Check out an exclusive and entertaining interview with our favorite Merry and Pippin, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd from /Film. In the wide ranging interview, they discuss their recent Hobbit reunion (and plans for more), San Diego Comic-Con memories, and advice for The Rings of Power cast.

These comic conventions that in 20 years since we’ve made the movies, we’ve never done one together, all four of us, and met the fans and said hello and stuff. Someone came to us and had that idea to do a sort of Hobbit get-together and do a show. It’s been really fun so we’re doing six of them this year, different cities — Toronto, Boston, Dallas — and it’s been great.

– Billy on their recent viral reunion

I think with “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and everything surrounding it, in a lot of ways that fandom has become the most fervent, the most passionate. They’re the biggest fandom and no one can compute something being bigger, but over the course of time, something will come along that will be bigger, but it won’t diminish what happened with that Peter Jackson trilogy, because it’s an extraordinary piece of work.

– Dominic on the LOTR fandom

My only advice that I would give to any cast members making “The Lord of the Rings” Amazon show now is, if you’re having great days on set and you’ve made great friends and you love the crew and you love the job that you did, don’t worry about the rest of it. You are working on an amazing job in that case, because if you can go to work and enjoy yourself, everyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter.

– Dominic on his advice to the cast of The Rings of Power

Per a new popculture interview, Billy and Dom plan to watch and talk about the first episode of Rings of Power for their The Friendship Onion podcast in the future. Stay tuned.

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