The Last UnicornFor those of you who aren’t aware, TORn friend and award-winning author and screenwriter, Peter S. Beagle, has been on tour for a few months offering a Q&A and screening of the movie: The Last Unicorn based on his best-selling novel of the same name. I was lucky enough to attend a screening a few months ago and it was well worth it! This month, the tour goes to Bakersfield, CA, Fort Collins, CO and a number of cities in New Mexico. Check below for the full January schedule courtesy of Peter’s publicist, Connor Cochran, and check out the tour’s website for future screenings near you.

The first screening is this Saturday, at noon, at the Southside Works Cinema in Pittsburgh, PA. (Less than 48 hours away!) Any fan who wants to buy a ticket should go to, select Saturday from the dropdown date menu, scroll down until you see THE LAST UNICORN showing listed, and then click on the time.


• Friday January 17, 7 PM: the Reading Cinemas Valley Plaza 16 in Bakersfield, CA

• Sunday January 19, 1 PM: the Harkins Flagstaff 11 Luxury, with the signing session afterwards at the local Barnes & Noble store. (This one is also different than usual because all ticket sales have to be directly through us, instead of the theatre. People wanting to buy tickets in advance should call 650-728-8098 or email

• Wednesday, January 22,  7:30 PM: the Loft Cinema in Tucson, AZ

• Saturday, January 25, 11 AM & 6:30 PM & 9 PM: the Jean Cocteau Theatre in Santa Fe, NM. (And at 5 PM, as a separate ticket, there will be a special live-on-stage “fantasy summit” as Peter and George R.R. Martin interview each other!)

• Sunday, January 26, times to be announced, at the Lyric Cinema Café in Fort Collins, CO. (They may be showing the Bakshi LORD OF THE RINGS as well — still waiting to hear.)

In the gaps we’re still trying to set up shows in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Las Cruxes/El Paso. Still in January, but after Fort Collins, we are working on possible shows in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Salt Lake City.

Asfaloth writes: TORN Pal Peter S. Beagle has been fortunate to have four of his short stories adapted for the stage. The world premiere of the play “Giant Bones” will occur in San Francisco on May 7th. “Giant Bones” is based on the short story compilation of the same name. The play will run until June 19th at the EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy Street in that fantasy-friendly, city-by-the-Bay, San Francisco. A Gala Premiere and party will be held on May 15th. Continue reading “Peter S. Beagle Play to Premiere in San Fran”

Ostadan writes: This is from Peter Beagle’s newsletter, TORN people might want to know: Peter S. Beagle wrote the screenplay for the 1978 animated version of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, but for various reasons we’ve never offered the DVD for sale. That seemed kind of silly, so a few weeks ago we decided to order some…and discovered that Warner Brothers Home Video has discontinued the title. Our distributor told us that WB wasn’t sure how many were still in the warehouse. We told them we’d take everything they had. They shipped us 99 copies. Continue reading “Peter S. Beagle 1978 LOTR DVD Sell Off”