It’s all happening here in Boston! Yesterday the Coolidge Theatre hosted a trilogy screening, in honour of Viggo Mortensen – to whom they are today giving the Coolidge Award. It’s always fabulous to see the Lord of the Rings films on the big screen, and to enjoy them with an army of fellow fans. The 442 seat theatre was sold out – and everyone who secured a ticket was in for a treat indeed!

Jesse Hassinger and Mark Anastasio, the Program Manager and Program Coordinator at the Coolidge, welcomed us all before we settled in to watch Fellowship of the Ring. Between that and Two Towers, TORn staffer greendragon (that’s me!) had a chance to say hi to the crowd and to remind them all (as if we could forget!) that The Hobbit is coming! Then, just as we were settling again for Return of the King, Denise Kasell, the Coolidge’s Director, told us all that they had a ‘little surprise’ for us – and in walked the king himself, Viggo Mortensen! (More text after the video)

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