The entire supplement hit stores March 20th. To quote Games Workshop’s release:

“The Siege of Gondor is the second of Games Workshop’s supplements for The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (the first being the recent Shadow & Flame) and continues the ongoing support for tabletop battles in Middle-earth. This 64 full color page book will augment the rules with sieges, war machines, and more reflecting the kind of large-scale battles seen in The Return of the King. Players will also get rules for new war machines for Gondor and Mordor to augment their armies, plus new characters and key locations of combats. The Siege of Gondor is an invaluable supplement for gamers looking to expand their armies beyond small skirmishes and into larger scale battles. Future supplements are already in work to provide even more for players as well, drawing also on the literary works as well as the motion pictures.

This supplement is an invaluable guide to collecting, modelling and gaming with Games Workshop’s detailed The Lord of The Rings miniatures. Within its colorfully illustrated pages you will find essential rules, information, and inspiration to bring the battles of Middle-earth to your own tabletop.

The complete gaming rules for fighting sieges around Middle-earth, together with new warriors for the forces of Good and Evil – including the noble Citadel Guard of Minas Tirith, the brutal Morannon Orcs, destructive Siege Engines and many more.

Six linked scenarios recreate the desperate battle for Gondor as Sauron sends forth his legions, from the struggle for Osgiliath to the battle in the streets of Minas Tirith. In the appendix, two additional scenarios allow players to re-enact the tense and dramatic siege of Helm’s Deep.

Detailed advice on how to prepare your fortifications and siege towers, together with inspiring photographs of all the new models and scenery that have been designed for this book.”