Ostadan writes: This is from Peter Beagle’s newsletter, TORN people might want to know: Peter S. Beagle wrote the screenplay for the 1978 animated version of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, but for various reasons we’ve never offered the DVD for sale. That seemed kind of silly, so a few weeks ago we decided to order some…and discovered that Warner Brothers Home Video has discontinued the title. Our distributor told us that WB wasn’t sure how many were still in the warehouse. We told them we’d take everything they had. They shipped us 99 copies.

That’s all. Just 99 copies. And as far as we’ve been able to find out, that’s it — there aren’t any more.

So if you’d like a DVD of the Bakshi-animated THE LORD OF THE RINGS, personally signed by Peter S. Beagle in two places, email lotr@conlanpress.com right away and get your reservation in! These won’t last long. Price: $25 plus shipping.