In case you were unplugged and off the information grid all weekend, broke the story that Guillermo del Toro has stepped away from directing duties on two planned (hoped for) films based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” We are assured (by one of the super-good inside sources) that GDT’s DNA in the form of script and design and pre-viz work will remain in place, new director willing. And why would they find a director who isn’t willing or wants to revisit the same work?

After getting over the shock and feeling the loss of our message board member’s departure, and wishing him all the best, the question now becomes: Who will direct “The Hobbit”? We have some ideas and maybe even some insights. Continue reading “Who will helm ‘The Hobbit’?”

Raimi Del Toro SAM RAIMI, who was on the shortlist of directors for the big-screen remake of The Hobbit, says Guillermo del Toro was a brilliant choice to make the film. thehobbit1.jpgSpider-Man director Raimi told Empire magazine: “I thought that The Hobbit was just a fantastic icon of fantasy literature. I love that book and I’m a giant fan of the Lord of the Rings movies. “It would have been an excellent job but Peter Jackson is the producer and he chose who he thinks would be the best filmmaker, which is Guillermo del Toro, who I love. Del Toro was right choice for The Hobbit, says Raimi

Sam Raimi Talks 'The Hobbit'...Again Gerry writes: As part of an interview with Comic Book Resources posted on November 27th, Sam talks about ‘The Hobbit again :

Sam: It’s not really my choice. The Hobbit has always been Peter Jackson’s picture, and I believe from what I’ve read that he is back in negotiations with New Line Cinema, and like all fans of his, I’m hoping that he’ll make it. So until I hear differently, I’m going to assume that’s what’s going to happen. Now, if he ever decides not to make it, I would love to be considered for it. Sam Raimi Talks ‘The Hobbit’…Again

From Today in Los Angeles, Sam Raimi held a press conference to talk about his latest producing project 30 Days of Night out from Columbia Pictures on October 19th!

The IESB, along with some of the other online journalists, couldn’t help but hit him up with a few questions regarding some other hot properties he may or may not be working on right now including Spider-Man 4, Grudge 3 and The Hobbit. Continue reading “Sam Raimi Talks The Hobbit”