And then there were two… We’re down to the Final of Middle-earth March Madness 2022, A Battle of the Ages – 64 events from the first four Ages of Arda began the tournament, but now only two remain. What will be the Grand Champion for this year? YOU decide! Voting is open until Tuesday morning (April 5th); and we’ll announce the winner on TORn Tuesday that evening. Here’s the button so you can place your vote now!

Instructions: Click on the orange voting button above. Then click the ‘Vote Now’ option that appears above the final four bracket.

What happened in the Semi Finals?

12,000 votes were placed in the Final Four round, as Pre-First went up against First Age, and Second went up against Third Age. One showdown saw the very first event of them all – Eru Ilúvatar’s Creation of Arda – taking on the team work of Beren and Lúthien, and their recovery of a Silmaril. The second match up was an alpha and omega type event: the forging of the One Ring facing off against its ending. How did the contests play out?

The Creation of Arda vs Beren and Lúthien recovering a Silmaril

This was the closest battle we have seen throughout the entire contest thus far. At one point, just 16 votes stood between these two events! In the end, it was the work of Eru Ilúvatar which won – but by only 51% to 49%! So Beren and Lúthien must sail into the West, whilst the beginning of it all goes through to the Final. Which event will it be facing?

Sauron Forging the One Ring vs the Destruction of the Ring

While the previous pairing resulted in the closest margin of all the matchups thus far, this battle by contrast had one of the widest. Sauron’s Forging of the One Ring could not even claim a quarter of the vote! Voters clearly preferred the Ring’s end to its beginning, with the Destruction of the Ring winning with 77% of votes.

And now, just one battle remains. It’s Pre-First Age against Third Age; the dawn of Tolkien’s Legendarium vs almost the end. Which will prevail? Every vote counts – place yours now! Join us on TORn Tuesday, April 5th, when we will reveal the Middle-earth March Madness Champion for 2022. Voting will close Tuesday morning; VOTE NOW!