The results are in! After many weeks of intense competition we can finally crown a winner! In the end, Samwise Gamgee, a sturdy and faithful Hobbit from The Shire takes the prize in our first annual Middle-earth March Madness! 

Sam defeated his worthy opponent Aragorn with 65% of the votes!

We’d like to thank you all for participating in this year’s event, and look forward to next year’s competition in which we will institute a few of the changes that you have suggested in comments/facebook posts, etc. For a review of each round, click on the following links: Round 1Round 2Round 3Final Four , Championship



  1. new elf

    cool. and aragorn wouldn’t mind.

  2. Andrak

    eh, not the result I would have guessed.

  3. That away Sammy.

  4. That away Sammy.

  5. I actually picked Aragorn, but Sam is a worthy title holder.

  6. Random

    wooo go sammy! Best wing man ever!

  7. Imanne

    Aragorn is amazing.  Yet when the hobbits were bowing to him Aragorn himself declared, “My Friends! You bow to no one!”

  8. Ayla-me

    Awww…Sam the Stouthearted won! And on my birthday. How precious! I always thought that Sam was the bravest and most daring of all. Considering he was raised as a lower-class gardener, he fearfully faced every danger head-on, and sacrificed himself many times. He clung to the mission and supported Frodo, when even Frodo could endure no more. He has shown his quality…the very best!

  9. Enna

    I am glad Sam won. I have nothing against Aragorn, but Sam is a true hero in both the books and the movies. Glad I voted for him.

  10. Josephus

    Must’ve been rigged…

  11. Mason-Theresa

    Sean Astin should be proud!

  12. Eruviel Tindomerel

    As much as I love Aragorn, Samwise takes my heart 😀 He not only kept Frodo going, but he taught us so much about life and enduring. Sam is my favorite! 😀

  13. Mellach167

    A true hero.  I thought Sean Astin deserved an Oscar for his portrayal of “Samwise”.  Hollywood missed the mark in my opinion.

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