Minas Tirith update Main Image 2 copyCalling all LEGO fans!  Would you like to see the Battle of Minas Tirith as a LEGO Set? Well here’s your chance to let LEGO know.  JediPippin has sent us his concept images that he has submitted to LEGO for the Minas Tirith Battle LEGO set to share with you.  To get it looked at seriously by LEGO he just needs a minimum of 10,000 votes.  So if you think this set looks as cool as we do, cast your vote here to have this concept set for the Battle of Minas Tirith designed by JediPippin put into production.


Would you like to see The Lord of the Rings Minas Tirith as a real LEGO product? Then join the cause and help support the LEGO Ideas project called “Minas Tirith Battle (The Lord of the Rings)”. If a project reaches 10,000 supporters and passes the LEGO review, then it will become the next real LEGO product.

This Minas Tirith project is very detailed, but has a much smaller piece count than the one from NujuMetru that failed to pass the LEGO review. Having a smaller piece count substantially raises the chances of this project passing the LEGO review, as this was the reason that NujuMetru’s was not approved.

Another great thing about the project is that it has amazing functions that make it just like the movie. The project includes fully functional, rubber-band powered trebuchets, a functional orc catapult, a pose-able Fell Beast, and much more! It also includes many key characters such as Gandalf the white, Shadowfax, Pippin (Gondor outfit), Faramir, Denethor, a Black Rider, and of course Gothmog! Most of these characters have never actually been made in physical form, so this set would be packed with new minifigures.

Here is a description of what would be included in the potential set (Note: This is just an idea, after accepting the idea LEGO will make a professional version to sell.).

The siege of Minas Tirith, as seen in “The Return of the King,” is an iconic scene from The Lord of the Rings theme that LEGO has not yet made into brick form. I believe this is a critical scene that deserves to be made, and I believe it could exist as a manageable size, with plenty of figures and play features, while maintaining its signature appearance.
I made this set with the two main parts of Minas Tirith that appear in the Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King. The main gate with the surrounding wall, and the citadel with Denethor’s throne room/dining room.

To be accurate to the movie I included the Giant pile of wood, that in the movie, is used to burn Denethor. I also included a functional catapult for the orc army. This set was created to be the battle of Minas Tirith, so I included orcs, an Olog-hai, a Fell Beast, and of course, Gothmog! The set also includes other key characters, such as Gandalf the white (on Shadowfax), Pippin (Gondor), Denethor, and Faramir. I also included four Gondor soldiers to fight off the intruding orc army. As an extra feature, I included a board to brace the gates, keeping the Army of Mordor out!

Set Includes:

1) Main gate of Minas Tirith. (including surrounding wall with trebuchet towers.)

2) Citadel with Denethor’s throne/dining room.

3) The White Tree of Gondor.

4) Giant pile of wood.

5) Gondor Soldiers Dining table. ( including four stools)

6) Functional orc catapult.

7) Orc army flag.

8) 15 detailed Minifigures, Gandalf the white, Shadowfax, Denethor, Faramir, Pippin (Gondor), Gothmog, three Mordor orcs, four Gondor soldiers, a Black Rider, and an Olog-hai.

9) Pose-able Fell Beast.

Accessories Include:

four spears, two flails, three swords, one hobbit sword, one uruk-hai sword, one orc sword, one bow, one ax, one staff, four Gondor shields, one board, one full turkey (including two turkey leg pieces), two apples (one green, one red), one breadstick, one croissant, one pretzel, one sausage, one carrot, one potato, two radishes, six cherries (three red, three green), two cabbages, one onion, one platter, one bottle, one bottle of oil, five cups, two Gondor statues, two rocks (included for the functional trebuchets to launch.), two rocks (included for the functional orc catapult to launch.), one map of Middle Earth, and one statue of Boromir.

My sixteenth birthday was on Wednesday August 10th. It was my birthday wish to have this project gain 10,000 supporters and pass the LEGO review. Please take into your consideration that it is my dream to be the designer of a real LEGO product. I have worked very hard to create this project, and hope that my hard work will pay off. I have recently realized that the only way that this project will gain the 10,000 supporters needed to advance to the review stage, is if it goes “viral”. Please support this project if you like it, or just want to help a sixteen year-old boy fulfill his birthday wish and life-long dream. Please also tell friends, family, and everyone else to support it too. Every support is needed and appreciated. (It only takes a few seconds to support.) It’s about time that LEGO made a Minas Tirith set, please support to make it happen! I know that if all the Lord of the Rings fans come together and support this project, it WILL happen!

Click the link to go to the Minas Tirith Battle (The Lord of the Rings) project page. You can SUPPORT  and comment from there. (Note: Make sure to check out the updates.)               


Minas Tirith update Main Image 2 copy