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Ralph Bakshi looks back at “The Lord of the Rings” for its 40th Anniversary

The 1978 animated adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, created by acclaimed filmmaker Ralph Bakshi, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary, and the director took time to speak at length with The Hollywood Reporter about the journey to get the film made, beginning with his love of Tolkien and how the novels influenced one of his earlier projects.

“As far as realistic adult fantasy, Tolkien certainly was the best I’d ever read,” says Bakshi, who regularly consumed sci-fi and fantasy like Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian pulp novels in the ‘50s. “There was a very big fantasy kick going on in the underground and in popular culture [in the ‘60s and ‘70s]. That kick eventually had me make the picture Wizards.”

The $1.3 million budgeted, politically acute Wizards incorporated a number of Tolkienesque characters in its post-apocalyptic setting, from fairies and elves and dwarves to the title characters themselves.


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New Bakshi LOTR shirt, pants available

(TORn) Just when you think your fandom has run out of Middle-earth related pants, along comes Bakshi Productions with something fresh.

For those of you who don’t know — hopefully none of you — Ralph Bakshi was the director of the 1978 animated “Lord of the Rings” that was both an introduction to many of us into the realm of Middle-earth and was seemingly influential into Peter Jackson’s film trilogy.

Lord of the Rings Capri 1

Bakshi did a number of other projects in film, but “Lord of the Rings” remains as one of the works he will always be remembered for.

And now you can wear his storyboards for the film on your own body, a unique clothing item in pop-culture and LOTR history.

They are described like this on the order page:

“We are so friggin excited about thes LOTR capris. Designed from the Bakshi approved original storyboards used in the creation of Bakshi’s animated classic Lord of the Rings. These are the ONLY capris like this in the world – AND the only place to ever get them. This is a first printing and will change storyboards when the time comes!”

There is also a shirt.

You can browse the pants here, and the shirt right here.

Do the message boards still have pants threads? If not, time to start one.

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The Bakshi Interview: Uncloaking a Legacy

Bakshi On March 28, 2015 livestreamed an interview with animation pioneer Ralph Bakshi to discuss the first-ever “The Lord of the Rings” film (1978), and to parse the differences between homage and rip-off (and the not-so-nebulous chains of inspiration from one artist to another).

Bakshi revealed to us that his Studio’s “LOTR” character designs and artwork were sent down to Three Foot Six in New Zealand; elevating the conversation of his impact on the live-action epic.

The subversive director has lived through numerous controversies, yet remains undervalued by Ringer fans and feels personally slighted by Jackson. He carries on vigorously at 77 years old with a new crowdfunded animated work, “The Last Days of Coney Island” and his intent to direct a “Wizards 2” follow-up to his 1977 cult hit. (more…)

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Ralph Bakshi Film retrospective in Los Angeles this month

Bakshi LOTRRalph Bakshi will appear in person at a film retrospective of some of his most iconic animated films, presented by the American Cinematheque in conjunction with the USC School of Cinematic Arts. The films will screen at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica on the last weekend of March. You can catch a double feature of “Heavy Traffic” and “American Pop” on Friday, March 27 starting at 7:30pm. There will be a discussion with director Ralph Bakshi between these two films and a clip will be shown from his new film “Last Days of Coney Island”.  On the following Saturday, March 28, there will be a double feature of “The Lord of the Rings” and “Wizards”, starting at 7:30pm, again with a discussion with director Ralph Bakshi between the two films.

If you have never seen this Ralph_Bakshiversion of LOTR, or at least never seen it on the big screen, you must try and catch this screening. The rotoscoping is eye-catching, to say the least, and brings a level of veracity to the more serious themes of this story, something that was not common with animation of it’s time. Bakshi Productions will be selling art in the lobby starting at 6:30pm each night, so get there early.

Staffers from will running about the theater as well, so do make sure to say hello if you see us. And what can only be called a cosmic coincidence, Tolkien Forever, the Los Angeles based smial of the Tolkien Society will be hosting Tolkien Reading Day earlier in the day on Saturday, March 28 in Downtown Los Angeles. You can find out more details about that on Facebook event page. Why not make it a true Tolkien daily double with some reading, some viewing and some Fellowship.









The Aero theater is located at 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403, and you can buy tickets at the box office or in advance on Fandango. All the information you need can be found on the American Cinematheque Bakshi Tribute calendar.

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Staffer Quickbeam talks Bakshi on Story 2 Screen this Saturday!

Our own Clifford “Quickbeam” Broadway will be appearing the Story 2 Screen Movie Review Podcast this Saturday to discuss the 1978 animated Lord of the Rings film by Ralph Bakshi.

You’ll be able to grab the podcast (free) via itunes here. (more…)

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Ralph Bakshi’s son restores deleted Lord of the Rings footage

Lord of the Rings concept art. Balrog by Ralph Bakshi.

Lord of the Rings concept art. Balrog by Ralph Bakshi.

If you’ve ever watched Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 cult animation of The Lord of the Rings, you’ll undoubtedly vividly recall the scene of the confrontation between Gandalf and the Balrog in Moria.

The lion-headed creature with the body of an ape, butterfly wings plus a whip and flaming sword remains one of the classic renditions of Tolkien’s monster — whether for better or worse is up to you.

If you haven’t seen it before, or would like to refresh your memory, just check the clip below. (more…)

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Ralph Bakshi kickstarting Last Days of Coney Island

Ralph Bakshi, creator of the 1978 animated version of The Lord of the Rings, is using Kickstarter to raise funds for his latest film — Last Days of Coney Island. With 58 hours to go (at time of writing), the film is less than $4,000 short of its $165,000 target.

Bakshi describes it as an animated cop, mafia, horror movie set in the 1960s in Coney Island, with political overtones both realistic and outrageous. Actor Matthew Modine, himself a longtime Bakshi fan, has been cast in the film’s lead role.

In my films I have always discussed America: who we are, what we are, for better and worse, and the ridiculous. I’m here on Kickstarter asking for your support for my newest project, Last Days of Coney Island.

It takes place in a 1960s Coney Island populated with crooked cops, broken hearts, jaded strippers, and singers.

The stories take place on and around Coney’s garish, freaky midways and in it’s dark alleyways. They discuss America: Kennedy’s assassination, the mafia, Bobby Dylan, Vietnam, Dick Tracy, Miss America, and more.

[Donate via Kickstarter]

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Blast From the Bakshi Past on TORn TUESDAY Live Webcast today 5pm Pacific!

We have much to celebrate at as our intrepid reporter MrCere arrives today in the heart of New Zealand to visit THE HOBBIT set; and our show today will likewise cover some exciting territory! Come re-live the wild animation of the 70’s on our *live* webcast today (affectionately known as TORn TUESDAY!).  We will explore the works of animation trailblazer RALPH BAKSHI and consider his contributions to “The Lord of the Rings” history. We look forward in time as well, anticipating the newest wizard of Middle-earth to arrive, and so sink our teeth into Quickbeam’s recent editorial “Where Exactly Art Thou, Radagast?”   As always, you can join the *live* chat today and present your questions to show host Clifford Broadway (Quickbeam)! Today’s webcast launches at 5:00pm PDT — There’s a built-in Barliman’s chat room or come in via Skype in’s Stickam page. Check out our LIVE Event section right here every week! [LIVE Event Area] (See All Times)

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Ralph Bakshi remembers Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade, the ‘Painter of Light’, who died last week at the age of 54, worked one of his first jobs for the Lord of the Rings director Ralph Bakshi.  In 1983, five years after making his version of Tolkien’s story, Bakshi directed a movie called Fire and Ice, and Thomas Kinkade, then 25, painted backgrounds for the film.  Bakshi talks about the painter here.

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Concept Art for Ralph Bakshi’s LOTR

Our good friend and unabashed Tolkien geek Colleen Doran sends this in: Hi guys. You may have missed this look at the unpublished concept art for Ralph Bakshi’s 1970’s era Lord of the Rings animated film. More..

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The Secret Life of Ralph Bakshi’s Aragorn

If you have yet to join our Message Board Community, you are missing out some great fellowship, friendship and fun! Just this morning, forum member Blu Falcon made a very humorous observation:

Bakshi’s Aragorn. Anton Chigurh. Coincidence? I think not.

Join in the conversation! [Message Boards]

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Comic-Con Update: Bakshi and Howe added as Special Guests

The list of reasons to attend this year’s Comic-Con just keeps growing. Message board members deej and MrCere point out that both Ralph Bakshi and John Howe have recently been added to the Comic-Con 2008 Special Guest List. The 39th annual Comic-Con will be held July 24-27 at the San Diego Convention Center. It sold out last year, so be sure to get your membership soon if you plan to be there in July! Follow the Special Guest List Here.

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