One of my favorite lines our friends at Weta Workshop produce is the environments line. Why? Well, I’d love to actually visit Middle-earth, but being a fantasy world, that seems unlikely. I’d love to visit New Zealand –  and that may happen someday, but getting there from Missouri isn’t cheap. So collecting these amazingly well done pieces of the places we love is as close as I can get for now; as I’m sure is the case for many of you as well. We now can add three new environment pieces to our collections.

The first is a massive Bag End with that awesome green front door that opens and closes. When you open this door, you’ll be able to peek in and see the main hallway. That’s not all though! It also has a light up feature, giving the feeling that Bilbo or Frodo is at home. You can pre-order this right now through December 22nd for $1,199(USD),  with the edition size being determined by the numbers of orders placed. If you want something Bag End but maybe slightly cheaper, there is a hobbit hole sized piece of Bag End for only $99(USD). Both of these pieces ship during the fourth quarter of next year.

Bag End is not the only place getting some love from the folks at Weta Workshop. Folks like myself have been wanting an official Doors of Durin for years. That time has come – and it was worth the wait. Fans get a beautifully crafted door in the side of the mountain, as well as some of the trees surrounding the door. Much like Bag End, this piece has an electronic aspect, giving the appearance that the ithildin design is lighting up. This stunning piece comes in with a price tag of $499(USD), and is an open edition. This means there will be no set edition size, but the run could end at any time. You can expect this to arrive in your collection during quarter four next year.