A few weeks ago a labor dispute and boycott by a New Zealand actors union and Peter Jackson threatened to moved “The Hobbit” away from the island nation.

Now with Jackson and the union in a fairly quiet state while meetings, including some involving government agencies go on, everybody is holding their breath to see where two “Hobbit” movies land.

The union, Actor’s Equity New Zealand, is holding meetings Wednesday in Wellington and Thursday in Auckland “to discuss how we can work together to progress new industry standards for performers.” According to the website, linked after the break, the meetings are set for Wednesday in Wellington and Thursday in Auckland. Continue reading “More actors’ meetings in New Zealand this week”

With Calisuri posting the statement from Phillipa Boyens and Wingnut Films, it might be helpful to get an overview of what is going on in New Zealand.

A group of 90 actors met in Wellington Monday to discuss the boycott of the pair of potential “Hobbit” movies. Also present at the beginning of the meeting were non-actors from the New Zealand film industry including Boyens who clearly is the member of Peter Jackson’s team that will be the front on the labor battle in New Zealand. Continue reading “Overview of actor’s dispute developments”