The Lord of the Rings the Third Age is definitely one of the better RPG’s of our time. It is probably the first of its kind for EA games, but hopefully not the last. There is a deep storyline into the game, one much different than the movies themselves. By the halfway point in the game, you will have gotten all 6 of the playable characters, each with unique abilities and traits. Berethor is the main character, the citadel guard from gondor, and the main story revolves around his life. You will also come across other races such as the elf Idrial, who is sent to protect Berethor, and begins to form a bond with him. There is a stubborn dwarf, Hadhod, somewhat like Gimli, but able to cast magic, Eaoden, a rider of rohan with energy powers, Elegost, a Dunedain ranger with bowcraft, and Morwen, a mistress who once served Denethor. As you progress through the game, each character has a story to reveal, and you gain new powers and weapons to use. This RPG follows the same combat style as Final Fantasy, a turn-based one. It may be slow at times, but you get used to it after a while. The gameplay is definitely a 10 rating, there are many missions to complete in each realm, and you can go back in evil mode to gain new weapons by killing your people with the evil guys, like the Balrog. There is a co-op mode to the game also that has its benefits when playing with friends, and over 100 scenes from the movie, each telling a story, which is extremely awesome, and hopefully there may be some scenes from the extended RotK, but i have yet to get there. Once you get through at least fifty percent of the game, the true story unfolds, Berethor’s past is revealed, and Idrial’s job to save him is beginning. It all forms a deep, true, one-of-a-kind RPG with extrememly detailed graphics of the worlds, deep gameplay, and overall few, if any, problems. This is definitely ONE RPG TO RULE THEM ALL.