I’m a big fan of the Hobbit Hole line. It’s such a cool way to bring Hobbiton into a collection and is a price point that fans can get into Middle-earth collectibles so easy. Our friends at Weta Workshop today introduce a new Hobbit Hole for folks to add with Hobbit Hole 19 & 20 Pine Grove. This fantastic piece is super detailed and very much gives you the feel that you now have a piece of Hobbiton in you collection. Like the other Hobbit Holes this piece is an open edition and is currently in stock. This one is however larger than some of the other Hobbit Holes and will have a price tag of $99.

Our friends at Weta Workshop have two new items that you just may want to add to your collections. The first is from one of my favorite lines, allowing collectors with limited space a chance to add some of their amazing items. Their mini-statue line is absolutely fantastic, and the next character joining the ranks is Gimli. Fans can add to their collections Gimli after the long battle of Helm’s Deep, letting Legolas know that he killed 43 Uruk-hai. Gimli is currently in-stock and can be yours for $125 (USD). Continue reading “Collecting The Precious – Weta Workshop’s Gimli Mini-Statue and Hobbit Hole #16”

thedoorNot surprising to Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movie fans, lifestyle and travel blog, BLT, has named Hobbiton as one of its top 16 movie locations to visit. From the blog“The gardens and crops surrounding the homely Hobbiton featured in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings series were actually planted a year before the filming of the first movie. Hobbiton was built and designed with the fictional landscape described by J.R.R. Tolken in the books and the set still stands today. In fact, people travel from all over the world to take a two-hour tour of the set. Hobbiton, although originally just a movie set, is now a permanent tourist attraction.”

Other locations mentioned in the blog include Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England (Harry Potter; Downton Abby), The Hawaiian island of Kauai (Jurassic Park; Raiders of the Lost Arc) and California’s Redwood National Park (Star War’s Forest Moon of Endor). While all of them would be fun to visit, we’re partial to Hobbiton not the least of which is because it’s not just a building or a landscape to look at. As the article mentions, it’s a permanent tourist attraction in beautiful New Zealand, offering excellent guided tours, a store and a pub! What’s not to love?

Check out Hobbiton and the other top 15 movie locations to visit here, and let us know which ones you’d most like to see (after Hobbiton, of course).

Bilbo has called in the builders as preparations for the latest JRR Tolkien blockbuster continues. Just weeks after sheep were spotted making the most of the old Lord Of The Rings’ set, the New Zealand location has been revived for the two-part Hobbit prequel. New Hobbit holes are being dug, while the old ones are being spruced up ready for the start of filming later this year. The set, which will portray the Hobbit village of Hobbiton, will remain as a permanent tourist attraction and theme park near the Waikato town of Matamata. Continue reading “Shire is fit for Hobbitation again: Old Lord Of The Rings set revamped ready for latest Tolkien blockbuster”


This week marks the fifth anniversary of the opening of the farm gates to visitors at the Hobbiton Movie Set site.

The location, near Matamata, was Peter Jackson’s choice for the creation of the fictitious village ‘Hobbiton’ used in the filming of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Today Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours, run by the family who own the land, is a thriving business and has proven the skeptics wrong. During the five years over 130 000 visitors have taken the tour, with a trebling of numbers between years one and two. International visitors make up 80% of the customers, with the strongest marketing coming from the UK. Continue reading “5 Years Gone By… Matamata ‘Hobbiton’ Set Still Popular”