Arhaic, author of “The Dunedain” module for Neverwinter Nights, has recently created another quality LotR module for NWN: LotR: Sons of the Steward. “This module is quite a bit deeper than the original,” Archaic writes, “but it pays the same degree of homage and respect to Tolkien’s source material.”

It is less than a year until the War of the Ring.

The Stewards rule the kingdom of Gondor from their fortress city of Minas Tirith. It is their charge to safeguard all that they can until the return of the king, but that charge is proving more difficult with each passing day.

From the Dark Lands of the East encroach the armies of Sauron, Enemy of all Free Peoples of Middle-Earth. In recent months they have drawn heavily from Gondor, stealing the forests of Ithilien and putting to the lance all of the Steward’s old allies. The people look past their Steward now to his sons: Boromir and Faramir, Captains of Gondor; the former, a heroic and brazen soldier; the latter a reluctant and thoughtful young lordling.

It will fall to these two brothers to stave off the Enemy’s invasion, salvage what they can, and, in time, be shuffled off the field to make room for the greater players of Middle-Earth -and their greater games.

This module includes the following features:

1. Relates the story of Boromir, Faramir, Denethor, and Mithrandir
(Gandalf) about a year before the events in Fellowship of the Ring.

2. Makes thorough (sorry about the hak size!) use of original community content, including Uruk-hai and LotR weaponry.

3. Contains elements appropriate to the Lord of the Rings world. You won’t see magic missle here! However, you will see: a working Horn of Gondor, a many-tiered Minas Tirith, banners of the White Tree and Lidless Eye, Henneth Anun, siege weaponry, etc. All of this is used in contextually appropriate ways. For instance, you won’t find Frodo or Sam anywhere near this module, as Tolkien’s timeline would not have permitted it.

4. Dialogue written with love by an English teacher.

5. Depth and scope beyond that of my decently-rated first module,
“LotR: The Dunedain”.

For more information and the module download, go here, and be sure to read the instructions in the ReadMe text file! Enjoy, and let us know what you thought of this module by e-mailing