien with a movie tie-in picture from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey film released in December, 2012.  This copy has travelled to DragonCon 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia and has found itself autographed by two Dwarves (William Kircher and Graham McTavish) for TORn’s Fundraiser Auction.


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Badali Jewelry Shows Their Support for TheOneRing.net

Badali JewelryAs we continue our 2013 Pledge Drive – Light the Beacons – you may be wondering if we are receiving any corporate support.The answer is a decisive ‘Yes!’ Over the years, we’ve been privileged to establish amazing relationships with some very reputable and worthwhile corporate entities. Those entities are now popping up to lend their support to TheOneRing.net with a financial commitment.

So without further delay, we’d like to announce our first corporate donation is from  Badali Jewelry – the amazing proprietors of quality hand-crafted jewelry-art, and unique and original custom jewelry. While we know them for their amazing line-up of officially licensed Tolkien related items, they also feature other great properties like  have an amazing offering of other categories. From the wonderfully witty Geek Tags, to their Zodiac offerings.

We need to be clear – Badali has contributed financially to our drive. They are simply supporting TheOneRing.net, just like you have with your pledges. So please take a moment to visit their online store at BadaliJewelry.com and make a purchase. Support those businesses that are sharing in the goodwill of our community and helping keep TheOneRing.net online and thriving for years to come.

As an added incentive, and in celebration of Bilbo and Frodo’s combined birthday, Badali has sent us a 15% off coupon for their entire site. Simply use code BILBO at checkout. It will be good until September 30th.

TheOneRing.net would like to formally thank Badali Jewelry for their continued support of TheOneRing.net!

[Visit BadaliJewelry.com] [Pledge Your Support Today]


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TORn Light the Beacons auction:Arwen Exclusive Edition Statue, Original Colleen Doran – Lord of the Rings print, Legolas cross-stitch

As you know, over the next couple of weeks or so TORn is conducting a pledge drive to raise funds and keep our servers running. But, as you might know, we also have some very exciting auctions going on over at ebay.

We have some fabulous, exclusive pieces up for grabs – including some things which, usually, money can’t buy! Here’s just three that might tickle your fancy: 


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Collecting The Precious – A Journey in the Dark Art Print

gtg An eagle-eyed reader let us know the other day about a very cool-looking art print of Gandalf the Grey called A Journey in the Dark.

This art print, inspired by The Fellowship of the Ring, captures the moment when Gandalf is trying to recall the right direction through Moria. The artist, Madison Gregory, offers a range of art prints from different movie franchises. Fans can get this print in sizes ranging from 4.5″ x 10″ to 21″ x 42″ with prices between $100 and $400. (more…)

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What do you want to see in TheOneRing Emporium?

TheOneRing Emporium of Goods & Sundry Somethings, located at Shop.TheOneRing.net, is full of wonderful posters, buttons, bags and black t-shirts designed by fans, for fans. Each item is made & shipped by our fan volunteer staff. Every purchase helps keep TheOneRing.net on the air, on the web and on the road at conventions.

We’re looking for your opinion on a few topics. What else should be offered? Please take this quick poll and tell us what you want!


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Last Day of Comic-Con 2013 – LIVE Streaming and More

Live Coverage from Comic-Con 2013 and all things The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien.First off, we’d like to continue to send our prayers and well wishes to all our friends in NZ, who once again are dealing with a significant earthquake.

Over on the west coast of the US, the last San Diego Comic-Con is upon on us. Our LIVE stream, sponsored by Badali Jewelry, will be running all day long, starting at 10am PT. Our LIVE coverage subsite  features staff updates from the twitterverse, facebook, instagram and vine (#tornlive #sdcc #smaugcon @theonering.net). That means you get to see real time photos and mini-videos all day long as we countdown to the end of the show. And of course, you can chat right as you watch the live stream in either ustream or Barlimans!

Don’t forget about some of the great opportunities available until the end of the day…

  • Enter the $800 Dark Rider of Morder Giveaway from SideshowCollectibles.com [Details]
  • Save 15% OFF everything from BadaliJewelry.com with promo code SMAUG.
  • Snag the ‘We Can Do It!’ Poster and other great Comic-Con items from our own shop.theonering.net
  • Don’t forget to send your support for our LIVE events. If you appreciated our coverage, please consider a donation.

If you have a moment, use our comments section to tell us what you thought of our coverage! [Live Coverage]


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Badali Saves the Live Stream & Shares a Coupon as well! – 15% OFF Everything

KDBA2If you have been following our LIVE stream coverage from Comic-Con 2013, you may have noticed we experienced a few technical hiccups with the video stream yesterday. Well, thanks to our long time friends at Badali Jewelry, we can now say those technical woes are behind us! With their support as our major stream sponsor, we can now bring you full coverage for the remaining two days of the event.

And possibly even more exciting news for collectors…they have given us an exclusive 15% OFF coupon to use both on the Comic-Con floor and online at their website badalijewelry.com. Simply use the code ‘SMAUG‘ during checkout and your discount will be applied. The offer is good until the end of the monthy, so act fast!

Badali was the first advertiser on TheOneRing.net way back in 1999. We are so privileged to have their continued support today. Please visit their site and build up your own collections with their amazing products and offerings!

In case you missed our post earlier, we’ve listed all of their Comic-Con specials here.

[Badali Jewelry] [Live Coverage]


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Comic-Con 2013 is Overflowing with New TORn Merchandise!


As you are already well aware, the staff of TheOneRing.net are descending on Comic-Con 2013 as one of the sole representatives of Tolkien fandom at this year’s show. We’ve talked a bit about our panel (Thur 5:30 Room 6A) and mentioned our LIVE coverage , but we haven’t really shared all of the amazing offerings we’ll have showcasing at our two, yes two, booth locations! (WETA #3513B  and Badali Jewelry #532 ) Whether its a Tauriel/Rosie the Riveter mash-up, or The Superman logo Hobbitized, we’ve got something for every Tolkien fan attending the show. Details after the break! (And not to worry for folks who will not be going, we are planning on offering most of these items in our online shop!)


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Badali Jewelry specials at SDCC this week

KDBA2The geek world is about to descend on San Diego for Comic Con International, and that includes a large contingent of TORn staffers and many of our dear friends, we hope you will all join us.

We just got a note from the team at Badali Jewelry, to give a sneak peek at some of their new Hobbit themed jewelry and remind us of some special promotions.

Hello TORn! Can’t wait to see you all next week. I just wanted to pass along our announcements for this years SDCC, which include the debut of 2 new Hobbit pieces! There may actually be a third, but we just have to wait and see if it will be ready when we leave on Wednesday. ;)

Can’t wait to see what the third exclusive piece is, let’s hope it is ready by Wednesday. Badali will be hosting TORn at their booth #532/534, which will allow you to look at all their beautiful jewelry, and then look at all our pins, shirts and poster.

We will also be debuting 3 brand new Officially Licensed The Hobbit pieces; Sterling Silver Baggins Cuff Links as well as White and Yellow Bronze Khuzdul Dwarven Battle Axes, available as either a necklace or a key chain. The Battle Axe features the Khuzdul Battlecry etched into the blade: Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! – “Axes of the Dwarves! The Dwarves are upon you!”


We are bringing back the Comic Con Preview Night Exclusive Sale for 2013. During Preview Night (Wednesday the 17th) all customers will receive 30% off their entire purchase. This is a chance to receive the lowest prices on our jewelry for the entire year. We will have a full inventory of Arkenstone Replicas, Bag End Door Necklaces/Key Chains, Thror’s Key Necklaces/Key Chains, Sterling Silver One Rings, Nenya’s, The Arkenstone Necklace, Smaug Ring’s and Gollum Gold One Ring Necklaces, as well as select sizes of Sterling Silver Narya’s, Vilya’s and Gollum Creature Rings. Sterling Silver One Rings will be marked down from $108.00 to $75.60. Sterling Silver Nenya’s will be marked down from $99.00 to $69.30. Sterling Silver Arkenstone Necklaces will be marked down from $39.00 to $27.30! These will be some of the absolute lowest prices on our Lord of The Ring’s Jewelry that can be found all year long.

We are even offering 30% off the regular retail price for any orders that are placed with us at our booth on Preview Night. This means that literally everything on our website will be available at the 30% discount, including all 10k. and 14k. gold items. 10k. Yellow Gold One Rings can be order on preview night for $646.80, that’s a savings of $277.20 off the regular retail price.

If you can’t make it to Preview Night be sure to check out our ad in the events guide for a money saving coupon that can be used for the remainder of the con and be sure to stop by the booth to see what items are on sale.

In addition to our Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit Jewelry we will have new products for our Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time line and Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive line. We will also have a full inventory of our Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicle, Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn and Elantris, H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu and many of our other popular lines in stock.

And of course, we will be holding our annual Free Jewelry Drawing. This year you can choose from a Sterling Silver Thror’s Key Necklace, A Sterling Silver Eolian Talent Pipes Pin or Necklace from the Kingkiller Chronicle line or a Sterling Silver Lanfear’s Signet Ring from The Wheel of Time line. Entries will be taken through the entire convention and the drawing will be held on Sunday, July 21st at 1:00pm. Winner need not be present to win.


This Preview Night 30% discount really is one of the best deals you will find from Badali Jewelry, so peruse their website to see what you like and know the asking price, and then visit the booth on Wednesday and buy it on sale.

Hope to see you all this year and have a wonderful SDCC 2013!

– Best Wishes,Janelle Powell – Badali Jewelry www.badalijewelry.com



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Collecting The Precious – Weta Workshop’s Dawn Council at Rivendell Art Print

hobbitdawncounselalrg2Today, Weta Workshop released the latest art print in their Middle-earth themed art print line. The print, which fans can order right now. captures a scene from The White Council when Galadriel and Gandalf talk about choosing Bilbo. This beautiful print was created by Paul Tobin, who was one of the core creators on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The print comes in at $50, is in-stock and will ship shortly after purchase. Don’t miss out –  buy your Dawn Council at Rivendell Art Print today!

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WBShop.com: 20% off Sale and an Exclusive Blu-Ray/Poster Bundle

EXCLUSIVE The Hobbit_ An Unexpected Journey Blu-ray + DVD Combo and Panoramic Poster Set | HobbitShop.com -- The Official Online Store of The Hobbit Films and The Lord of the Rings Film TrilogyA few exciting things are happening over at WBShop.com and we thought we’d share. First up, you can snag 20% off select Hobbit items until 3/6/13. So its a perfect opportunity to build your collections with things like t-shirts, iPhone cases, mugs, replicas and more! [20% Off] However, the more exciting announcement is their ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ Combo Set. This exclusive to WBShop.com set comes with the Blu-ray + DVD + Ultra Violet set of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and a stunning 8″ x 40″ panoramic poster. Not bad for a mere $34.99 and includes free ground shipping! What are you waiting for? Place your pre-order today! [Pre-Order Combo Set]

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Collecting The Precious – Weta Workshop’s Out of the Fire – Eagles Rescue Art Print

hobbitoutofthefirealrg2In their latest newsletter, Weta Workshop featured yet another amazing collectible from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: the Out of the Fire – Eagles Rescue art print. This collectible captures the out of the frying pan and into the fire sequence of both the book and the movie. This beautiful art print is by artist Nick Keller, one of Weta’s talented designers. The print captures Gandalf in the trees as fire rages around him and the Eagles  swoop down to save the day once more. The print is in-stock and should ship soon after ordering. Plus, from now through February 12th, Weta Workshop is offering free shipping on select prints. Be sure to order theOut of the Fire – Eagles Rescue art print today!

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