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Fan Review of Third Age

The Lord of the Rings the Third Age is definitely one of the better RPG’s of our time. It is probably the first of its kind for EA games, but hopefully not the last. There is a deep storyline into the game, one much different than the movies themselves. By the halfway point in the game, you will have gotten all 6 of the playable characters, each with unique abilities and traits. Berethor is the main character, the citadel guard from gondor, and the main story revolves around his life. You will also come across other races such as the elf Idrial, who is sent to protect Berethor, and begins to form a bond with him. There is a stubborn dwarf, Hadhod, somewhat like Gimli, but able to cast magic, Eaoden, a rider of rohan with energy powers, Elegost, a Dunedain ranger with bowcraft, and Morwen, a mistress who once served Denethor. As you progress through the game, each character has a story to reveal, and you gain new powers and weapons to use. This RPG follows the same combat style as Final Fantasy, a turn-based one. It may be slow at times, but you get used to it after a while. The gameplay is definitely a 10 rating, there are many missions to complete in each realm, and you can go back in evil mode to gain new weapons by killing your people with the evil guys, like the Balrog. There is a co-op mode to the game also that has its benefits when playing with friends, and over 100 scenes from the movie, each telling a story, which is extremely awesome, and hopefully there may be some scenes from the extended RotK, but i have yet to get there. Once you get through at least fifty percent of the game, the true story unfolds, Berethor’s past is revealed, and Idrial’s job to save him is beginning. It all forms a deep, true, one-of-a-kind RPG with extrememly detailed graphics of the worlds, deep gameplay, and overall few, if any, problems. This is definitely ONE RPG TO RULE THEM ALL.

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Games Workshop’s Latest:

The entire supplement hit stores March 20th. To quote Games Workshop’s release:

“The Siege of Gondor is the second of Games Workshop’s supplements for The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (the first being the recent Shadow & Flame) and continues the ongoing support for tabletop battles in Middle-earth. This 64 full color page book will augment the rules with sieges, war machines, and more reflecting the kind of large-scale battles seen in The Return of the King. Players will also get rules for new war machines for Gondor and Mordor to augment their armies, plus new characters and key locations of combats. The Siege of Gondor is an invaluable supplement for gamers looking to expand their armies beyond small skirmishes and into larger scale battles. Future supplements are already in work to provide even more for players as well, drawing also on the literary works as well as the motion pictures.

This supplement is an invaluable guide to collecting, modelling and gaming with Games Workshop’s detailed The Lord of The Rings miniatures. Within its colorfully illustrated pages you will find essential rules, information, and inspiration to bring the battles of Middle-earth to your own tabletop.

The complete gaming rules for fighting sieges around Middle-earth, together with new warriors for the forces of Good and Evil – including the noble Citadel Guard of Minas Tirith, the brutal Morannon Orcs, destructive Siege Engines and many more.

Six linked scenarios recreate the desperate battle for Gondor as Sauron sends forth his legions, from the struggle for Osgiliath to the battle in the streets of Minas Tirith. In the appendix, two additional scenarios allow players to re-enact the tense and dramatic siege of Helm’s Deep.

Detailed advice on how to prepare your fortifications and siege towers, together with inspiring photographs of all the new models and scenery that have been designed for this book.”

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Gags, Gollum and PJ: My Report from Lincoln Center

PJ at the Lincoln Center
the VIP panel at the Lincoln Center event

I was lucky enough to attend the RotK screening and Conversation with Peter Jackson at this weekend’s LotR event at Lincoln Center. Today’s conversation included stories about Peter’s early film career, the making of gollum, and lots of cast gag stories. All in all, it was an incredible event! Read [More]

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Gags, Gollum and PJ: My Report from Lincoln Center

My Lincoln Center weekend started a little bit after 7:00 pm, when I ascended to the 10th floor of the Rose Building to attend a cocktail reception for the cast members participating in the Lincoln Center event. The setting was sumptuous—windows surrounded two entire sides of the room, with a gorgeous view of downtown NYC and the Hudson River, dapper waiters (aka aspiring actors) bringing around trays of hors d’oeuvres and glasses of wine, candles and glasses and food set out—and Elijah Wood casually chatting to a group of fans and signing autographs for the children who were there. All of the actors, with the exception of Liv (who had unfortunately cancelled just the day before), made appearances at the reception, and were all unflaggingly gracious, lighthearted and open. I got to speak briefly to Bernard Hill and Andy Serkis (who will be at the Barnes and Nobel at Union Square tomorrow at his book-signing), and it was definitely a highlight of the evening.

Next, after the reception and brief photo shoot which occurred outside in the lobby of Alice Tully right after the film had started was….well, Return of the King, of course, as brilliant and breathtaking (and tear-inducing) as ever, followed by the Q&A, which other fans have already dutifully reported. I was able to record the entire Q&A on my voice recorder, and will type it out in transcript format shortly after I finish this report. Stay tuned.

Today, though, was the Conversation with Peter Jackson, which started promptly at 2 pm and was hosted by Richard Pena, director of the Lincoln Center Film Society. First, a short film composed of clips of all of Peter’s other movies, along with clips of many of the movies which influenced his work, was shown to the audience, and then Peter appeared again via satellite from NZ, towering above the audience on the big screen—so wonderfully larger than life.

The first question Richard asked him was about what NZ meant to Peter, and about the ways in which NZ had influenced his work. Peter started off by saying: well, it’s where I was raised, so NZ obviously means a lot to me on that level. But as a filmmaker in NZ, Peter pointed out that it has many advantages: you’re not locked into trends or the entire Hollywood hierarchy, and NZ filmmakers tend to be “mavericks”, which allows more freedom and independence. He also stressed the laid-back attitude of the film-making industry there, and the fact that because so few movies are made in NZ each year, there is a particular excitement and joy which crewmembers have when working on a film that’s priceless.

The next question was about the fact that there aren’t many examples or images of NZ filmmaking, and Richard was curious about how that might have affected Peter’s work. Peter answered that the very first NZ film he saw was Sleeping Dogs, in 1967 as a teenager, and that he was cringing at the NZ accents. He then went on to talk about making Super 8 films as a child, and about how difficult it was to get a job in film as a young man because there wasn’t much of a real film industry—he applied for a job at a film laboratory (which was his very first job interview) and was turned down. His first film, Bad Taste, was shot while he was working as a photo engraver doing photo lithography for a small newspaper, starring fellow co-workers who had time to shoot on Sundays with him. The entire movie took approximately 4 years to make, and was all done on weekends, out of his own pocket money, by and large. After Bad Taste’s success at the Cannes Film festival, though, PJ apparently marched back in to his boss’s office and gave his notice. From then on out, he was a filmmaker.

There was a short film of movie clips shown, showing scenes from Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, Forgotten Silver, Heavenly Creatures, Braindead and the Frighteners, followed by more questions about the making of Meet the Feebles (w/ Fran, whom he had met in 1977, Richard Taylor and Jim Booth), Braindead and Heavenly Creatures. Peter did mention that a lot of his humor was derived from Monty Python, which he watched as a child and adored, and that horror flicks (“splatter films”) are the best kind of film to make if you have absolutely no budget, which is what he had when he was first starting out.

This was followed by another short film of clips, this time from all three LotR films, which got the audience considerably more excited (people were breaking out in loud applause by the end of this film). Peter was then asked about the creation of Gollum, and how that went about, and gave his standard answer about how this was an organic process that happened step by step—first by beginning to use Andy Serkis’s facial expressions and body language in the artistic design of Gollum, followed by using him as an actor and CGI guide during the principle shooting, followed by the idea of motion-capture. More information on the creation of Gollum can be found in Andy’s new book, of course.

At this point, the other actors were brought on stage again, to the great delight of the audience, and Bernard Hill, Andy Serkis, Elijah Wood and Sean Astin took up their customary places—right underneath Peter’s gigantic, pixelized chin. The next question asked by Richard Pena was a huge, overly-grand question along the lines of: well, you all have been living Tolkien, and thinking about Tolkien night and day for years now, and probably know Tolkien better than any other group of people on earth, so tell me: what does Tolkien really mean by this work? What was Tolkien really trying to say? Hmmmm. REALLY hard question, which Peter answered admirably (although many of the things he mentioned are nothing new to an avid Tolkien fan). He began by stating that Tolkien was a very opinionated man, who was very regretful of the fact that England had lost its ancient mythology, and that in many ways, Middle Earth was Tolkien’s way of trying to create an ancient mythology for England. He also mentioned that LotR was fueled by things which irritated JRR—the loss of the English countryside, the industrialization of England, the motor engine, the enslavement of men in the service of industry etc. Elijah aptly pointed out that LotR was also hugely motivated by the things that Tolkien loved, as represented by the shire (Sean Astin chimed in “pipeweed” among the things that Tolkien loved), and of course, Tolkien’s love of languages and history is very visible in LotR. It was a really difficult question, and as volumes and volumes of work have been written on this very subject, it’s hard to sum it all up in a few paragraphs—but PJ did a very good job of doing just that.

About halfway through the question on exactly how the size of the hobbits was accomplished successfully throughout all three films (again, a question we’ve heard answered many times before); Peter’s image suddenly disappeared from screen, apparently due to some kind of satellite glitch. And that’s when things got really interesting.

Left to their own devices, the actors began to tell stories about the different gags which occurred on set, which the audience eagerly ate up. Sean began by explaining that at some point during the shoot the actors received gift packages from Gillette, which prompted the filming of a small “commercial” as a Gillette spokesman, which ran something like this: “Hi, my name is Sean Astin, and I play Sam wise Gamgee in Lord of the Rings. Hobbits don’t grow facial hair, but actors do! When I’m on Mt. Doom and I need a real close hobbit shave, I pull out my special, safety-tested Gillette razor….” This brought peals of laughter.

Not to be outdone, Bernard Hill told a story about a gag that occurred while he and Viggo were shooting Viggo’s “Christ-like” entrance at Helm’s Deep after being “saved, fed, watered and given injections by his horse” (at this point, the actors riffed on Viggo’s entrance for awhile, imitating him pushing the doors aside and shaking the sweat out of his hair, with many flourishes and exaggeration). Apparently right before they were filming this scene, Bernard and Viggo had been discussing the merchandizing which would be accompanying LotR, and how tiny, miniature, plastic models of themselves would soon be available in toy stores all over the world. As the cameras began to roll, and Bernard delivered Theoden’s lines about Saruman’s impending army, Bernard asked: “How many?” and Viggo answered: “Thousands and thousands, milord. They will scam you, m’lord. They will cast your head in plastic, you will be on the shelves of every child under the age of 12, you will be underfoot, on the carpet, stuck with gum, etc.” To which Bernard (still in character and trying to save the scene) asked again: “How many?” And Viggo answered: “I already told you, m’lord.” At this point, a cell phone rang on set, and Bernard said (still in character): “somebody answer the phone”, and at that point, the entire scene dissolved and Viggo ended up on the floor laughing.

Since the other actors seemed reluctant to share more of their gag stories (despite Bernard’s urging), Bernard decided to talk about another orchestrated gag, which occurred to him while Peter was explaining that the Uruk-Hai trying to break into Helm’s Deep were just like a visit from someone you don’t want. This reminded Bernard of Jehovah’s Witnesses who come proselytizing on your doorstep (“no offense meant to anyone here who is a Jehovah’s Witness”), so he and Andrew Lesnie (the DOP for the films) put together a shot of approximately 30 soldiers of Rohan answering the banging of the Helm’s Deep door with shouts of: “Who is it?” and “It’s the Jehovah’s Witnesses, don’t let them get in!” followed by all 30 of them shouting “GO AWAY!”

Sean Astin offered up one more story, talking about how he found it hard to find his place caught between such large personalities as Peter Jackson and Sir Ian McKellan, and about how, during FotR, his character was purposely kept somewhat distant from the audience (perhaps to keep Sam’s strength and nobility a secret for the later movies?), so much so that after awhile, he was practically begging for a close-up. So during the shooting of the eavesdropping scene in bag end, he kept trying to slip his face into the shot, at the edge of the screen, and when Ian grabbed him and pulled him through the window to ask him what he was doing, he said: “I just wanted a bit of a close-up, sir”, at which point Ian pushed him aside and said “No, no”, vying in front of the camera with him until Sean fell off the table (but according to Elijah, Ian helped Sean back up and even gave him a little kiss).

And then, BAM, suddenly Peter Jackson is back on screen again, and quickly realizes that the actors are telling blooper stories. The audience begins to call out things like: make a bloopers tape! We’ll pay good money for it, and Peter did say that he imagined a bloopers tape would be made at some point and released on DVD (again, to wild cheering), but not for several years yet, he cautioned.

To end the evening, Peter told one last story about a gag that was played on Viggo Mortenson during filming at Dunharrow. Peter gave Hugo Weaving a pair of Matrix-style glasses, and as Viggo entered the king’s tent to meet with Elrond, Hugo Weaving stood up, removed his cloak, revealed his glasses, and said: “Your Dunedain disguise cannot fool me, Mr. Anderson.” Peter called this the “ultimate geek moment.”

All in all, it was an incomparable day, and I felt incredibly lucky to be there, but even luckier to have such a dedicated, gifted and down-to-earth cast and crew working on a project that is so precious to me. Keep posted for the transcript of the Q&A following last night’s RotK screening, plus PHOTOS!!

Luthien, over and out

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Another Quality LotR Module for Neverwinter Nights

Arhaic, author of “The Dunedain” module for Neverwinter Nights, has recently created another quality LotR module for NWN: LotR: Sons of the Steward. “This module is quite a bit deeper than the original,” Archaic writes, “but it pays the same degree of homage and respect to Tolkien’s source material.”

It is less than a year until the War of the Ring.

The Stewards rule the kingdom of Gondor from their fortress city of Minas Tirith. It is their charge to safeguard all that they can until the return of the king, but that charge is proving more difficult with each passing day.

From the Dark Lands of the East encroach the armies of Sauron, Enemy of all Free Peoples of Middle-Earth. In recent months they have drawn heavily from Gondor, stealing the forests of Ithilien and putting to the lance all of the Steward’s old allies. The people look past their Steward now to his sons: Boromir and Faramir, Captains of Gondor; the former, a heroic and brazen soldier; the latter a reluctant and thoughtful young lordling.

It will fall to these two brothers to stave off the Enemy’s invasion, salvage what they can, and, in time, be shuffled off the field to make room for the greater players of Middle-Earth -and their greater games.

This module includes the following features:

1. Relates the story of Boromir, Faramir, Denethor, and Mithrandir
(Gandalf) about a year before the events in Fellowship of the Ring.

2. Makes thorough (sorry about the hak size!) use of original community content, including Uruk-hai and LotR weaponry.

3. Contains elements appropriate to the Lord of the Rings world. You won’t see magic missle here! However, you will see: a working Horn of Gondor, a many-tiered Minas Tirith, banners of the White Tree and Lidless Eye, Henneth Anun, siege weaponry, etc. All of this is used in contextually appropriate ways. For instance, you won’t find Frodo or Sam anywhere near this module, as Tolkien’s timeline would not have permitted it.

4. Dialogue written with love by an English teacher.

5. Depth and scope beyond that of my decently-rated first module,
“LotR: The Dunedain”.

For more information and the module download, go here, and be sure to read the instructions in the ReadMe text file! Enjoy, and let us know what you thought of this module by e-mailing

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LotR Risk Upgrade

Tom writes in with the following: “The original Lord of the Rings RISK game from Hasbro did not include Gondor or Mordor. The version being sold now features the full map of Middle Earth. I wrote to Hasbro asking about an upgrade/expansion for those who bought the first version and this is the reply I got- I though that others who bought the first version might like to know about this–

Hi Tom,

Thank you for contacting Hasbro, Inc. We are pleased to reply.

The RISK Lord of the Rings expansion pack is available for $18.00, which includes shipping and handling. CA & RI residents must add applicable sales tax.

To order, please send a check or money order, made payable to Hasbro Promotions and Direct to:
Hasbro Promotions & Direct
PO Box 693
Pawtucket, RI 02862-0693

You may also call 1-800-327-8264 to place an order using your Visa, Mastercard or American Express or you may fax credit card orders to (401) 431-8082.

All sales are final. Offer available in the US only, while supplies last. If ordering by mail, please be sure to include a note stating your name and mailing address.

Again, thank you for your interest.”

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Games Workshop announces opening of new Hobby Centers

In a recent press release, Games Workshop announced that it has just opened three new Hobby Centers this past weekend, bringing the total to 50 Hobby Centers throughout the United States. These Hobby Centers are staffed and run by teams of enthusiastic Games Workshop gamers, and are totally dedicated to the Games Workshop product line.

The three newest Hobby Centers are:
Games Workshop SunValley near San Francisco at the Sun Valley Mall
Games Workshop Natick Mall near Boston in Natick Mall
Games Workshop Third Avenue in New York City’s Upper East Side

…and three more are excepted to open before the end of the year (look for new stores in Atlanta and St. Louis). The company is on track to double this number in two years to over 100 stores in America, meaning that by then roughly one quarter of all Games Workshop Hobby Centers will be in the USA.

“The plan is to continue with the ongoing expansion in the USA, with at least 20 more stores coming in 2004” said CEO of Games Workshop America John Stallard. “This will be a quite exciting year for Games Workshop in many ways,” he went on to say. “We’re launching our third game for The Lord of the Rings right now, and have several more major releases for 2004. You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

To find a Games Workshop Hobby Center near you call 1-800-394-GAME or visit the Games Workshop website here

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LotR Trivial Pursuit

Torn Staffer Ostadan had the opportunity to speak with Rob Daviau of Hasbro last month about Hasbro’s forthcoming LotR Edition of Trivial Pursuit. Below are Ostadan’s questions, along with Mr. DAviau’s answers.

Q: Who wrote the questions and answers [for this edition]?

A: The questions were generated, in part, by some of the people in New Zealand who worked on the film. They weren’t writers so we had local writers add/polish/edit them so that they were clearer and written in US-English.

Q: What special rules, unique to the LotR Edition, have been added to the game?

A: The “Fan Rules” allow people who know LOTR well to still play without having a short game. Bascially, there is a ringwraith and The Ring. The most recent person to get a ‘pie wedge’ is the ringbearer. Having the ring lets you skip a question once per turn. But, at the end of EVERY PERSON’S turn, the ringwraith moves 1-6 spaces to the ringbearer. If the wraith lands on the same space as the ringbearer, it takes a pie wedge away. If you have no wedges and it lands on your space (on its way to the ringbearer) then
you are out of the game.

At the end of the game, you must have the ring and make it to the
middle of the board in order to win.

I think that’s it. Essentially, these rules are for groups who can
probably answer 4-8 questions in a row. Gives some downside and risk to the game.

Ostadan writes:
“I suppose it should also be mentioned that Hasbro will be republishing the Risk: Lord of the Rings with a larger board, some new cards, and much better-written rules. This is not quite the same game as the ‘expansion set’ published in Europe, which is a bit confusing. Rob has mentioned the possibility that owners of the previous edition will be able to purchase an add-on kit from Hasbro, rather than having to buy an entirely new game, but I do not believe that this has been officially announced. The Risk game will hit shelves in December.”

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Games Day Chicago 2003!

TORn Staffer Balin was able to attend Games Day in Chicago this year. Here’s his report:

Games Day Chicago 2003
Games Workshop, makers of the LOTR Tabletop Battle Game, brought their GamesDay event to Chicago this weekend. GamesDay is a celebration of all their tabletop battle games, which include Warhammer and Warhammer40K as well as LOTR. This was my first time at such and event.

My day began at 10 AM when I arrived. After buying my ticket I entered the world of tabletop war gaming. I wandered around looking at all the different tables that were set up. There were several dedicated to each of the games. Every table was richly decorated with buildings and scenery, the perfect place to play at war. Seven of the tables were set up for LOTR. The largest of these was set up for the battle of the Last Alliance. Sauron was there in the middle towering over the others. All the miniatures were beautifully painted and the sheer number of them made for a breathtaking panorama. It would be easy to get lost in playing on this game board. Several players did just that.

While this was the largest, Helm’s Deep was the most complex and drew the most interest. I wandered about going to the store area to make my own purchases and take in all the other tables. I came back to the Helm’s deep table and found the same players, Erik and Zak defending the walls and Russ and Brad just as diligently moving wave after wave of miniature Uruk Hai up ladders to take the battlements. There were Uruk Berserkers with a ‘new deviltry’ attempting to blow a hole in the walls. Warg Riders in the ready to enter the breach and attack the Rohirrim Riders garrisoned inside. I think they must have played for at least 90 minutes before they needed to move on to other business.

There was one table for the escape into Lorien. A couple tables were generic landscapes to use for almost any battle scene. The last table was the scenario at Amon Hen. I got lucky and was able to play this one. The object of the forces of Good (the fellowship less Gandalf) was to get the Hobbits to safety. Getting 3 or 4 to safety is a win. Getting 2 is a draw. One of the Hobbits that get to safety must be Frodo. The other characters are expendable. The Hobbits start out in the company of Boromir. The other characters are spread across the board. The Uruk Hai are in the middle. The game combines strategy with a bit of luck. You have to use strategy to give yourself an opportunity but you roll the dice and sometimes luck is not with you. In my case, I was lucky and got some really good rolls and all 4 Hobbits made it to safety. This game can suck you in. You find yourself getting pumped up when that crucial roll goes your way. It is a great experience and very exciting.

There was one seminar on the LOTR game. It was given by Gordon Davidson. He talked about what was coming up for the LOTR Tabletop Battle Game. He gave a slide presentation and the images were awesome. Most have been on the web but there were some new ones from the upcoming ROTK update. There were banner bearers and soldiers of Gondor. Most of the images were of the latest section called Shadow and Flame. This will be in stores in America in a week or so. For some reason I am particularly drawn to Balin’s Guard. This is a box set and I can’t wait to get it. There will be about 9 other box sets and 21 blisters. Shadow and Flame is a first departure from the movies. It introduces characters that are familiar to the books of JRR Tolkien and this will include The Hobbit (look for Smaug and the likes of Beorn in the future). While the movies are out it makes sense to stay with them but this game is not going away any time soon. After the third movie, ROTK, there will be even more added from the books. He also talked about what was coming out for ROTK. There will be box sets like the siege of Gondor and Heroes of the West. There will be much more in the way of scenery. This will be along the lines of the Helm’s deep set that is out in conjunction with TTT. The image of the Fell Beast was great. It was a very tantalizing taste of things to come. I can’t wait.

After the presentation I wandered back to the Gaming room and took in some of the other contests and tournaments going on. There was a speed painting contest area. A gaming area where you could test your skill against each other or some pros. I focused on LOTR but there was much more there. All the games were represented and the national Blood Bowl Tournament was in another room. The day passed quickly and soon it was time to leave. I had a great time and indulged in a little gaming. I know I will be back next year. I hope to see you there!

Balin bows.

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Chat Log with Alessio Cavatore

At long last, here’s the chat log of yesterday’s chat with Alessio Cavatore. Thanks again to everyone who participated and asked such great questions, and thank you Alessio!!!! We can’t wait to play Shadow and Flame!

[Begin Log]

[17:50] * Alessio has joined #havens
[17:50] {Telcontar} 1lol
[17:50] {mosa} …
[17:50] {Marc} alessio
[17:50] {Tharkun} Welcome Alessio
[17:50] {Luthien} hi, Alessio!
[17:51] {sab} hi, alessio
[17:51] {Alessio} hi
[17:51] {Marc} So he can’t here us
[17:51] {Yith} heya!
[17:51] {Flinch} he can now 😉
[17:51] {Akh-Ra} hi
[17:51] {Marc} ok: nice to read you, alessio
[17:51] {Telcontar} hey
[17:51] {Tharkun} R we supposed to have sound in here?
[17:51] {Osbad} Afternoon!
[17:51] {mosa} hi allesio!
[17:51] {Messiah} evenin’
[17:51] {Marc} sorry tharkun
[17:51] {mosa} great to meat you : )
[17:52] {Eldariel} good morning
[17:52] * Flinch has quit IRC (Quit: Snak 4.8.4 Unregistered copy. Evaluation period is over. Program will now quit. Thanks for usin)
[17:52] {Marc} (morning)
[17:52] {mosa} *loool*
[17:52] {Marc} (where are u living?)
[17:52] {sab} good evening
[17:52] {Eldariel} (west coast Canada)
[17:52] {Osbad} UK
[17:52] * Flinch has joined #havens
[17:52] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Flinch
[17:52] * aaron has joined #havens
[17:52] {mosa} germany *ggg*
[17:52] {Yith} UK – Chesterfield
[17:53] {Messiah} welcome back flinch
[17:53] {Messiah} evenin’ aaron
[17:53] {mosa} wuppertal
[17:53] {Telcontar} Pennsylvania
[17:53] {aaron} hi every body
[17:53] {Luthien} okay, Welcome Alessio Cavatore!
[17:53] {mosa} where are you living allesio?
[17:53] {Hithero} Kent UK
[17:53] * Haldir has joined #havens
[17:53] {Alessio} Ok folks, I’m ready. Questions?
[17:53] {mosa} hi aaron
[17:53] * Flinch sets mode: +m
[17:53] * Maltagearion has joined #havens
[17:53] {Luthien} so, from here on out, please message flinch, myself or morog with quesions and we’ll pass them on to Alessio
[17:54] {Flinch} no no… Flinch is selling T-SHirts at the booth
[17:54] {Luthien} oh
[17:54] * Haldir is now known as Guest931138133
[17:54] {Luthien} okay, me then
[17:54] {Luthien} message 🙂
[17:54] {Flinch} mosa would like to know how old you are Alessio…
[17:54] * Flinch sets mode: +v Alessio
[17:54] * Guest931138133 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[17:54] * Guest931138133 has joined #havens
[17:54] {Flinch} it’d be nice if you could actually speak!
[17:54] * Guest931138133 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[17:55] * Haldir2 has joined #havens
[17:55] {Alessio} I was born on 14/2/72… Valentine’s day! That makes me 31.
[17:55] * Steffen has joined #havens
[17:55] * Mithrandir has joined #havens
[17:56] {Flinch} *Akh-Ra* I think in RoTK u are gonna change the Ringwraiths’ rules, can u tell us something about it? Is it true that they will have 17-20 points of will in the new version?
[17:56] * MadMax has joined #havens
[17:56] * Haldir2 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[17:57] {Alessio} They will be 2 Might, 14 Will and 2 Fate. The Witch King will be 3/20/3!
[17:57] {Luthien} {Tharkun} Question: There’s been some discussion about the new Spear/Pike rule. What
[17:57] * Corvar has joined #havens
[17:57] * ChanServ sets mode: +oa Corvar Corvar
[17:57] {Luthien} What’s your take and will it be changed in the RoTH?
[17:57] {Luthien} {Tharkun} RoTH = RoTK Sorry
[17:57] {Luthien} sorry ’bout that break
[17:58] {Alessio} Spears and pikes will add an Attack to the model fighting rather than fight through. This means they are not involved in the fight at all, clarifying the problems that existed about their strange half in-half out of combat nature
[17:58] {Luthien} sorry for that, guys
[17:58] * Corvar sets mode: +o MadMax
[17:59] {Corvar} there we go
[17:59] {MadMax} 🙂
[17:59] {Luthien} {Marc} elendil does have the sword narsil special rule
[17:59] {Luthien} {Marc} can u ask him..if aragorn get a special sword anduril rule ?
[18:00] * Corvar has left #havens
[18:00] * aaron has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[18:00] {Flinch} ooo good question
[18:00] * aaron has joined #havens
[18:00] {Alessio} Yes, I figured that re-forging the swod would change the sword’s power (and I didn’t want Aragorn to have both the free point of Might and the free Heroic fight…).
[18:00] {Luthien} wb, aaron
[18:01] {Alessio} When fighting with Anduril, he wounds everything on a 4+, regardless of their defence value
[18:02] * Beruthiel has joined #havens
[18:02] * T33N_^ANge^ has joined #havens
[18:02] * Talafar has joined #havens
[18:02] * Flinch sets mode: -m
[18:02] * aaron has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[18:02] {Marc} WHOA…
[18:02] {Flinch} We’re openning this up for conversation…
[18:02] {Luthien} okay, we’re opening it up
[18:02] {Flinch} try and behave 😉
[18:02] {Luthien} too stilted
[18:02] {Telcontar} wow
[18:02] {Luthien} let’s just have one question at a time if possible
[18:03] {Yith} Alessio – Can you tell us anything about the new Banner rules that are rumoured for Return of the King?
[18:03] * aaron has joined #havens
[18:03] {aaron} hi
[18:03] {Luthien} hi, aaron
[18:04] * Radagast has joined #havens
[18:04] {Radagast} hello
[18:04] {Haldir2} hi everyone
[18:04] {mosa} have you got a own homepage? pics of your own figures?
[18:04] {Alessio} Yep, in each combat where at least one of your models is within 3″ of a friendly banner you can re-roll a dice when working out who wins the fight. EG. if you roll a 3,3,2, you can pick up the 2 and hope to get a higher number! quite handy…
[18:04] {Tharkun} Alessio – what’s going to happen with the Hobbit expansion? Will it be 10mm and/or 25mm?
[18:04] {aaron} it sais i need a voice v+ wat does that meen
[18:05] {Yith} very nice thanks!
[18:05] {Alessio} I’m not sure I can talk about the hobbit thing, but I can confirm we are doing something with it…
[18:05] {Lord_Inquisitor} games workshop seems relatively unique as a large *company* that must be consistently be creative to succeed… is it therefore an exciting place to work for, and does it still have a creative spirit, as opposed to business spirit?
[18:05] {Messiah} that means the chat was moderated and you didn’t have the necessary permission to speak, as decided / set by the channel operator for the purpose of holding an ordered discussion
[18:05] {Radagast} are you going to make anymore miniatures for Shadow and Flame?
[18:05] {Haldir2} Alessio- Is there going to be a limited edition Mnas Tirith walls+gate set released for RotK?
[18:05] {Luthien} okay, too many questions too quickly
[18:06] {Maltagearion} one at a time guys
[18:06] {Luthien} let’s let him answer one at a time
[18:06] * mithaearon has joined #havens
[18:06] {Alessio} Ehr… where do I start?
[18:06] {Maltagearion} mith made it
[18:06] {Steffen} test
[18:06] {Luthien} starting back with this one: {mosa} have you got a own homepage? pics of your own figures?
[18:06] {Marc} Hi steffen
[18:06] {mosa} hi steffen!
[18:06] {RangerOfTheEast} lol
[18:06] * RangerOfTheEast has left #havens
[18:06] {sab} hi steffen
[18:06] {Marc} jetzt sinds 4 aus dem forum
[18:07] {Steffen} Hi Leute… konnte irgendwie ne Zeit lang nichts schreiben ! 🙁
[18:07] {mosa} not german!
[18:07] {sab} in english
[18:07] {Luthien} okay, guys, we’ve got to keep this in English, please
[18:07] * Beruthiel has left #havens
[18:07] {Steffen} ok
[18:07] {Steffen} sorry
[18:07] {aaron} can u please tell us if there be any other expansions like shadow and flame
[18:07] {mosa} what about my question??
[18:08] {Steffen} How long does this Discussion go ?
[18:08] {Luthien} I think he’s typing 😉
[18:08] {Steffen} hrhr
[18:08] * thebigmeatball has joined #havens
[18:08] {Luthien} this chat is going to be 1 hour long
[18:08] {mosa} great question!
[18:08] * Reapersoul has joined #havens
[18:08] {Marc} only 1h…
[18:08] {mosa} *looool*
[18:08] {Reapersoul} hello
[18:08] {Haldir2} hi
[18:08] {Maltagearion} you made it
[18:08] {Alessio} I’m afraid not. You see I’m more of a fanatical gamer than a complete hobbyist. My model are not very fancy, just functional to play games. I have to confess that I’m not too keen on painting/modelling. My speciality is gaming, gaming and more gaming. Fotr models I recomend the Perrys pages, where you can see their unique collection they designed for Peter Jackson!
[18:08] {Reapersoul} whaey 😉
[18:08] {Reapersoul} Hey Alessio
[18:09] {Tharkun} Alessio – I appreciate the sensitivity dealing wih the Hobbit. Please consider doing 25mm so it integrates with our other mini’s.
[18:09] {Telcontar} yes please!
[18:09] {mosa} adresse of the page please!
[18:09] {Reapersoul} yes!
[18:09] {Hithero} In other words you pay someone to paint your models 🙂
[18:09] {Maltagearion} let him catch up before you post more questions
[18:09] * Urukhaileader has joined #havens
[18:09] {Radagast} yes please
[18:09] {Marc} ill give you mosa
[18:09] {mosa} ok
[18:09] {Luthien} okay, now we’re on to this question: {Radagast} are you going to make anymore miniatures for Shadow and Flame?
[18:09] {Marc}
[18:10] {mosa} aha ok great!
[18:10] {Maltagearion} good question
[18:10] {Reapersoul} please do !
[18:11] {Alessio} To answer the evil Hithero, yes, I often pay someone to paint my models (blushes!). Watch Hithero, I know who you are and more importantly, where you live! 😉
[18:11] {Maltagearion} 🙂
[18:11] {Luthien} lol
[18:11] {cubeblue} haha, watch out Dave!
[18:11] {Urukhaileader} 🙂
[18:11] {Akh-Ra} In the books and in the movie we have seen that wargs can attack even without the rider… are u gonna change this rule in the RoTK?
[18:11] {Reapersoul} 😉
[18:11] {Maltagearion} hold the questions
[18:11] {Tharkun} do i see a gauntlet on the floor? 😉
[18:12] {Maltagearion} he’s still working on the first 3
[18:12] {Luthien} akh-ra, please hold the questions for right now, we’re still trying to answer earlier questions
[18:12] {Akh-Ra} sorry
[18:12] {Luthien} exactly, Maltagearion 😉
[18:12] {cubeblue} good question though
[18:12] {Reapersoul} we will get to ask later 😉
[18:12] {Reapersoul} yup
[18:12] {Akh-Ra} (it was a keyboard mistake)
[18:12] {Luthien} we’re keeping track of the order, and once he’s caught up, we can ask more
[18:12] {Alessio} About the Shadow and flame question. We will make the entire range needed for the scenarios in the book. LAter there will be more books and more models.
[18:12] {Maltagearion} good
[18:12] {Radagast} nice, cant wait
[18:13] {Reapersoul} cool
[18:13] {Telcontar} any specifics?
[18:13] {Reapersoul} model type models….
[18:13] {aaron} will there be a mounted aragorn in armour in rotk like in the movie poster
[18:13] {Haldir2} Hold the questions!
[18:13] {Telcontar} while wer r on the subject
[18:13] {Telcontar} sorry
[18:13] {Alessio} I don’t know which one you’ve already seen, so it’s difficult for me to answer that one.
[18:14] {Maltagearion} probably one will be made
[18:14] {aaron} do you mean mounted aragorn
[18:14] * Osbad has joined #havens
[18:14] {Flinch} just so you all know.. this chat will for sure be available on Gaming Havens after the chat
[18:14] {Reapersoul} hopefully
[18:14] {Alessio} Yes, there will be Aragorn (foot and mounted) in Gondor heavy armour, Defence 7!
[18:14] {Maltagearion} ooo!
[18:15] {aaron} thanks
[18:15] {Marc} wow…
[18:15] {Maltagearion} nice.
[18:15] {Akh-Ra} wow!
[18:15] {Telcontar} sweet!
[18:15] {Yith} even more of a tank 🙂
[18:15] {Urukhaileader} Darn
[18:15] {Radagast} great!
[18:15] {Reapersoul} cool
[18:15] {Telcontar} can u say wrecking ball
[18:15] {sab} very nice
[18:15] {Reapersoul} how many points though……..(asking himself)
[18:15] {Maltagearion} 100
[18:15] {Maltagearion} ;0
[18:15] {Luthien} okay, moving on to the next question: {Lord_Inquisitor} games workshop seems relatively unique as a large *company* that must be consistently be creative to succeed… is it therefore an exciting place to work for, and does it still have a creative spirit, as opposed to business spirit?
[18:15] {Alessio} always too cheap…
[18:16] {Reapersoul} lol
[18:16] {Flinch} I’d say it can’t be all that exciting he has to put up with e-mails from folks like me!
[18:16] {Steffen} Alessio ! What is about an next big expensionset in the future ? New Figures ? Which Szenarios ?
[18:16] {Luthien} but he gets to travel a lot 🙂
[18:17] {Maltagearion} no more questions for now
[18:17] * Akiuji has joined #havens
[18:17] {Luthien} Hey, Steffen, we’re going in order
[18:17] {Telcontar} and talk to cool people like us on the internet
[18:17] {Luthien} alessio is going to answer the question that’s currently up to bat
[18:17] {Messiah} mixtures of the creative and the corporate are always an interesting one
[18:17] {Luthien} but we’ll get to yours eventually
[18:17] {Steffen} sorry
[18:17] {Luthien} good questions, everyone!
[18:17] * GilGaladrocks has joined #havens
[18:17] {thebigmeatball} what as said about the Hobbit’s scale? I signed in a minute or two too late?
[18:17] {Telcontar} not much
[18:17] {Reapersoul} me too
[18:17] {T33N_^ANge^} why don’t you just post the questions first to the ops then they will choose the best ones and post it here?
[18:18] {Alessio} the conflict between business interest and sheer creativity is always a difficult one. You should see our animated meetings, where the creatives like me ask for huge things like a plastic Minas Tirith, and tye sensible managers tryto channel our energies into more business-wise decisions. What you guys see is a compromise… except for when you’ll see the Mumak! eh eh eheheh … It’s HUUUUGGEEEE!!!
[18:18] {Messiah} teen : the chat is not presently in a moderated phase
[18:18] * Lord_Inquisitor nods
[18:18] {Osbad} Full scale!!
[18:18] {cubeblue} that rules.
[18:18] {Osbad} fantastic
[18:18] {Maltagearion} holy smokes!
[18:18] {thebigmeatball} awesome
[18:18] {Yith} Alessio but still smaller than the one in the film right?
[18:18] {cubeblue} it’ll be the size of a small pony
[18:18] {Telcontar} *starts drooling*
[18:19] {Haldir2} Cool
[18:19] {cubeblue} j/k
[18:19] {sab} awesome
[18:19] {Radagast} can you tell us how big?
[18:19] {Reapersoul} good 🙂 I cant wait…
[18:19] {Telcontar} it will cost a fortune
[18:19] {Messiah} General : and this is what mordred will never understand.
[18:19] {GilGaladrocks} The lotr version of a titan!
[18:19] {cubeblue} I think ‘HUUUUUGEEEEE!!!’ is good enough for ‘how big’ 😉
[18:19] {Urukhaileader} Yep
[18:19] {thebigmeatball} yeah
[18:19] {Alessio} we had to scale it down a bit, but it’s still as big as a Monolith, if you play 40K
[18:19] {Maltagearion} yikes
[18:19] {Luthien} wow
[18:19] {cubeblue} nice
[18:19] {Osbad} Nice
[18:20] {Maltagearion} I hope he doesn’t fall on my figures and crushes them.
[18:20] {Reapersoul} freking ‘ell
[18:20] {Yith} thats nice… monolith is probably the biggest thing in 40k
[18:20] {Haldir2} Wow!
[18:20] {Telcontar} *scratches head*
[18:20] {Luthien} okay, next question: {Haldir2} Alessio- Is there going to be a limited edition Mnas Tirith walls+gate set released for RotK?
[18:20] {Yith} that isn’t forgeworld
[18:20] {Reapersoul} how much money wil it be (asking himself)
[18:20] {cubeblue} yeah, to actual real scale would make a lot of playing mat sizes too small.
[18:20] {Alessio} It won’t cost too much, because it will be plastic, but that’s sometime in the future…
[18:20] {Maltagearion} good question
[18:20] {Tharkun} now to find enough foam to transport it…
[18:20] {Reapersoul} cool
[18:20] {Yith} released early next year I assume?
[18:20] {Telcontar} awesome
[18:20] {cubeblue} nice
[18:21] {Osbad} Glad its going to be plastic
[18:21] {cubeblue} yeah, and not forgeworld, that’s a blessing.
[18:21] {Reapersoul} yeah me to short of money ;))
[18:21] {Urukhaileader} Me too.
[18:21] {sab} when can we buy the mumak?
[18:21] {Maltagearion} here as well
[18:21] * Reapersoul thanks god 😉
[18:21] {Alessio} We will make a Gondorian fortress similar to Helm’s deep in scale for the next supplement after the Return of the King: The Siege of Gondor.
[18:21] {Maltagearion} yay
[18:21] {Haldir2} cool!
[18:21] {Yith} but is it Minas Tirith?
[18:21] * T33N_^ANge^ has left #havens
[18:21] {Maltagearion} probably
[18:21] {Reapersoul} my god , we can just all stop building terrain….
[18:21] {mosa} coool!
[18:21] {GilGaladrocks} I hope it won’t be as rare as Helms Deep!
[18:22] {Maltagearion} Prabably rarer
[18:22] {aaron} will be limited edition
[18:22] {Urukhaileader} I have Helm’s Deep
[18:22] {cubeblue} they are re-releasing helms deep.
[18:22] {Luthien} and the next q: {Akh-Ra} In the books and in the movie we have seen that wargs can attack even without the rider… are u gonna change this rule in the RoTK?
[18:22] {Alessio} No, it isn’t Minas Tirith, becasue the White City is just too big and complex, but it will have the same architecture style, a good Gondor fortress!
[18:22] {Maltagearion} is that the last question?
[18:23] {Talafar} Alessio, are all the different rules from BGIME (for example sorcerous blast, confound), going to be made official in ROTK?
[18:23] {Reapersoul} Are you going to make a blind shooting rule?
[18:23] {Yith} guess I better start my new Minas Tirith model then 😉
[18:23] {Maltagearion} stop the questions
[18:23] {Radagast} tell me when I can ask the next question
[18:23] {Alessio} I’m sorry, but Wargs will reamsin as they are. Fell beasts and Mumakils will have their own attacks though.
[18:23] {Akh-Ra} :(((((
[18:23] {mosa} why stop?
[18:23] {Urukhaileader} Yes!
[18:23] {Urukhaileader} About the Fell beast
[18:23] {Haldir2} Stop the questions because he’s too far behind!
[18:23] {Reapersoul} good, I am getting sick of all these new rules…..
[18:24] {sab} mumakils with own attacks?Great!
[18:24] {cubeblue} splat.
[18:24] {Luthien} we’re catching up, Haldir2 😉
[18:24] {Tharkun} I think we should go back to sending our questions to the mods…
[18:24] {Luthien} this is the next q: {Steffen} Alessio ! What is about an next big expensionset in the future ? New Figures ? Which Szenarios ?
[18:24] {Haldir2} Thanks God for that!
[18:24] {Akh-Ra} yes
[18:24] {Flinch} Luthien is on top of it all 😉
[18:24] {Haldir2} lol
[18:24] {Eldariel} Luthien is doing a good job
[18:25] {Yith} yeah as long as Luthien actually keeps track of the questions for Alessio then we’ll be just fine 🙂
[18:25] {Yith} he is…
[18:25] {Luthien} which I am 😉
[18:25] {Yith} yup you are 🙂
[18:25] {Reapersoul} I know the release of the fel beast is imminent but what other “gigantic” creatures will we see released through the rest of the series?(whenever)
[18:25] {Flinch} awesome question…
[18:25] {Reapersoul} yeah go Luthien 😉
[18:25] {Haldir2} Can we start asking more questions now?
[18:26] {Luthien} Reapersoul, let him finish the one he’s currently answering, then we’re up to your q
[18:26] {Luthien} this is the current q: {Tharkun} Question: Will there be any expansions to the Helm’s Deep model? Like extra walls, stairs, towers, etc.
[18:26] {Reapersoul} sorry 🙂
[18:26] {Luthien} erk…no…that was an incorrect paste
[18:26] {Haldir2} lol
[18:26] {Alessio} the return of the king has 12 scenarios, plus a new section called The War of the Ring that deals with the other areas where the Free Peoples were fighting Sauron (Mirkwood, Erebor, Lorien etc.) which includeas five more scenarios! The year after we’ll have two more Shadow and Flame style books, only bigger!
[18:26] {Luthien} THIS is the current question: {Steffen} Alessio ! What is about an next big expensionset in the future ? New Figures ? Which Szenarios ?
[18:26] * Guest has joined #havens
[18:26] {Reapersoul} Are we all just sad and stupid people?
[18:27] {Osbad} WOW. ROTK sounds like a massive book! as big as a Mumak!
[18:27] {Haldir2} Maybe
[18:27] {cubeblue} alright!
[18:27] {Reapersoul} brillant!!!
[18:27] {Osbad} 😀
[18:27] {Reapersoul} COOL!!
[18:27] {mosa} jeaaaa!
[18:27] {Radagast} Are you going to make miniatures based on the Silmarillion?
[18:27] {cubeblue} Erebor, Mirkwood!
[18:27] {Luthien} hang on, radagast: we’re up to Reapersoul now 😉
[18:27] {Luthien} {Reapersoul} I know the release of the fel beast is imminent but what other “gigantic” creatures will we see released through the rest of the series?(whenever)
[18:27] {Reapersoul} wahey 🙂
[18:27] {Haldir2} They don’t have a copyright to do The Silmarillion
[18:28] {Flinch} Radagast please limit your questions to the films, and the trilogy or the Hobbit
[18:28] {aaron} will rotk stuff be able to buy the next games day?
[18:28] {Alessio} No, no Silmarillion, but we may have a look back at the LAst Alliance…
[18:28] {Radagast} ok, sorry
[18:28] {Flinch} GW cannot obtain the Silmarillion
[18:28] {GilGaladrocks} Will Rotk see the release of more Rohan models or will the two towers models stay?
[18:28] {Reapersoul} unells a film is released….
[18:28] {Reapersoul} unless*
[18:28] {Geo-Galad} Is the any plans to bring out types of army list for the point match games?
[18:29] {Haldir2} Alessio- Are you going to release Easterlings and Haradrim for RotK?
[18:29] {Guest} I’m assuming Jackson won’t include the Woses; but what about figures?
[18:29] {Luthien} okay, now we’re three questions deep again
[18:29] {Luthien} this is the current q: {Reapersoul} I know the release of the fel beast is imminent but what other “gigantic” creatures will we see released through the rest of the series?(whenever)
[18:29] {Reapersoul} lol
[18:29] {Talafar} Good question Geo-Galad, I’m wondering about that too
[18:29] {Flinch} well…
[18:29] * Flinch sets mode: +m
[18:29] {Flinch} I think we should address this
[18:30] {Flinch} The Tolkien Estate and Tolkien Enterprises are not managed by the same people
[18:30] {Alessio} I’d love to make abig Smaug, a proper dragon, one that you need an army to stop… but I don’t really know if we’ll be able to do it (legal complications…)
[18:30] {Flinch} because of this, The Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit are available to work with
[18:30] {Flinch} BUT… TOlkien’s son will not sell the rights to make ANYTHING based on the other works of J.R.R. Tolkien
[18:30] {Flinch} so pending his death… or a change of heart… we will only see things from the Hobbit or the core Trilogy.
[18:31] {Flinch} so yea…
[18:31] * Flinch sets mode: -m
[18:31] {aaron} asd
[18:31] {aaron} sorry
[18:31] {Luthien} okay, let’s try to stick to one question at at time 😉
[18:31] {Flinch} its all good… just a common confusion among tolkien gaming
[18:31] * Reapersoul has left #havens
[18:31] * Reapersoul has joined #havens
[18:32] {Flinch} we WISH WISH WISH we could play the Silamrillion games.. armies and armies of Balrogs… that just rocks!
[18:32] {Reapersoul} whats th question now then?
[18:32] {Yith} lol yup 🙂
[18:32] {Luthien} this one: {GilGaladrocks} Will Rotk see the release of more Rohan models or will the two towers models stay?
[18:32] {Luthien} {Reapersoul} unells a film is rele
[18:32] {aaron} hithero are you there
[18:32] {Reapersoul} huh?
[18:32] {Luthien} er… GilGaladrocks question 😉
[18:32] {Hithero} Still yours reap, bib beasties
[18:32] * Guest has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[18:32] {Reapersoul} cool
[18:33] {Luthien} well, alessio mentioned he’d like to do a Smaug but can’t b/c of legal complications
[18:33] {Maltagearion} too bad.
[18:33] {Luthien} are there any other big beasties in the works?
[18:33] {Reapersoul} still, it would be cool….
[18:33] {Maltagearion} be nice too have Smaug
[18:33] {Alessio} we’ll make more versions of the charatcers, sucgh as a mounted Eomer and a mounted Theoden in Armour (very cool armour), and of course Eowyn will be there in several armoured versions. You know she has an important mission to accomplish…
[18:33] {Reapersoul} but we will have the fell beast remembe that…..
[18:33] {GilGaladrocks} good
[18:34] {Osbad} Hobbits in armour?
[18:34] {Reapersoul} oh yeah Eowyn as a man…..
[18:34] {mosa} aha
[18:34] * [RdG]Mavessar has quit IRC (Quit: Mein Grinsen ist breit, meine Augen sind rot, ich teile das Dope, wie Jesus das Brot !)
[18:34] {sab} How far are you in development with the rotk product-range?
[18:34] {Eldariel} Dernhelm . . . ^_-
[18:34] {Yith} will there be a fellbeast, theoden, merry and eowyn boxed set? or similar?
[18:34] {Yith} oh and nazgul of course 🙂
[18:34] {Hithero} I hope there is no Hobbit riding pillion
[18:34] {Maltagearion} 😉
[18:34] {Reapersoul} whats the question now?
[18:34] {Maltagearion} me too.
[18:34] {GilGaladrocks} Why not Hithero 😉
[18:34] {Luthien} this is hte next question: {Haldir2} Alessio- Are you going to release Easterlings and Haradrim for RotK?
[18:35] {Maltagearion} probably
[18:35] {Reapersoul} yeah
[18:35] {Reapersoul} bye
[18:35] * Reapersoul has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[18:35] {Luthien} then there are a few really good questions from PMs that I think we should answer
[18:35] {Hithero} My dremel circular saw is blunt.
[18:35] {Alessio} EAterlings yes. HAradrims will be released later with the Mumak…
[18:35] {Maltagearion} can you answer mine soon? I need to go.
[18:36] {Luthien} Maltagearion, what was your question again?
[18:36] {GilGaladrocks} lol
[18:36] {Maltagearion} Alessio: Will we be seeing more of the Elves? As in more heros, swordsmen, and others?
[18:36] {Maltagearion} that was it
[18:36] {cubeblue} cool, haradrim perhaps in siege of gondor or something like that.
[18:36] {Luthien} okay, that’s the current question 🙂
[18:36] {Maltagearion} thanks
[18:36] {Flinch} the Elves in Shadow and Flame are just stunning
[18:37] {mosa} does everyone from makes a chat protocol?
[18:37] {Marc} @mosa im doing one
[18:37] {Marc} @mosa if it helps you
[18:37] {Mithrandir} 4i too
[18:37] {Flinch} as much as we love our friends over at lastalliance… lets try to stay on topic
[18:37] {mosa} can you copy the text?
[18:38] {Akiuji} I would like to ask a question – are the rules for massed battles going to be in ROTK, and if so what are they like…?
[18:38] {Luthien} this is being logged, mosa
[18:38] {Luthien} and we’ll paste it on Havens afterwards
[18:38] {Alessio} We could make more of thearmy of Gil-galad in the LAst Alliance supplement and sooner or later we’ll make a Mirkwood supplement: Thranduil and his kin need to be done!
[18:38] {Maltagearion} nice, thanks
[18:38] {Radagast} AWESOME!!!
[18:38] {Maltagearion} sounds awsome
[18:38] {sab} cool
[18:38] {Haldir2} cool!
[18:38] {mosa} i need to go now!
[18:38] {Eldariel} Thranduil would be a nice one . . . .
[18:38] {Marc} bye
[18:38] {Maltagearion} bye guys.
[18:38] * T33N_^ANge^ has joined #havens
[18:38] * Maltagearion has quit IRC (Quit: I was using mIRC for StarChat)
[18:38] {sab} bye
[18:38] {Yith} 🙂
[18:38] * mosa has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[18:38] {Luthien} okay, this question is from a PM: {Mithrandir} can you ask this? I hears there will be more Dwarf models, can you give an example?
[18:39] {GilGaladrocks} Why did you choose to make lotr a points game instead of using the usual HQ choice , Elites choice..etc?
[18:40] {Haldir2} Alessio- Are you going to release Sauron for RotK?
[18:40] {Telcontar} Why did you decide to add shamen, and will they only be limited to orcs?
[18:40] {Flinch} I guess we could make this available on as well…
[18:40] {Alessio} What’s a PM? Anyway, Dain will be a bonus model for the War of the Ring in trotk range, and sooner or later we’ll make a supplement on the Iron Hills, featuring plastic Dwarves and possibly cold drakes to fuight against them!
[18:40] {Telcontar} I just wanna get this logged in a a ?
[18:40] {Luthien} alessio: PM is a private message
[18:40] {Haldir2} Cool!!
[18:40] * Guest has joined #havens
[18:41] {Yith} nice
[18:41] {Flinch} Drakes would be oustanding
[18:41] {Luthien} okay, this is the next question: {Tharkun} Question: Will there be any expansions to the Helm’s Deep model? Like extra walls, stairs, towers, etc.
[18:41] {Haldir2} Fire-Drakes would be cool!
[18:41] * Guest has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[18:42] {Radagast} will you make miniatures of some dark numenoreans?
[18:42] {Alessio} I don’t think so, but the new Gondor fortress will be compatible with Helm’s deep…
[18:42] {thebigmeatball} ooo
[18:42] {sab} will there be a limited mini for rotk?
[18:42] {Urukhaileader} Hurray!
[18:42] {Luthien} good to know
[18:43] {Luthien} okay, next q: {Talafar} Will the problems with points values be cleared up? For example, over-pointing of moria goblin captains, cheapness of elf bows compared to goblin ones, etc?
[18:43] {GilGaladrocks} Excellent a huge fortress!
[18:43] {Alessio} DAve Andrews is doing it! A guarantee of quality!
[18:43] {Urukhaileader} Yes!
[18:43] {GilGaladrocks} Even better
[18:44] {Haldir2} Cool!
[18:44] {Alessio} A lot of that has been fixed in trotk. Spears are now 1 pt and elven bows and crossbows have doubled in price. Evil captains have been fixed too.
[18:44] {cubeblue} are the perry twins here, or coming?
[18:45] {Telcontar} not here
[18:45] {Telcontar} not coming
[18:45] {Telcontar} =(
[18:45] {GilGaladrocks} Will we be getting Olog Hai?
[18:45] {Luthien} they had to cancel at the last minute, Telcontar
[18:45] {cubeblue} good q
[18:45] {Luthien} this is the next one: {Urukhaileader} How come most of the new stuff comes out in the UK before the US?
[18:45] {Alessio} Unfortunately the Perrys are in Belgium with their tank, but if you want I can phone them and ask then a question.
[18:45] {Yith} Alessio – sounds great
[18:45] {Telcontar} right
[18:46] {Telcontar} i was answering cubeblue
[18:46] {Osbad} 😀
[18:46] {Yith} lol… their tank 🙂
[18:46] {Haldir2} lol
[18:46] * aaron1 has joined #havens
[18:46] {GilGaladrocks} Let’s Hope they take care!
[18:46] {Alessio} I really don’t know. Release dates are decided by the heads of retail, nothing to do with us designers…
[18:47] {Telcontar} stupid heads of retail
[18:47] {Urukhaileader} Ok
[18:47] {Lord_Inquisitor} games workshop is also based in the UK
[18:47] {Lord_Inquisitor} so it makes sense
[18:47] {Telcontar} it takes forever to get anything here in the US
[18:47] {Lord_Inquisitor} and citadel miniatures etc
[18:47] {aaron1} please tell me more about the iron hills supplement
[18:47] {Akiuji} hey, you guys get movies befor us so it is only fair…8)
[18:47] {Telcontar} yea sigh…
[18:47] {Telcontar} lol
[18:47] {Telcontar} true
[18:47] {Luthien} okay, here’s the next q: {Geo-Galad} can you ask- how the persent tournment rules are going change?
[18:47] * aaron1 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[18:47] {Telcontar} and video games
[18:47] * aaron has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[18:48] {Urukhaileader} Yeah, but I can’t see the movies yet
[18:48] {Haldir2} Why?
[18:48] {Urukhaileader} Because of age
[18:48] {Haldir2} Oh
[18:48] {cubeblue} that sucks
[18:48] {Haldir2} The first one is PG
[18:49] {Urukhaileader} 13
[18:49] {GilGaladrocks} What country do you live in?
[18:49] {Urukhaileader} I have seen that one
[18:49] {Urukhaileader} US
[18:49] * aaron1 has joined #havens
[18:49] {Eldariel} why would age matter? I’ve seen rated R movies when I was 13
[18:49] {Haldir2} How old are you?
[18:49] {Urukhaileader} My parents
[18:49] {Eldariel} 15
[18:49] {Urukhaileader} 12
[18:49] {Telcontar} u weren’t supposed to tho
[18:50] {Urukhaileader} Nothing against them
[18:50] {Alessio} Now that the points values havebeen fixed (EG BAlrog and Sauron are now 500 pts)I will allow all models in the range into tournaments (except Tom Bombadil, becasue he won’t lewave his borders, Goldberry and Gollum… also there will be an new fourth scenario (people asked for more games! and we are also thinking about double tournaments, where teams of two pewople play together, one with an Evoil Force and one with Good.
[18:50] {Haldir2} If your 12 then you should be allowed to watch TTT!
[18:50] {GilGaladrocks} Ah in the UK it is only reccomended to over 12’s
[18:50] {Eldariel} as long as my parents were there, nobody cared
[18:50] {Talafar} like the idea of doubles tourneys
[18:50] {Yith} Thats cool Alessio… more tourneys nice 🙂
[18:50] {cubeblue} finally, good change to the points for balrog and sauron
[18:50] {Yith} just need a partner 🙂
[18:50] {Haldir2} And in US is it 13+?
[18:50] {aaron1} will there be a theoden model on a horse with armour and will his stats change
[18:50] {aaron1} please answer
[18:50] {Urukhaileader} Yes
[18:51] {Talafar} didn’t Dejan do that for his tournament in croatia?
[18:51] {Yith} looking forward to the next tourney… this year’s was fantastic
[18:51] {Luthien} aaron1, I will add that question to the list
[18:51] {Haldir2} Alessio- Are you going to have Sauron for RotK?
[18:51] {Talafar} sure was fantastic
[18:51] {Luthien} this is the current question: {sab} wil there be a limited mini for rotk?Which?
[18:51] {aaron1} thanks luthien
[18:52] {Telcontar} we need a tournament in the US!
[18:52] {Urukhaileader} Yes, we do
[18:52] {Alessio} Once more, that decision belongs to the sales companies, so the heads of our US branch will decide. I’ve heard it might be Denethor…
[18:52] * mosa has joined #havens
[18:52] {mosa} hi
[18:52] {Marc} re
[18:53] {Eldariel} I like Denethor. He went nutz!
[18:53] {Osbad} makes sense – Denethor doesn’t actually fight (at least in the books . . .)
[18:53] {sab} nice
[18:53] {Haldir2} lol
[18:53] {Telcontar} next ?
[18:53] {Luthien} just a sec…
[18:53] {Telcontar} no prob
[18:53] {Telcontar} jw
[18:53] {Luthien} marc asked this, and I’m curious too: Alessio, have you had a chance to see Peter Jackson’s RotK yet?
[18:54] {Akiuji} ooh..
[18:54] {Haldir2} good question
[18:54] {Telcontar} i heard it wasn’t even finished yet
[18:54] {mosa} …
[18:54] {thebigmeatball} I don’t think it is
[18:54] {Akiuji} they still have rough cuts
[18:54] {Haldir2} It is finished, but PJ’s editing it now
[18:54] {Telcontar} well yea
[18:55] {Mithrandir} oh no only 12 minutes… 🙁
[18:55] {Luthien} well ask as many questions as we can in the next 12 minutes
[18:55] {Haldir2} 6 mins left, I think!
[18:55] {mosa} i don’t understand! only 12 figures??
[18:56] {Alessio} No, I’ve seen the extended version of the Two Towers in Weta’s own little cnema and that was awesome. The film is sooo much more complete! I have seena few scenes of TROTK and some animatics, it looks unbelievable! It reminded me a lot of the beginning of the first film, just bigger! I can also say that the Perrys, Brian Nelson and Me are in TROTK as extras!!! TH experience of a lifetime!
[18:56] {mosa} sorry!
[18:56] {Luthien} well, actually, according to my clock, it’s 9 minutes…
[18:56] {Haldir2} I’ve asked my Sauron question three times!
[18:56] {Urukhaileader} What part do you play?
[18:56] {Eldariel} neat!
[18:56] {Telcontar} cool
[18:56] {Urukhaileader} 4 minutes
[18:56] {Luthien} that is so awesome, alessio!
[18:56] {Telcontar} i’d love to know what scene
[18:56] {Urukhaileader} By my watch
[18:56] {Radagast} lucky you
[18:56] {Luthien} 8 minutes now, and my watch is the official watch 😉
[18:56] {Haldir2} lol
[18:56] {Hithero} He played a part that shows of his acting talents to the full 🙂
[18:57] {Mithrandir} 4lets only write questions ok?
[18:57] {Haldir2} Or maybe he played a Gondorian tripping over his feet 🙂
[18:57] {mosa} yeah
[18:57] * david has joined #havens
[18:57] {david} hellooo
[18:57] {Luthien} okay, this is the next q: {Haldir2} Alessio- Are you going to release sauron for RotK?
[18:58] {thebigmeatball} please say no..
[18:58] {mosa} are you david wollmer?
[18:58] {Alessio} Why should we?
[18:58] {Telcontar} yea please no
[18:58] {david} stanbury
[18:58] {Telcontar} lol
[18:58] {Yith} cool… thats a good answer 😉
[18:58] {Telcontar} what an answer?
[18:58] {Luthien} yup
[18:58] {thebigmeatball} yes it is!
[18:58] {mosa} ok
[18:58] {Yith} there is rumour of a fight between Aragorn and Sauron… seems very unlikely
[18:58] {Haldir2} Because there are rumours that he’s at the battle at the Black Gates
[18:58] {Luthien} okay, we have time to ask three more questions
[18:59] {Yith} except maybe in a palatir with minds 🙂
[18:59] {david} have i missed alessio
[18:59] {aaron1} what other models stats will change like legolas, if they do?
[18:59] {Luthien} go ahead and ask them here, and then we’ll keep track
[18:59] {Luthien} that’s 1
[18:59] * Beruthiel has joined #havens
[18:59] * baboonfrodo has joined #havens
[18:59] {Yith} Will there be an Orc Shamen… in addition to the Uruk and Goblin one?
[18:59] {Telcontar} my shamen question
[18:59] {Luthien} that’s 2
[18:59] {Telcontar} the one i asked before
[18:59] {Talafar} Will the alternate rules from BGIME, for example sorcerous blasts and confound, be official in ROTK?
[18:59] {Radagast} are you going to do anything with Numenor?
[18:59] {Luthien} that’s right! I never pasted that one
[18:59] {Mithrandir} 4only improtant questions
[18:59] {Alessio} Well, the hobbits are gettingmeaner (they have gained a lot of experience points you see),
[18:59] {thebigmeatball} Talafar’s Question is good
[19:00] {Alessio} Yes, there will be an Orc Shaman soon.
[19:00] {baboonfrodo} Will Shamen have free will like Gandalf?
[19:00] {thebigmeatball} they don’t
[19:00] {Hithero} Do you prefer a Big Mac or Burger King?
[19:00] {Yith} “experience points”? is this a new rule that may come along or just a turn of phrase?
[19:00] {Luthien} okay, that’s it for questions, but I’m adding Telcontar’s shamen question b/c I missed that one
[19:00] {david} i heard of a Scouring of the SHire expansion like S&F as a rumour
[19:00] {Luthien} so, question #1: {aaron1} what other models stats will change like legolas, if they do?
[19:00] {Akiuji} you missed mine too
[19:01] {Yith} he answered that one Luthien
[19:01] {Alessio} I did.
[19:01] {aaron1} will the hobbits be in armour
[19:01] {david} will the scouring of the shire be brought out
[19:01] {sab} veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery important: will there ba legolas mini with knives?
[19:02] {GilGaladrocks} you could always convert one
[19:02] {Telcontar} that is a good question…
[19:02] {Luthien} okay, my mistake
[19:02] {Alessio} Thew scouring of the dshire would make a fun supplement!
[19:02] {david} i know thats why i want one
[19:02] {Alessio} Ok guys, last question. Luthien?
[19:02] {mosa} why last?
[19:02] {Luthien} let’s do this one: {Talafar} Will the alternate rules from BGIME, for example sorcerous blasts and confound, be official in ROTK?
[19:03] {thebigmeatball} yes good one
[19:03] {Telcontar} Sigh…
[19:03] {mosa} will the adventures in middleearth are going nexter?
[19:04] {mosa} the magazin i mean
[19:04] {sab} alessio, i want to invite you to the forum of!
[19:04] * Beruthiel has left #havens
[19:04] {sab} please visit us 🙂
[19:04] * liam has joined #havens
[19:04] * mosa has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:04] {aaron1} thanks allesio
[19:05] * mosa has joined #havens
[19:05] * aaron1 has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:05] {cubeblue} Alessio, thanks for doing this chat with us today! And keep up the fantastic work!
[19:05] {Urukhaileader} Thank you much
[19:05] {Alessio} Good question. BGIME and our LOTR are different products. We work close with them and help eacj other, so most of the rules are exactly the same (as you will see in trotk),, some aren’t due to the different time scale in which we work. So in our events we’ll aklways use our own rules and they will will use theirs in their events, if they do any. You people are free to choose whichver you prfer for your games.
[19:05] {Luthien} great 🙂
[19:05] * david has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:05] {Talafar} thanks for that Alessio, hopefully see you at Gamesday or the next GT
[19:05] {Telcontar} Thanks for chatting Alessio!
[19:05] {Urukhaileader} Ok
[19:05] {Akh-Ra} Ciao Alessio ci si vede sul Forum italiano!!!
[19:05] {Yith} Thanks Alessio .. See you at the next GT… I hope you will be able to roll your special dice for me and Talafar again 🙂
[19:05] {Luthien} Alessio, thank you so much for joining us in this chat!!
[19:05] {Talafar} heh
[19:05] {Tharkun} 12Thanks everyone!
[19:05] {Urukhaileader} Thank you again
[19:05] * liam is now known as liamcarpeting
[19:06] {thebigmeatball} yup
[19:06] * Akiuji has left #havens
[19:06] {Alessio} Thank you very much guys. It has been fun and we must do this again sometime! Ciao
[19:06] {Haldir2} Thanks for amswering all thoses questions, Alessio!
[19:06] {GilGaladrocks} Ok thanks Alessio
[19:06] {Yith} yeah soon!
[19:06] {Urukhaileader} Ciao
[19:06] {Radagast} thanks for chatting, ciao!
[19:06] {Mithrandir} 4thx
[19:06] {Yith} ciao!
[19:06] * Radagast has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:06] {Eldariel} thankies!
[19:06] {mosa} ciao
[19:06] {sab} thank you very much for taking time
[19:06] {Osbad} Ta!
[19:06] {mosa} cu
[19:06] {mosa} ciao
[19:06] {mosa} cu
[19:06] {T33N_^ANge^} give him a round of applause
[19:06] {mosa} ciao
[19:06] {mosa} cu
[19:06] {mosa} ciao
[19:06] {mosa} cu
[19:06] {mosa} ciao
[19:06] {Telcontar} *claps*
[19:06] {sab} applause
[19:06] {mosa} cu
[19:06] {mosa} ciao
[19:06] {mosa} cu
[19:06] {mosa} ciao
[19:06] {mosa} cu
[19:06] {Hithero} Adios
[19:06] * Urukhaileader hopes I can go to a GD and meet you some day
[19:06] {mosa} ciao
[19:06] * T33N_^ANge^ applause
[19:06] {Mithrandir} 4CU @
[19:06] * Marc applauses
[19:06] {Luthien} thank you everyone for attending!!
[19:06] {mosa} cu
[19:06] {mithaearon} thanks
[19:06] {Haldir2} Bye!
[19:06] {mosa} ciao
[19:06] {Luthien} if you want to stay and continue to discuss all of this, you’re very welcome to
[19:07] {Urukhaileader} Bye
[19:07] {mithaearon} bye all
[19:07] {Yith} a big thanks to the TORN guys for organising this
[19:07] {Eldariel} bye yall!
[19:07] {Urukhaileader} Adios
[19:07] {mosa} bye
[19:07] {Telcontar} Bye all
[19:07] * Eldariel has left #havens
[19:07] * Alessio has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:07] {Luthien} #havens is here 24/7 for gaming talk 🙂
[19:07] * mithaearon has quit IRC (Quit: )
[19:07] {sab} hope you come to GD Germany
[19:07] {Urukhaileader} Caio
[19:07] {Yith} Hip! Hip!
[19:07] * Akh-Ra has quit IRC (Quit: 0,4[® PÎZz §©rÎpT©11 4.0]8,2(
[19:07] * T33N_^ANge^ has left #havens
[19:07] {Tharkun} happy gaming all, til next time…
[19:07] {Telcontar} yea thanks Flinch and Luthien escpecially!
[19:07] {cubeblue} Thanks Flinch and everyone at the gaming havens, you all rock, once again!
[19:07] {Haldir2} Bye erveryone!
[19:07] {sab} oooooh, now hes gone
[19:07] * baboonfrodo has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:07] * mosa has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:07] {Luthien} ty for asking such great questions, guys!
[19:07] * Telcontar has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
[19:07] {GilGaladrocks} My the blessings of elves and men go with you!
[19:08] {Luthien} 🙂
[19:08] * tthan has joined #havens
[19:08] {Talafar} bye everyone
[19:08] * GilGaladrocks has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

[Eng Log]

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Join us for a chat with Games Workshop!

Join us this coming Saturday (July 19th) for an exclusive chat preview of Shadow and Flame! Shadow and Flame creators Alessio Cavatore and Alan and Michael Perry will be joining us in #Havens to discuss their work on Shadow and Flame and answer questions about Game Workshop’s latest expansion to the Lotr Tabletop Battle Game: Shadow and Flame!

The chat will be held at 1:00 pm EST (6:00 pm GMT, 10:00 am PST, and 3:00 am AEST for all you down-under night-owls) at #Havens in Barliman’s chatroom, which is located at port 6667. For instructions on how to get to Barliman’s, check out Barliman’s homepage here. If you don’t have an IRC Client and would like to connect directly through your browser, you can access #Havens by clicking here.

Bring your questions and enthusiasm. We hope to see you there!

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Games Day LA Report

Gaming is a subculture. Miniatures gaming is a sub-culture within a subculture. I wasn’t fully aware of this until this past weekend, as I attended my first ever Games Day in Ontario, CA. Nearly 2,000 devotees spent nearly ten hours marveling over the latest miniatures, playing exhaustive tournament rounds of Warhammer, attending seminars on new technologies, learning about forthcoming games, talking to industry members, ogling original artwork and eating junk food. It was a chance to schmooze, make new friends, and celebrate a mutual love of gaming.

When I first walked into the Ontario Convention Center, I was astounded by all of the diorama tables. Tables, tables everywhere. As a novice gamer, and not well versed in miniature tabletop gaming, the details of the tables were astounding to me—everything from a functional replica of Mt. Doom with running lava to a full model of Helm’s Deep, complete with a realistic culvert and Deeping-stream, lovingly crafted in exquisite detail down to the very last shrub. And these were just the Lotr tables! The entire right side of the enormous pavilion was devoted to Warhammer 40,000 gaming tables, and the entire day was punctuated by the brazen (sometimes terrifying) cries of gamers initiating a new game in the Warhammer tournament. For a moment, I felt like I had stumbled upon a secret male-bonding ritual of the 21st Century, until someone told me screaming like that at the start of each game was just how you played the game.

I also quickly learned that Booth placement functions under the same principles as real-estate: Location, location, location. Our booth was very lucky to be sandwiched between the Sideshow Toy booth and the THQ’s Display for FireWarrior, both of which were high-profile booths. Sideshow generously lent us one of the Glamdring combat swords used in Peter Jackson’s production, and I spent the day proudly exclaiming to the crowds gathered around the display case that this sword wasn’t a replica, but actually had Sir Ian McKellan’s sweat embedded in the handle. Another huge draw to our booth was the presence of three short films on Lotr games, including Middle-earth Online, Black Label’s War of the Ring and Electronic Art’s Return of the King, which we kept on repeat. Each film included screenshots and game footage spliced between interviews with Ed Del Castillo, Neil Young and Tish Salvi, and attracted several fans with cries of “wow” and “oh, cool.” There was also a slide-show of Bruce Hopkins (aka “Gamling”) painting his very own Games Workshop Gamling miniature, which also drew a great deal of attention. The miniature itself, hand-painted and signed by Bruce Hopkins, was on display at the booth as well, and will be auctioned off at a later date. (Keep an eye on for details).

For me, one of the highlights included attending a workshop given by Alessio Cavatore of Games Workshop, concerning the upcoming Shadow and Flame release, as well as details on the expansion sets for the Lord of the Rings Table-top Battle Game. Flinch and I were also lucky enough to see the Shadow and Flame rule-book, which will hit stores in July, and includes such features as Balin’s return to Moria, and scenarios involving Tom Bombadil, Goldberry and the Barrow-Wights! Another highlight included Ed Del Castillo doing a brief stint of “booth duty” at TORN’s booth, which involved eating several fake oreos and fruit leather (don’t ask).

The entire day passed very quickly. I watched two rounds of speed painting, marveled over original artwork and production sketches for Warhammer 40,000, was amazed by the skill that went into the GoldenDaemon Competitions, and answered a lot of questions about TORN and TORN digital (the TORN digital crew was on hand, filming footage for the upcoming documentary film Ringers: Lord of the Fans). The day ended with an exciting round of trivia at our booth, hosted by Quickbeam, and prizes included everything from Gamling miniatures to busts of Galadriel and The Easterling, all generously donated by Sideshow Toy. Finally, as the crowds began to disperse and we took down the booth, I realized something very important: you don’t have to be a die-hard gamer to enjoy Games Day. See you next year!

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